Title Running Time Clark Lois Oliver Tess Chloe Lionel
Lazarus 41m, 43s 23m, 39s 8m, 08s 3m, 24s 6m, 29s 5m, 34s
Shield 41m, 43s 17m, 06s 9m, 56s 9m, 19s 5m, 17s
Supergirl 41m, 12s 20m, 22s 19m, 45s 6m, 40s 22s
Homecoming 41m, 23s 35m, 05s 21m, 20s 3m, 49s 12s 25s
Isis 41m, 20s 22m, 39s 20m, 50s 14m, 12s 12m, 14s
Harvest 41m, 36s 19m, 29s 25m, 33s 9m, 20s
Ambush 41m, 31s 23m, 10s 17m, 53s 8m, 50s 6m, 27s
Abandoned 41m, 37s 17m, 54s 17m, 38s 15m, 10s 27s
Patriot 41m, 29s 18m, 20s 20m, 27s 11m, 52s 6m, 42s
Luthor 41m, 32s 25m, 54s 9m, 48s 9m, 13s 17m, 59s 11m, 32s
Icarus 41m, 36s 18m, 09s 24m, 28s 10m, 56s 5m, 01s 1m, 07s
Collateral 41m, 21s 20m, 57s 14m, 43s 16m, 08s 21m,57
Beacon 41m, 32s 17m, 09s 11m, 12s 6m, 57s 9m, 43s 8m, 25s 13m, 06s
Masquerade 41m, 32s 17m,23s 11m,03s 15m,01s 19m,55s
Fortune 41m, 30s 22m, 03s 18m, 21s 18m, 05s 11m, 09s 19m, 50s
Scion 41m, 33s 20m, 03s 13m, 32s 10m, 54s 14m, 39s
Kent 41m, 34s 33m, 03s** 14m, 16s** 11m, 21s

41m, 28s

25m, 13s 17m, 52s

41m, 34s

26m, 16s

10m, 39s 22m, 37s 8m, 28s
Prophecy 41m, 37s 18m, 55s 21m, 20s 11m, 17s 3m, 15s
Finale Part 1 43m, 11s 23m, 57s 16m, 22s 12m, 52s 6m, 09s 9m, 45s
Finale Part 2 40m, 04s 19m, 25s 11m, 26s 3m, 06s 6m, 18s 1m, 08s 7m, 00s
Season Totals 490m, 51s 356m, 32s 184m, 18s 152m, 47s 88m, 15s 47m, 09s

Highest screen times are in bold

  • Shortest screen times are in italics
  • (*) Including Young Tess
  • (**) Times in Kent for Clark and Lois include 16m, 32s of screen time of Clark Luthor and 2m, 43s of screen time for Lois Lane (Earth 2))


  • Homecoming is the highest screen time for Clark in a single hour episode since Season Six's Labyrinth. It is also the lowest screen time for Chloe ever.
  • Despite the fact that Abandoned is clearly Tess-centric, Clark has the most screen time (17m, 54s).
  • Luthor is the first time since Lazarus that Tess hasn't had the lowest screen time. This episode is her highest screen time all season.
  • Shield is the episode with Clark's least screen time (17m, 06s), yet he still has more screen time than any other character.
  • Although Clark is the main character with the most amount of sceen time in Scion, the recurring character of Conner Kent actually exceeds Clark's screen time by 30 seconds (20m, 35s). This is also the episode with Lionel's highest screen time this season.
  • Tess has had the most episodes with the least screen time, totalling 9. Her least screen time this season is in Prophecy (3m, 15s).
  • Lois has had the most episodes with the highest screen time, other than Clark, totalling 4. Chloe is the only other character to have the most screen time in a single episode.
  • Harvest is Lois' most screen time, exceeding 25 minutes. Lazarus is the her shortest screen time (8m, 8s), yet she still exceeds other characters in this episode. Masquerade is the only episode where she has the least screen time in an episode.
  • Guest characters, Martha and Lionel both exceed screen times of most of the main cast in Beacon at approximately 13 minutes each. Clark is the only one to exceed their screen time.
  • A significant amount of screen time throughout the season was given to returning cast members, including;
  • Clark's screen time this season is the highest its been since Season 3.
  • Tess, Oliver and Lois have their highest screen time ever, whereas Lionel and Chloe have their least screen time ever.
  • Tess has only had one episode with the most screen time ever. This was in season 9. The only people this season to have the most screen time in a single episode other than Clark were Lois and Chloe.
  • This is the first season that Oliver doesn't have an episode with the most screen time. Dominion is Oliver's highest screen time (22m, 37s), while Lazarus is the least (3m, 24s)
  • Despite being absent from half of the season, Chloe's screen time this season is still higher than Martha, Lionel and Jimmy's were in previous seasons (particularly season 6).

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