The ability to shapeshift allows someone to alter his or her own physical appearance.

Known Shapeshifters

Full shapeshifters

These shapeshifters can transform into an unlimited number of appearances.

Partial shapeshifters

These shapeshifters can transform only into a single other appearance or creature.


Shapeshifting is an ability that many characters possess in the Smallville universe. In the show, many shape-shifters like Tina and Brainiac turned out to be evil-driven, willing to kills others to achieve their goals. Others like John Jones who are protagonists use their abilities for good. Those who had the ability to revert their body complexion, went through a process, which appeared to be different depeneding on the individual, also in that regard, some could morph into virtually any shape whereas some others were limited to set shapes.

Most shape-shifters could change into any shape at will, but some like Davis Bloome and Kyla Willowbrook could barely control this ability. Davis Bloome could not fully control this ability and changing between his human guise and Kryptonian form appeared to be very painful; he needed certain stimuli to shape-shift back into his human form. Kyla Willowbrook could only shape-shift into a wolf. Unlike other shape-shifters these characters could only shape-shift into one other shape.

Tina Greer, Brainiac, John Jones and Eva Greer all have extensive morphing capabilities. Brainiac could shape-shift into a metallic liquid like matter and then into other human-like forms. The rest of the shape-shifters simply could change into other human forms.


Injuries acquired in one form remain when they transform into another if the person shapeshifting does not also possess the ability to heal.


In the Comics

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