Simon Westcott
Simon Westcott
Family Candice Westcott (wife)
Occupation Billionaire
Played By French Tickner
Status Alive

Simon Westcott was one of the wealthy Metropolis residents attending Martha Kent's election fundraiser.

Season Six

During the event, he met Oliver Queen, who he said he hadn't seen in a long time, and Lois Lane. He initially seemed quite taken with Lois until she mentioned his recent appearance at a congressional indictment hearing and an accident involving one of his oil tankers which left a harbor contaminated.

Clark and Lionel later identified him as the only Safetex client not to have been robbed by the Green Arrow, who subsequently broke into Westcott's mansion and stole an Egyptian necklace. Oliver later told Clark that the necklace had been bought on the black market. It was presumably one of the items anonymously donated to museums.

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