Title Running Time Clark Lex Lana Chloe Pete Lionel Martha Jonathan
Exile 42m, 17s 18m, 18s 6m, 50s 7m, 59s 7m, 12s 17s 5m, 3s 6m, 3s 9m, 54s
Phoenix 43m, 14s 21m, 8s 14m, 27s 7m, 41s 2m, 30s 9m 5m, 39s 10m, 41s
Extinction 40m, 53s 22m, 25s 5m, 49s 12m, 28s 8m, 16s 3m, 30s 5m, 56s 2m, 37s 5m, 6s
Slumber 43m, 14s 33m, 41s 8m, 1s 13m, 29s 2m, 51s 34s 3m, 39s 4m, 59s 3m, 47s
Perry 43m, 25s 25m, 39s 9m, 40s 10m, 14s 2m, 54s 7m, 6s 2m, 37s 8m, 34s
Relic 43m, 6s 16m, 25s 6m, 8s 10m, 39s 3m, 27s 58s 3m, 53s 2m, 23s 4m, 52s
Magnetic 42m, 10s 18m, 8s 8m, 50s 23m, 9s 10m, 56s 21s 1m, 50s 1m
Shattered 42m, 53s 25m, 39s 25m, 38s 5m, 19s 5m, 21s 7m, 16s 3m, 57s 4m, 25s
Asylum 43m, 27s 18m, 16s 16m, 33s 8m, 4s 3m, 12s 1m, 31s 6m, 31s 4m, 54s 2m, 55s
Whisper 40m, 12s 27m, 46s 6m, 56s 8m, 36s 6m, 52s 8m, 1s 5m, 10s 7m, 5s 7m, 25s
Delete 41m, 58s 16m, 32s 8m, 40s 12m, 31s 16m, 20s 19s 1m, 43s 1m, 31s
Hereafter 41m, 5s 19m, 44s 6m, 13s 15m, 56s 5m, 53s 2m, 36s 1m, 21s 1m, 57s
Velocity 42m 27m, 5s 6m, 48s 3m, 30s 3m, 3s 17m, 39s 4m, 5s 6m, 5s
Obsession 41m, 54s 29m, 6s 2m, 18s 8m, 12s 3m, 33s 29s 2m, 21s 3m, 29s 1m, 58s
Resurrection 40m, 36s 25m, 5s 5m, 44s 7m, 6s 2m, 7s 2m, 23s 8m, 57s 7m, 28s
Crisis 41m, 52s 19m, 40s 9m, 11s 16m, 22s 8m, 35s 3m, 46s 7m, 32s 7m 4m, 8s
Legacy 42m, 10s 24m, 8s 9m, 44s 7m, 43s 12m, 1s 3m, 47s 11m, 54s
Truth 42m, 48s 22m, 7s 6m, 16s 4m, 14s 26m, 8s 4m 5m, 53s 1m, 46s
Memoria 42m, 53s 18m, 22s 16m, 1s 2m, 7s 21m, 2s 4m, 9s
Talisman 41m, 16s 21m, 48s 9m, 8s 4m, 55s 5m, 23s 2m, 57s 11m, 18s 6m, 7s 7m, 24s
Forsaken 42m, 13s 16m, 14s 10m, 20s 12m, 23s 5m, 29s 7m,16s 7m, 49s 1m, 21s 1m, 25s
Covenant 42m, 28s 22m, 55s 10m, 59s 4m, 13s 7m, 4s 7m, 11s 5m, 32s 8m, 3s
Season Totals 490m, 49s 220m, 36s 206m, 50s 134m, 6s 63m, 33s 127m, 35s 85m, 21s 110m, 32s
  • Highest screen times are in bold
  • Shortest screen times are in italics


  • This season marks the first time that Lana, Chloe and Lionel have the most screen time in a single episode. However, this only happens on one occasion per character. These three characters are the only ones to exceed Clark's screen time throughout the season.
  • Clark's screen time goes below 500 minutes for the first time.
  • Pete is the only long-standing character not to have the most screen time in a single episode.
  • Clark, Pete, Jonathan and Martha's screen time decreases considerably this season. Jonathan and Martha's decreases the most with each dipping approximately 50 minutes each.
  • Lana has a slight decrease in screen time.
  • Lex, Lionel and Chloe's screen time increases this season.
  • Neither Lex, Lionel, or Jonathan have the least screen time in a single episode throughout the season.
  • This is the first time that Chloe's screen time has been greater than Jonathan or Martha's. After this season, the Kents never exceed Chloe's screen time again.
  • Clark has the most screen time followed by Lex, Lana, Chloe, Lionel, Jonathan, Martha and lastly Pete.
  • This is the only season where Lionel's screen time is greater than Jonathan's.

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