Simone Charcot
Family Father (deceased)
Powers and
Hypnotism (through use of the mystical gem)
Played By Nichole Hiltz
Status Deceased

Simone Charcot was a seductive hypnotist who used a mystical gem to enhance her hypnotic skills.


Simone was an opportunist who took any opportunity for power that appeared. This desire for power led her to murder her own father so that she could wield the magic of his gem.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hypnosis: Simone made use of an enchanted gem to hypnotize any being that she desired. She could use this power to make the person do anything she desired. Her powers had the limit that she required to be on-live contact with the person. It was for this reason that she could not hypnotize Lex because he contacted her through artificial means.

Early life

Simone's father was a world-famous hypnotist who used a captivating blue gemstone around his neck to hypnotize his patients. To escape arrest for petty shoplifting, she killed her father and began wearing the stone around her neck to hypnotize people whenever she needed to.

Lex Luthor found evidence of Simone murdering her father, and threatened to have her thrown in prison unless she used her hypnotic talents to break up Clark Kent and Lana Lang.

Season Five

Simone hypnotized Clark into kissing her at the Talon; they were caught by Lois Lane, who told Chloe Sullivan about their escapade. Later, at the Kent Farm, Simone told Clark to get Lana to the loft under the pretext of him needing some kind of help. Meanwhile, Clark revealed his powers to Simone who then told Clark to make love to her. Lana then arrived to find them kissing in their underwear in the loft at which point Clark, under Simone's control, broke up with Lana. Chloe and Lois had meanwhile searched for information on Simone, and their suspicions about her were furthered when Lana told Chloe about her encounter with Clark and Simone.


Simone orders Clark to make love with her

Simone reported back to Lex that she had completed her task; however, Lex had also expected her to find out Clark's secret, but she refused to divulge her findings. When Lex threatened to turn her in, Simone returned to the Kent Farm and told Clark they would be leaving for California. Before they left, Simone instructed Clark to make a stop at the Luthor Mansion and kill Lex. Clark barged in on Lex and nearly killed him, but Chloe arrived and weakened Clark with kryptonite. With Clark out of commission, Simone hypnotized Lex and told him to kill Chloe and himself, but Chloe struggled for the gun with him. In the process, the gun went off and shattered the hypnotic jewel, as well as killing Simone.