The Pilot episode of Smallville describes the population as 25,001 in 1989 and 45,001 in 2001. For such a small town, they seem to have an inordinate number of deaths. This article will detail the body count of each episode in Season Nine. Serious injuries and other crimes will also be noted, but only actual lives lost will be tallied. Likewise, although Clark saves people from various ill fates, his rescues will only be counted if death seemed reasonably certain. Since the death of a metahuman is not always certain, continual updates are expected.

Savior (9/25/09)
901Smallville0862 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: Lois Lane and several dozen plus. Villain: 2 (Major Zod free; Assassin Alia killed)
Clark Kent saves a derailing train that fell of a bridge, saving possibly several dozen lives on the train, including Lois Lane's. Most likely Lois Lane wasn't in real danger from the assassin Alia since she was bait to lure Clark Kent in. Alia was killed accidentally while attacking Clark Kent while both were under the influence of blue kryptonite.
Metallo (10/2/09)
902MetalloBodyCount Lives lost: Technically 1 Lives saved: Lois Lane Villain: 2: John Corben (who was also a victim) and Zod
Clark Kent a.k.a The Blur, saved Lois Lane from an irritated John Corben. Clark saved himself from Corben's power source. John Corben essentially killed himself when he inadvertently ripped the Kryptonite power source out of his chest. However, he was described as being offline but not dead.
Rabid (10/9/09)
903Smallville0290 Lives lost: At least 7 and likely much more. Lives saved: 3 (Tess Mercer, Oliver Queen and Lois Lane) plus the population of Metropolis and surrounding towns Villain: 2+: Dr Coats (the unauthorized releaser of the virus) dead; Zod free, Zombies cured
Dialogue implication of possibly 12 ex Navy seals killed working for Tess Mercer by Zod's troops off screen; At least two of Tess Mercer's security guards killed by three zombies; The three Zombies were killed by Tess in self defense. Clark Kent saved the hospital staff from an infected Tess. Clark saved Lois from several of their infected colleagues. Oliver Queen saved himself by killing at least one zombie with a shotgun. Clark, Dr. Hamilton and Chloe saved the population of Metropolis by vaccinating the water supply and seeding the clouds with the antidote derived from Clark's blood. Major Zod's minion Dr Coats was executed by Zod for endangering his comrades for his unauthorized release of the virus.
Echo (10/16/09)
904EchoBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2+ several dozens from two bombing attempts including Tess Mercer & Clark Kent saving Oliver Queen once each. Villain: 1 (Toyman in custody but working for Tess)
Clark save several people from Toyman's first bomb including one person who was falsely blamed for it; Tess Mercer saved Oliver Queen's life in Mexico from a jealous husband of a woman; Clark saved dozens more lives from another Toyman Bomb and saved Oliver Queen from the same bomb.
Roulette (10/23/09)
905RouletteBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: 1 (The woman's assailant presumably in custody)
Clark saved a woman in her car from a possible robbery or worse. Neither Oliver Queen or any one else were ever in any danger form Roulette at any time since it was all a set up by Chloe. Lois wasn't in any danger of being shot since Chloe had Oliver's gun loaded with blanks. Roulette wasn't a Villain since she was hired by Chloe. The woman's assailant was presumably apprehended.
Crossfire (10/30/09)
906Smallville1457 Lives lost: 1; Kandorian soldier Lives saved: 4 (Lois Lane three times, Oliver Queen and Mia twice each, Tess Mercer once) Villain: 3 Rick and his two henchmen, all in custody
Oliver Queen saved Mia from exploitation by Rick. Mia saved Lois Lane and Oliver Queen by turning against Rick when he was about to shoot Lois. Then Oliver Queen saved Lois and himself and Mia by attacking Rick and his henchman. Lois helped save herself by attacking another of Rick's henchmen. Clark Kent saved Lois and Oliver from being shot by Rick. Tess Mercer saved herself by killing one of Major Zod's troops instructed to kill her.
