The Pilot episode of Smallville describes the population as 25,001 in 1989 and 45,001 in 2001. For such a small town, they seem to have an inordinate number of deaths. This article will detail the body count of each episode in Season Five. Serious injuries and other crimes will also be noted, but only actual lives lost will be tallied. Likewise, although Clark saves people from various ill fates, his rescues will only be counted if death seemed reasonably certain. Since the death of a metahuman is not always certain, continual updates are expected.

Arrival (9/29/06)
501Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 15 Lives saved: 4 Villain: Banished to the Phantom Zone (Nam-Ek, Aethyr)
The Disciples of Zod kill perhaps a dozen police officers. They almost choke Lois before Lana distracts them. Clark saves Chloe from hypothermia by taking her to the hospital and Lana when he banishes them to the Phantom Zone.
Mortal (10/6/05)
502Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 Villain: at Belle Reve (Lee, Twins)
With Chloe's help, Clark defeats Tommy Lee and the Twins before they kill Lana, Jonathan, and Martha.
Hidden (10/13/05)
503Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 4 (counting Clark) Lives saved: 45,001 (entire population of Smallville) Villain: Deceased (Gabriel)
Gabriel Duncan shoots two guards then Clark, and when he and Chloe struggle with the gun, he inadvertedly shoots himself. However, Clark is resurrected by Jor-El and disables the missile Gabriel launched in order to save the entire town.
Aqua (10/20/05)
504Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: at liberty (Lex)
Lois hits her head while jumping into a lake and is saved by AC. She then has to save him when he is affected by the Leviathan weapon. Clark also saves AC when he is captured by Lex Luthor.
Thirst (10/27/05)
505Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 3 Lives saved: 5 Villain: Deceased (Buffy)
Buffy and the Tri-Psis kill the unfortunate pizza man, then Lana vaporizes Buffy with heat vision borrowed from Clark. Fine kills the guardian of the Vessel. Clark saves himself from being killed by Lana. With Lex's help, Clark is able to cure Chloe and Lana, and the remaining Tri-Psis of the rabies strain.
Exposed (11/3/05)
506Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 1 Villain: In custody (Lyon)
Melissa Page is killed by Mr. Lyon, who also tries to kill Lois before she is saved by Clark.
Splinter (11/10/05)
507Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 Villain: Cured (Clark)
High on Silver K, Clark assaults his parents but Chloe subdues him before he can kill Jonathan. He also attacks Lex and almost chokes the life out of Lana before Professor Fine cures him.
Solitude (11/17/05)
508Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Temporarily defeated (Brainiac)
Clark cures Martha of the Kryptonian disease brought on by Brainiac when he temporarily defeats him. Chloe saves Clark when she follows him to the Fortress.
Lexmas (12/8/05)
509Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 (Counting Alternate-Reality Lana) Lives saved: 2 Villain: none
In Lex's vision, his wife Lana dies in childbirth. In reality, Clark saves a would-be Santa Claus when he drunkenly falls off the roof of a building, and the doctors save Lex from his gunshot wound.
Fanatic (1/12/06)
510Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 1 Villain: In Custody (Samantha)
Samantha Drake kills her cohorts James and Doug and attempts to kill Jonathan twice before he is saved by Clark both times.
Lockdown (1/19/06)
511Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 2 Villain: arrested (Flynn, Harris)
Lex's worker is shot by the villian and so is the sheriff. Clark saves both Lex and Lana.
Reckoning (1/26/06)
512Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: none
Clark resets the day when Lana dies in a car accident just after learning his secret. He then saves Lois after she falls off a stool, but Jor-El's prediction that Clark will lose a loved one comes true when Jonathan has a heart attack and dies in his family's arms.
Vengeance (2/2/06)
513Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: dead (leader)
The Angel of Vengeance saves Martha from some thugs, but she later kills the group's leader. Clark stops her from throwing Lionel out of a window.
Tomb (2/9/06)
514Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 (Chloe three times) Villain: dead (Westmore)
Lois takes Chloe to the emergency room when she mysteriously finds her wrists bleeding. Clark breaks her out to rescue her from an uncertain fate in Belle Reve. Gretchen Winters then inhabits her and, along with Lois, is captured by her killer. She releases Chloe's body when she kills her murderer, saving his next victims, Chloe and Lois.
Cyborg (2/16/06)
515Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 1 Villain: dead (Hong); alive (Kreig)
Clark and Lana save Victor Stone when he is injured by investigating SynTechnics. Clark saves Victor from Lex's experiments, but Dr. Hong is killed for letting Victor go.
Hypnotic (3/30/06)
516Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: dead (Simone); alive (Lex)
Chloe saves Lois from a hypnotized Martha, then saves Lex from a hypnotized Clark. Simone is shot in the struggle and dies.
Void (4/6/06)
517Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 3(Lex, Lana and Clark from the serum) Villain: dead (Lance)
Lance is killed by falling on a bone saw, and his girlfriend Ally dies from the kryptonite-based serum. Lana, Lex and Clark are saved after been injected with kryptonite-based serum.
Fragile (4/16/06)
518Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Institutionalized (McKnight)
Maddie's foster mother is brutally stabbed to death by her father, Tyler McKnight, who kills a Child Protection Services agent, then tries to kill Martha, but Maddie successfully learns to control her powers and saves her.
Mercy (4/20/06)
519Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: In Custody (Cole)
Lionel's driver is killed by a former LuthorCorp employee and Lionel and Martha are saved by Clark.
Fade (4/27/06)
520Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 4 Villain: Dead (Garrett)
Clark saves Graham Garrett from being hit by a car. Graham then kills a high-profile witness, then tries to kill Lex and Lana, but they are saved by Clark. Lois and Chloe save Clark when Graham knocks him out and buries him under dirt containing Kryptonite. Lex then shoots Graham dead.
Oracle (5/4/06)
521Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Temporarily Destroyed (Fine)
Lionel (briefly possessing Jor-El's power) saves Clark by destroying a copy of Milton Fine.
Vessel (5/11/06)
522Smallvillebodycount Lives lost: unknown, possibly hundreds or thousands worldwide Lives saved: 1 Villain: Temporarily Destroyed (Fine); Alive (General Zod)
Many people are likely killed in the riots of Dark Thursday. Clark saves Chloe from a car crashing through a window.


  • Forty people died in Season 5, plus the body count of Dark Thursday riots.
  • There are 5 episodes in Season 5 where no one died.
  • By the end of this season, there are a total of 36 episodes in the entire series where no one died. That's an average of approximately 7 episodes per season.
  • Clark saved Lana Lang eight times12345678. He saves Chloe Sullivan three times123 and tries to save her once1. He saves Lex Luthor's life four times1234.
  • He saved Lois Lane twice12, and tries to save her once1.
  • Clark saved Jonathan1234 and Martha four times1234 and Lionel twice12.
  • Clark was saved by Jor-El twice,12, Professor Fine once1, Chloe and Lois once 1, three times by Chloe alone123 and himself once1.

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