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Title Running Time Clark Lana Lex Whitney Pete Chloe Martha Jonathan Lionel
Pilot 48m,3s 5m10s 5m, 15s X
Metamorphosis 43m15s 2m10s 3m, 30s
Hothead 5m12s 7m, 10s X
X-Ray 2m20s 2m, 14s
Cool 4m28s 11m, 23s
Hourglass 4m10s 4m, 13s
Craving 6m25s
Jitters 7m45s X
Rogue 1m20s
Shimmer 1m30s X
Hug 40s
Leech 6m30s X
Kinetic 2m10s
Zero 3m
Nicodemus 7m40
Stray X
Reaper 2m X
Drone 6m
Crush X
Tempest X
Season Totals
  • Highest screen times are in bold
  • Shortest screen times are in italics


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