Series  Smalllville Comic #9
Number  18
Writer  Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Tom Derenick
Inks  Adam DeKraker
Colors  Guy Major
Lettering  Pat Brosseau
Publication Date 
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Next Story: Lies


Clark is planning a surprise for Lana at the Talon. During his preparation, he has to deal with a break-in attempt.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Clark stops by Lex's mansion and asks to get into the Talon to give Lana a surprise. Lex agrees, giving Clark the keys. Clark thanks him.

At the Talon, Clark finds goons inside, messing with things. He chases them outside. One swings at his box of roses he was preparing for Lana, and Clark throws him a ways.

The other goons shoot at him. He takes the pipe that he was almost hit with and swings it into the bullets, sending them back at his assailants.

They run, firing back. Clark uses his heat vision to melt a fire escape ladder's guard. The ladder smacks the assailants.

The police arrive, with Lana. Clark tells her what he was doing, and she tells him not to say goodbye yet, there's still another week.

Clark picks up a lone rose from the ground, the rose we see in the finale.

Lex arrives and asks Clark about missing bullets and the melted fire escape. Clark says he doesn't know. They agree to try and figure it out together.


  • Secrets are information kept hidden from knowledge or view; concealed.
  • In this story, Clark keeps the information of the missing bullets and melted fire escape a secret from Lex. And as evidenced by Lies and Covenant, Lex keeps the information of his investigation a secret.


  • This story was published in Smallville #9. The second story in #9, Lies retells the story, but from Lex's point of view.
  • In the retelling of the story, Lex accuses Frank Loder of again planting bugs at the Talon, which he did in a deleted scene of Memoria. Thus the story is set somewhere between Memoria and Forsaken, as Lionel isn't behind bars.

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