The Season 7 opening credits appear near the beginning of each Season Seven episode.


Smallville Season 7 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Smallville Season 7 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Video of the Season 7 opening credits

Cast Credits

Of the regular cast members of Season Six, Annette O'Toole is no longer credited. Aaron Ashmore and Laura Vandervoort are new so that the total number of credited actors is again increased to eight..

The cast is credited in the following order.


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In the following, the settings which are included in the opening credits of season 6 are listed. Only about a third of the settings have been maintained from the opening credits of season 6. The others are new, mainly taken from the Season Six episodes Zod, Labyrinth, Crimson, Combat, Nemesis and Phantom and from the Season Seven episodes Bizarro and Kara.

  • Episode indicates the episode from which the corresponding setting is taken.
  • Used indicates the season or seasons in which the corresponding setting is used for the opening credits.
Screenshots Description Episode Used
S8Credits-00001 A comet approaches the sun 3x05 Perry S. 5 -
S. 10
Oc5-02 Ruins of the comet fall into the sun and cause solar flares 3x05 Perry S. 5 -
S. 10
S8Credits-00002 Meteor rocks from the 2005 meteor shower rain down on Smallville 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 10
S8Credits-00003 Clark saves a young boy during the 2005 meteor shower 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 10
Credits-00004 Character: Tom Welling as Clark Kent  ? S. 5
Background: Clark feels the Mark of El burning 3x01 Exile S. 4 -
S. 7,
S. 9
Credits-00001 Clark and Lex narrowly escape an underground explosion of a bomb planted by Jodi Keenan 6x19 Nemesis S. 7
Credits-00005 Clark and Zod who uses Lex as a vessel battle as they fly through the air 6x01 Zod S. 6 -
S. 7
Credits-00008 Lex watches the phantom wraith flying away 6x22 Phantom S. 7
Credits-00009 Character: Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor
 ? S. 5 -
S. 7
Background: Lex walking through the corridor in a Level 33.1 facility. 6x09 Subterranean S. 7
Credits-00010 Lana hugs Clark after he fled from the Psychiatric Hospital in his dream-world induced by Dr. Hudson. 6x12 Labyrinth S. 7
Credits-00011 Lana shoots the locks off a briefcase found in Lex's car by the police. 6x19 Nemesis S. 7
Credits-00013 Character: Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang
 ? S. 5 -
S. 7
Background: Lana spying on Clark and Chloe 6x16 Promise S. 7
Credits-00014 Chloe smiles at Clark after he has been freed from the phantom wraith by the Martian Manhunter. 6x12 Labyrinth S. 7
Credits-00015 Chloe saves Clark from Gloria's vines with a taser 6x03 Wither S. 7
Credits-00016 Character: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan,
 ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Chloe entering the Daily Planet after getting a job there 5x05 Thirst S. 7
S8Credits-00008 Lois gets out of Crater Lake. 5x04 Aqua S. 6 -
S. 9
S8Credits-00009 Lois defends herself in an underground fight club 6x17 Combat S. 7 -
S. 8
Credits-00019 Character: Erica Durance as Lois Lane
 ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Lois after being saved by Clark who is posing as Green Arrow. 6x10 Hydro S. 7
S8Credits-00013 Kryptonite flying around after an underground explosion caused by Jodi Keenan 6x19 Nemesis S. 7 -
S. 8
Credits-00020 Jimmy Olsen in the backyard of the Talon waiting for Chloe 6x20 Noir S. 7 -
S. 8
Credits-00021 Jimmy catches a spray containing a kryptonite-enhanced antidote for the aphrodisiac contained in Lois' lipstick. 6x13 Crimson S. 7
Credits-00023 Character: Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen
 ? S. 7 -
S. 8
Background: Jimmy taking pictures of a crime scene at the Daily Planet 6x20 Noir S. 7 -
S. 8
Credits-00024 Kara is impatient with the elevator doors in the Daily Planet, and opens them manually 7x02 Kara S. 7
Credits-00025 Kara at the loft, telling Clark about Krypton 7x02 Kara S. 7
Credits-00026 Character: Laura Vandervoort as Kara Kent
 ? S. 7
Background: Kara at the barn, super hearing a talk between Clark and the Martian Manhunter 7x04 Cure S. 7
Credits-00027 Lionel narrowly escapes death as a train hits his limo 5x19 Mercy S. 6 -
S. 7
Credits-00029 Lionel watches Lana's car exploding 6x22 Phantom S. 7
Credits-00030 Character: John Glover as Lionel Luthor,
 ? S. 5 -
S. 7
Background: Lionel looking on to Clark. 6x22 Phantom S. 7
Credits-00102 Clark attacked by phantom wraiths in the Phantom Zone 6x01 Zod S. 7
Credits-00105 Clark fights against Titan. 6x17 Combat S. 7
Credits-00112 Clark super leaps onto a nuclear missile. 5x03 Hidden S. 6 -
S. 7,
S. 9
Credits6-00027a Clark super leaps on to a moving truck carrying the abducted Lois and her sister Lucy 4x16 Lucy S. 5 -
S. 8,
S. 10
Credits-00121 Lex's helicopter with Lana on board crashes during the 2005 meteor shower 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 8
Credits-00115 Kara stands atop the Smallville water tower and flies away 7x01 Bizarro S. 7
Credits-00117 Clark for the first time in the Fortress of Solitude after it formed from the Crystal of Knowledge 5x01 Arrival S.7 -
S. 8
Credits-00119 Kal-El flies above the clouds. 4x01 Crusade S. 5 -
S. 9
Credits-00120 Kal-El flies above the clouds. 4x01 Crusade S. 5 -
S. 8


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