Kandor (11/6/09)
907KandorBodyCount Lives lost: 2 plus the population of the city of Kandor Lives saved: 1 Villain: 2 (Tess Mercer and Major Zod, both free)
Replicant Jor-El saved Chloe Sullivan from Tess's S.W.A.T team. Virtually the entire populace of the City of Kandor on Krypton 20 years before was destroyed by a nuclear like explosion. Replicant Jor-El killed one of Tess's S.W.A.T Team members. Major Zod killed replicant Jor-El Tess was a villain for capturing Jor-El and using him for her own purposes that eventually got him killed. It appeared that Major Zod killed Jor-El but in the episode Persuasion Alia admitted to Major Zod that she killed Jor-El with out his knowledge.
Idol (11/13/09)
908IdolBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: 3, Metropolis District Attorney Ray Sacks and two of his thugs, in custody.
Lois Lane saved herself by grabbing the metal rod that was protruding from the building on the way down after being thrown off the Daily Planet's roof like terraces by the corrupt District Attorney Ray Sacks' two Henchmen. Zan then saved her after she fell by transforming into water vapour and carrying her down safely.
Pandora (11/20/09)
909PandoraBodyCount Lives lost: 7; None in the Present, three humans and four Kandorians in the alternate future including Tess Mercer, Chloe Sullivan, Basqat and Oliver Queen. Lives saved: 3; Lois twice and Stuart once in the present, Clark saved three times in the alternate future. Villain: 1 in the present; (Tess, free) 3 in the future; (Major Zod, depowered but free; Alia, sent to the past; Tess, dead)
In Lois Lane's memory of the Alternate future: Tess Mercer, a soldier of Major Zod (who had helped put him in power), was killed by Resistance fighter Chloe Sullivan while the Resistance, who were using Kryptonite tipped weapons, killed four Kandorians including Basqat while saving Clark Kent from being executed by Zod and Lois Lane from captivity. Alia saves Zod by getting him away from the Resistance. Chloe is stabbed to death by Alia. Oliver Queen was killed by a horde of Kandorians streaking in at him from the sky. Chloe essentially saves Clark's life by shutting down Zod's Red Sun simulator in the Solar Tower with the computer virus she sent after Zod super kicked him through a building. Clark saves his own life by knocking away a by then powerless Zod after Zod stabs him with a kryptonite dagger. Alia traveled back into the Present with Lois and would eventually be killed in a fight with Clark as seen in Savior.
In the Present: Stuart Campbell saved Lois's mind when Tess wanted to erase Lois's memory of the future regardless of the danger to Lois's mind. Chloe and Dr. Emil Hamilton saved Stuart after Tess shot him for not trying to erase Lois's memory of the future immediately. Clark saved Lois when Tess was about to erase Lois's memories herself. Tess was not in danger for she was only knocked out by Clark.
Disciple (1/29/10)
910DiscipleBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 4 (including Mia twice) Villain: 1 Vordigan, in custody.
Clark Kent presumably saved a woman from a mugger off screen when he left Lois Lane. Mia Dearden saved herself from a blindly raging Oliver Queen by screaming his name after she snuck up on him in disguise for a mock ambush of him and Queen over reacted. Clark Kent saved Chloe Sullivan from being killed by Vordigan when he unknowingly arrived in time at the Watchtower, causing Vordigan to flee. Oliver Queen would have saved Mia from a volley of three arrows that Vordigan shot at her by placing his own body in the path of the arrows. Instead Clark Kent, using superspeed placed his body in front of those same arrows saving Oliver. Lois Lane was not in danger when she was shot by Vordigan because he deliberately missed vital areas of her body.
Smallville: Absolute Justice (2/5/10)
912AJBodyCount Lives lost: 5 Lives saved: 3 (Chloe & John Jones once each, Star Girl twice) Villain: 2 Icicle (Executed) and Amanda Waller at large.
Chloe Sullivan was saved by Sylvester Pemberton aka The Star Spangled Kid from Cameron Mahkent aka The Icicle who subsequently killed Pemberton. Wesley Dodds, aka The Sandman was also killed by The Icicle. Green Arrow saves Courtney Whitmore aka Star Girl from The Icicle by keeping The Icicle's three icicle projectiles from impaling Star Girl by intercepting them with his arrows. Kent Nelson aka Dr. Fate saves John Jones, the Martian Manhunter from Icicle by rendering unconscious and restoring his powers. Icicle kills Dr. Fate by transfixing him through the abdomen from behind with a large icicle. Icicle disconnects his vegetative state father Joar Mahkent, the former Icicle, from life support. Martian Manhunter saves Star Girl from Icicle. Agent Amanda Waller kills Icicle while he was in her custody and handcuffed.
