The Pilot episode of Smallville describes the population as 25,001 in 1989 and 45,001 in 2001. For such a small town, they seem to have an inordinate number of deaths. This article details the body count of each episode in Season Three. Serious injuries and other crimes are also noted, but only actual lives lost will be tallied. Likewise, although Clark saves people from various ill fates, his rescues are only counted if death seemed reasonably certain. Since the death of a metahuman is not always certain, continual updates are expected.

Exile (10/01/03)
01ExileBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 1 Villain: at large (Edge)
One of the bank robbers in a clown mask appears to open fire on one of the bank patrons huddling on the floor. His death is not portrayed on screen, but its hard to imagine he survived. Lex kills his imaginary friend Louis, but that doesn't count.
Phoenix (10/08/03)
02PhoenixBodyCount Lives lost: 3 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Escaped (Edge, Helen)
Lana kills the thug holding Martha hostage. Lionel's security guard kills the other thug. He appears to kill Morgan Edge as well, but he will reappear in a later episode. Helen Bryce accidentally kills the pilot (while trying to kill Lex), but she gets away, too.
Extinction (10/15/03)
03ExtinctionBodyCount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 3 Villain: Incarcerated (Van)
Van McNulty kills Leonard Wallace and Jake Pollen. He tries to kill Lex Luthor and Clark Kent, but saves Lana from Jake. Clark saves Lex and Jonathan saves Clark. In the end, Van is taken to the psychiatric ward.
Slumber (10/22/03)
04SlumberBodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Incarcerated (Nicholas)
Sarah Conroy appears to die in several dream sequences. Traveler disintegrates, but he wasn't real. Nicholas Conroy was drugging Sarah but it is unknown if he would have killed her. He tried to kill Lana but Clark saved both girls.
Perry (10/29/03)
05PerryBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Forgiven (Perry)
Pete saves Clark and Perry White from Perry's own recklessness.
Relic (11/05/03)
06RelicBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 0 Villain: Incarcerated (Tate)
Lachlan Luthor killed Louise McCallum, and William Tate framed Dex McCallum for the murder. Clark's investigation leads William to confess, freeing Dex from prison.
Magnetic (11/12/03)
07MagneticBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 0 Villain: Hospitalized (Seth)
Seth Nelson used his magnetic abilities to control Lana. She needed saving (as usual), but she was not in mortal danger. Although Clark did not kill Seth, he did use lethal force against him. Without the dialogue to confirm otherwise, there is no reason to expect Seth to survive the electric shock he was given.
Shattered (11/19/03)
08ShatteredBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Dead (Edge)
Darius fakes his death. Lex kills Morgan Edge. Clark saves Lex from a runaway car. Lana very nearly dies after she was mauled by a horse, but the staff of the Smallville Medical Center saves her.
Asylum (01/14/04)
09AsylumBodyCount Lives lost: 2 or 3 Lives saved: 0 Villain: Incarcerated (Eric); dead (Van); dead (Ian)
The two Ians kill Van. Claire Foster dies in a car accident, but Lionel is suspected. Eric most likely killed Ian. He tries to kill Clark, and Clark tries to save Lex, but Lex survives his treatment without any help.
Whisper (01/21/04)
10WhisperBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Dead (Dean); incarcerated (Masterson)
Nathan Dean tries to kill Pete in a car crusher. When Clark saves Pete, a pile of cars crushes Nathan.
Delete (01/28/04)
11DeleteBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Hospitalized (Molly)
Molly Griggs tries to kill Chloe three different times, but she survives with help from Adam Knight and Clark Kent. Max Taylor is not so lucky. In the end, Lex stashes Molly away.
Hereafter (02/04/04)
12HereafterBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 Villain: Dead (Altman)
Coach Altman succeeds in killing himself. Jordan Cross saves Megan Calder. Clark saves Lana, Megan, and Jordan.
Velocity (02/11/04)
13VelocityBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Dead (Dante)
The staff to the Smallville Medical Center save Jonathan after a heart attack. Clark saves Pete from Jason Dante, but Jason is killed in a car accident.
