Title Running Time Clark Lex Lana Chloe Lois Lionel Martha Jonathan Brainiac
Arrival 41m, 37s 21m, 15s 5m, 42s 10m, 18s 8m, 48s 4m, 51s 1m, 22s 4m, 42s 6m, 23s 10s
Mortal 40m, 55s 28m, 17s 6m, 28s 15m, 34s 11m, 49s 1m, 4s 4m, 49s 7m, 27s
Hidden 40m, 22s 21m, 41s 6m, 29s 10m, 4s 14m, 4s 5m, 38s 6m, 14s 6m, 40s
Aqua 40m, 14s 22m, 56s 8m, 3s 4m, 27s 4m, 11s 13m, 28s 4m, 43s
Thirst 40m, 22s 18m, 51s 9m, 9s 15m, 42s 13m, 13s 7m, 42s
Exposed 40m, 49s 20m, 36s 4m, 54s 12m, 36s 16m, 37s 9m, 17s
Splinter 42m, 12s 26m, 34s 11m, 15s 15m, 27s 6m 3m, 54s 4m, 49s 7m, 12s 6m, 37s
Solitude 40m, 42s 22m, 35s 4m, 7s 13m, 3s 6m, 30s 4m, 57s 9m, 29s 7m, 5s 10m, 2s
Lexmas 41m, 51s 11m, 14s 29m, 37s 10m, 25s 6m, 1s 6m, 27s 3m, 58s 2m, 43s
Fanatic 41m, 33s 16m, 11s 8m, 18s 5m, 36s 3m, 32s 7m, 40s 4m, 59s 11m, 27s 10m, 58s
Lockdown 40m, 44s 13m, 32s 13m, 25s 16m, 34s 6m, 1s 5m, 47s 4m, 35s 6m, 47s
Reckoning 42m, 17s 26m, 41s 8m, 52s 22m, 12s 5m, 9s 3m, 2s 4m, 9s 9m, 5s 8m, 36s
Vengeance 40m, 40s 24m, 53 5m, 10s 4m, 12s 10m, 18s 8m, 49s 11m, 1s 43s
Tomb 39m, 42s 15m, 4s 3m, 8s 5m, 3s 26m, 2s 10m, 35s 1m, 34s 3m, 28s
Cyborg 40m, 14s 18m, 39s 6m, 3s 10m, 3s 1m, 48s 5m 6m, 54s
Hypnotic 41m, 25s 19m, 4s 11m, 53s 8m, 45s 9m, 46s 6m, 10s 3m, 19s 5m, 12s
Void 40m, 18s 14m, 16s 9m, 46s 18m, 45s 8m, 29s 2m, 29s 3m, 34s 2m, 23s
Fragile 41m, 42s 22m, 40s 5m, 30s 4m, 4s 5m, 53s 7m, 13s 6m, 28s
Mercy 42m, 4s 12m, 13s 10m, 3s 1m, 23s 4m, 44s 29m, 57s 15m, 27s
Fade 42m, 4s 21m, 38s 8m, 17s 10m, 20s 9m, 11s 10m, 12s 2m, 51s
Oracle 42m, 10s 21m, 40s 13m, 19s 6m, 58s 7m, 7s 5m, 5s 11m, 1s 8m 2m, 26s 5m, 19s
Vessel 43m 38s 20m, 52s 16m 12m, 16s 7m, 5s 3m, 37s 7m, 19s 4m, 46s 2m, 14s
Season Totals 441m, 22s 205m, 28s 208m, 8s 194m, 50s 101m, 20s 98m, 39s 124m, 56s 78m, 27s 41m, 49s

  • Highest screen times are in bold
  • Shortest screen times are in italics


  • Ironically, despite being promoted to a main character, Lois has less screen time during this season than she did when she was a guest star during Season 4.
  • Martha's screen time significantly increases during this season.
  • Lois and Clark are the only character's whose screen time decreases this season.
  • This is the fifth consecutive year that Chloe's screen time has increased.
  • Tomb is Chloe's highest screentime ever in a single episode with 26 minutes. It is also Lionel's lowse
  • Mercy is Lionel's highest screetime ever in a single episode with 30 minutes.
  • Lionel's screen time in Mercy is the highest screen time for any main character in a single hour episode thorughout the whole season.
  • The season has Lois' lowest screen time ever, in Reckoning.
  • Lana has two episodes with the highest screen time this season. This is the most she has ever had in a single season.
  • All characters other than Clark have at least one occasion where they have the least screen time within a single episode. This is the first time this has happened.

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