Warrior (2/12/10)
913Smallville1169 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 (Chloe three times) Villain: 2; Devilicus transformed back into Alec Abrams, John Zatara already dead
Chloe Sullivan is saved by transformed 12 year old Alec Abrams/Warrior Angel from being crushed by a giant falling prop planet. Zatanna Zatara saves Abrams from her father's curse by reversing the spell. Chloe is also saved by Zantanna before Abrams as Devilicus killed her. Clark saves a falling Chloe Sullivan when Zantanna's side effect blast of reversing the curse on Abrams knocks her over the edge of a building. Alec Abrams isn't a villain because he was a child acting under the curse of a spell even if he did steal the comic book. The deceased father of Zantanna, John Zatara is the villain for casting the spell on the comic book in the first place.
Persuasion (2/19/10)
914PersuasionBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: 2 (Major Zod and Tess Mercer, free)
Clark Kent saved Chloe Sullivan from being shot by Tess Mercer. Chloe saved Tess Mercer from an enraged Clark Kent, who was acting under the influence of Gemstone Kryptonite that persuaded people, including himself to act on other peoples commands. Major Zod kills Alia after she confessed to killing Jor-El. Zod is a villain for killing Alia; Tess is a villain for almost killing Chloe.
Conspiracy (2/26/10)
915ConspiracyBodyCount Lives lost: 3 (Two off screen) Lives saved: 3 Villain: 2 Dr. Bernard Chisholm (dead)Major Zod (alive and with powers)
Clark Kent saved Vala, Lois Lane and Major Zod from Dr. Bernard Chisholm. Major Zod had actually died due to a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen. Clark essentially resurrected him by dripping his blood (slicing open his hand with a kryptonite shard) into Zod's wound after Zod died reviving him and instantly healing his wound. Unknown to Clark it also gave him his Superpowers. Two other Kandorians were killed off screen previously by Dr. Chisholm. Dr. Chisholm was killed when he electrocuted himself when he held his reciprocating saw over his head to attack Clark but he hit an electrical cable accidentally.
Escape (4/2/10)
916EscapeBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 5 Villain: 1 Silver Banshee (returned to the underworld)
Clark Kent saves at least three people from crime before he and Lois Lane go on vacation. Clark Kent saves Oliver Queen from the Silver Banshee by arriving at the nick of time and distracting her. The Inn Keeper and Chloe Sullivan saves Clark Kent from Silver Banshee's Sonic Scream. The Silver Banshee kills a man while she possessed the body of his lover.
Checkmate (4/9/10)
917Smallville0432 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 Villain: 2 Amanda Waller, Tess Mercer (both at liberty)
Green Arrow "saves" a disguised Tess Mercer from "pursuers" out to harm her in some way but it turns out to be a very elaborate trap orchestrated by her and Checkmate. Green Arrow is the one that is captured by Mercer and other Checkmate Agents therefore it wasn't really a save since Mercer wasn't in danger. Later Green Arrow saves himself by escaping from Checkmate's armored car that Mercer was transporting him in. John Jones, the Martian Manhunter, saved himself from imprisonment by Amanda Waller by shapeshifting into her and fooling a Checkmate security member. Clark Kent saves Chloe Sullivan from being executed by Checkmate's SWAT Team. Edward Lott, a Checkmate agent, commits suicide rather than reveal the location of Checkmate's headquarters, but John Jones is able to extract the knowledge directly from his mind before his death.
Upgrade (4/16/10)
918Smallville0066 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 (Lois saved twice) Villain: 1 (Tess Mercer at liberty but hunted by Checkmate.)
John Corben saves himself by escaping from Tess Mercer's laboratory. Lois Lane saves herself from one of Tess Mercer's security guards at that secret lab during Corben's escape but the struggle precipitated an explosion. Corben saves Lois Lane from being killed in a fall down an elevator shaft after the explosion she accidentally caused while fighting off the security guard. The guard that Lane fought off died in the explosion, everyone else got out. Major Zod supposedly saves a red kryptonite infected Clark Kent from an energized with green kryptonite Corben. Corben's intentions toward Clark was not known when Zod attacked although Clark was weakened by Corben's Kryptonite heart but later events demonstrated no ill will against Clark. Later Corben, after being sent to the Fortress of Solitude after Clark by Chloe Sullivan saves Clark Kent from red kryptonite infection by stabbing him with raw Green Kryptonite Ore. He also saved Clark from joining Major Zod while he was under the influence of Red K. Tess Mercer could be considered a villain for using Corben as a living test subject. Clark Kent, even while under the influence of Red K, didn't do anything actually villainous. Neither did Major Zod.