Obsession (02/18/04)
Sv314Lana Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Hospitalized (Alicia)
Clark saves Alicia Baker from a crashing elevator, but she wasn't really in danger. Alicia Baker beats her father badly enough to put him in the hospital with a respirator. She threatens Clark's parents, but never follows through. She tries to kill Lana with a knife, but Clark stops her. Lionel orders Lia Teng to deny Adam Knight his medications, but it will later be revealed that she does not.
Resurrection (02/25/04)
15ResurrectionBodyCount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 100 Villain: Dead (Garrett)
Vince Davis dies twice from liver disease. Lia Teng revives him once. Garrett Davis threatens to blow up the Smallville Medical Center unless his brother is given a liver transplant. Clark is able to save the lives of perhaps a hundred people in the hospital. In the end Garrett is shot and killed by a deputy sheriff.
Crisis (03/03/04)
16CrisisBodyCount Lives lost: 9 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Dead (Adam)
Adam Knight kills Lia Teng and seven other lab technicians. He injures Glen Burton, Jonathan, Chloe, and the warehouse attendant. He tries to kill Lana, but Clark saves her before Adam succumbs to his illness (again).
Legacy (04/14/04)
17LegacyBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: unknown
Clark saves Jonathan from falling off the roof. A phone calls saves Lionel from killing himself. Clark saves Lionel from Jonathan's chokehold.
Truth (04/21/04)
18TruthBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: in Custody (Taylor)
William Taylor tries to run Chloe off of Coughlin Bridge as she begins to succumb to the truth gas' fatal effects, but Clark stops Will and injects Chloe with the antidote.
Memoria (04/28/04)
19MemoriaBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Comatose (Garner)
Lex participated in a dangerous treatment with Lawrence Garner to regain his memory. Clark tries to stop him but is exposed to the same radical treatment. Lex saves Clark who otherwise would have probably drowned in the kryptonite liquid. Dr. Garner goes into a coma when Clark's seizures cause the equipment to explode.
Talisman (05/05/04)
20TailsmanBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Comatose (Jeremiah)
Through Jor-El, Jonathan saves Clark after he is stabbed in the stomach by Jeremiah Holdsclaw. Clark saves Lionel from sacrificial death by Jeremiah Holdsclaw.
Forsaken (05/12/04)
21ForsakenBodyCount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Missing (Emily)
Emily Dinsmore kills the Talon's new owner and her father Pete Dinsmore. She tries to kill Lana with poison gas but Clark arrives in time to save her. Frank Loder beats up Pete to force him to reveal Clark's secret, but Lex arrives and orders him to stop.
Covenant (05/19/04)
22CovenantBodyCount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 1 Villain: unknown (Lindsey)
Lindsey Harrison flips a car which then explodes, killing at least one person (and more if there were any passengers). She also kills Frank Loder by vaporizing him and his car. Jor-El dissipates Kara, but it is unknown whether he kills her or simply returns her to the interior of the cave wall. Jor-El likely would have choked Jonathan to death with a rope of energy had Clark not entered the cave wall. Lex chokes while drinking brandy and Chloe and Gabe Sullivan appear to be killed when their safe house explodes.


  • Twenty-eight people died in Season 3.
  • There are 8 episodes this season where no one died.
  • By the end of this season, there are 21 total episodes in the entire series where no one died. That's an average of exactly 7 episodes per season.
  • Lex killed Morgan Edge and Lana killed one of Edge's henchmen.
  • Clark saved Lana five times12345 and Lex twice12, Pete twice12, Chloe twice12, and Jonathan three times123.
  • Clark's life was in real mortal jeopardy four times this year: Jonathan saved him from a kryptonite bullet, Pete saved him from falling, Lex saved him from drowning in kryptonite, and Jonathan saved him from a knife wound.
  • There was only one fatality among the staff of Smallville High: Joseph Altman.
  • There were two fatalities among the students of Smallville High: Jake Pollen and Garrett Davis.

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