Charade (4/23/10)
919Smallville1069 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 7 (Lois Lane twice). Villain: 2 (Maxwell Lord with Red Queen; Ray Sacks at liberty).
Clark Kent as The Blur saves Lois Lane from being shot by Ray Sacks's henchman. Clark as the Blur saves Lois Lane and five others from Maxwell Lord extracting Clark's identity as The Blur and the threat of permanent brain damage.
Sacrifice (4/30/10)
920Smallville1298 Lives lost: 3 and at least 2 Checkmate agents (plus more offscreen) Lives saved: 14 (Sullivan & Mercer twice each) Villain: 3 Zod (at liberty); Amanda Waller & Stuart Campbell (fates unknown)
Tess Mercer and Chloe Sullivan save themselves from Watchtower's shutdown and self destruct protocols. Zod saved himself from Green Arrow's Kryptonite dart, Clark likely saved Oliver Queen's life by getting him to Metropolis General after Zod burned a "Z" into Oliver's chest. Clark Kent saved Vala and eight other of Zod's unpowered Kandorian soldiers from Checkmate's SWAT team. Chloe renders Tess clinically dead to deactivate and remove a Checkmate tracking device effectively saving her and herself from Stuart Campbell and other Checkmate agents. Chloe then resuscitated her. Clark saved Amanda Waller from Zod, temporarily. Zod killed one of Tess's security guards to obtain information on Tess's connection to Checkmate and their locations. Zod killed dozens of Checkmate agents off screen with Amanda and Stuart's fates unknown. Zod kills Faora and inadvertently his unborn child.
Hostage (5/7/10)
921HostageBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 5 plus including Tess Mercer, Perry White & at least three innocent bystanders. Villain: 2 Maxwell Lord & Senator Martha Kent (Red Queen) for abducting Tess Mercer
Tess Mercer saves herself from the mind control of Maxwell Lord (who was later revealed to be working knowingly or unknowingly for the Red Queen United States Senator Martha Kent) when Lord slips up and produces a improbable senerio about Oliver Queen's love for her. Lois Lane saves Perry White from falling off a building several stories up to his death. Clark Kent as the Blur saves several people from being crushed to death from a large falling Marquee sign. It can be said Martha Kent and Maxwell Lord could be villians for abducting Mercer even if it was for the greater good of protecting Earth from Major Zod.
Salvation (5/14/10)
922Smallville0460 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 plus the world Villain: 1 Major Zod (transported to another planet)
Major Zod saved himself from Tess Mercer's kryptonite brass knuckles and burned her with his Heat Vision. Clark Kent temporarily saved Tess Mercer by superspeeding her to Metropolis General Hospital, but she dies from her injuries while there. Clark Kent saves Lois Lane from being killed by Zod. A depowered Clark Kent saves the world by exposing Zod's deceptions to his soldiers. They allow him to activate the Book of Rao and they are transported up to the unknown planet. Zod purposely depowers himself and Clark by exposing them to a blue kryptonite bladed dagger. During a struggle Clark allows himself to be stabbed by Zod's blue kryptonite dagger leaving the dagger in and falling away from Zod, keeping himself depowered but reactivating Zod's powers so Zod could be transported to the new planet.


  • At least twenty-three people died this season. Some of them were killed offscreen.
  • There were 8 episodes this season where no one died.
  • By the end of this season, there have been a total of 59 episodes in the series where no one died. That's an average of approximately 7 episodes per season.
  • Clark saved Lois 15 times, Chloe and Oliver 4 times each, Tess twice, and Zod once.
  • Clark was saved by Chloe 4 times, Tess and Zod 3 times each, and Oliver once. Clark was also saved by Jor-El, Lois, Oliver, Hawkman, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter and Maggie McDougal once each.
  • Clark was subdued by Chloe and Martha Kent with green kryptonite once each.

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