Family Artificial Intelligence
Powers and
Knowledge of the 21st Century
Played By Ross Douglas
Status Operational
Last Seen Continuity
"May I offer a piece of advice from your former career, sir? Go big or go home." - Skeets, to Booster Gold, Booster

Skeets is an artificial intelligence from the future who assists Booster Gold.

Physical Appearance

Skeets is portrayed as a small golden blue-tooth like devise that hangs on Booster's ear. Round in shape, with a small microphone, Skeets appears a bit bulkier than most Bluetooth earpieces, no doubt due to his advanced AI tech.

Skeets later alters his physical appearance, now appearing as a levitating, spherical metallic device.


Skeets, despite being an artificial intelligence, also has a very distinct personality. Although he often speaks in a kind and respectful manner to everyone, even Booster, he does have a habit of showing signs of annoyance at his owner. At times Skeets will muttered sarcastic remarks, and he seems to have a dry wit in terms of humor. He is anxious to help Booster in whatever he needs, but at the same time will question their actions and motivation, for fear of what could result of it.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from being an artificial intelligence, Skeet is programed with an extensive database of information. [citation needed] However, his knowledge seems to carry assorted blindspots either caused by Booster Gold's involvement in the 21st Century or because information gaps from the era.

Early life

There is not a lot of things known about Skeets's past except from the fact that he was stolen from a museum by Michael Jon Carter.

Season Ten

When Booster travels from the future back to Metropolis of the present time, Clark warns him that by coming back in time he's altering history. Booster reassures Clark that his partner Skeets is equipped with information him of impending accidents. When Ted Kord's armored weapon that's using the young Jaime Reyes as a vessel goes out of control, Skeets convinces Booster Gold, who is at first afraid to take action, to "Go big or go home" and so he does.

Season Eleven

Blue Gold Booster Gold Smallville sm s11 3-adri280891

Skeets presents Booster Gold.

In Antarctica, employees of WayneTech, Kord Industries, and Michael Holt's company working on the Super Collider are running from something, when Skeets, in a new form, arrives to announce Booster Gold. Booster proceeds to attack the monster that was chasing the employees only having his Legion ring failing to work because it detects no authorized user in the area. As the monster is about to kill him, Blue Beetle arrives and proceeds to scare the monster off. As the Beetle and Skeets have a conversation of their own, Booster wonders what happened with the ring. Skeets then mention there would be one person who would know what has happened.

Superman SV Blur s11 04 01 Superman 18-adri280891

Clark and Booster disappear while Skeets is left all alone.

Later in the Daily Planet, Booster visits Clark Kent and then reveals to him that he knows about his "Hiatus" which Clark then wonders since Booster is from the future he knew about what was going to happen to Bart. Skeets then said their knowledge of the future is constantly changing. Booster throws Clark his legion ring and asks if he knows what a "Legion Protocol Six" is but Clark has never heard of it. The moment Clark touches the ring, the ring suddenly activates finding an "authorized user", causing Clark and Booster to suddenly disappeared in flash of light, leaving a very confused Skeets all alone.


Skeets searching for help.

In Metropolis of the present day, after the disappearance of Clark Kent and Booster Gold, Skeets appears all alone looking all over the city for help. At Watchtower, while performing monitor duty over her allies in her newly digitized form, Tess gets an unexpected visit from Skeets who tells her Superman and Booster Gold were accidently transported to the future. Tess doesn't see how she can help Skeets giving her artificial state. Skeets offers to help her discover the joys of being an A.I. after this crisis is dealt with, but right now he needs money. Tess mentions that Booster is connected very well to Ted Kord. But Skeets insist that he needs someone who has more money so he can purchase land with a thousand year lease as a means to place himself in a time capsule. So he can wait until a thousand years to be their when they arrive.


Skeets asks Tess for help.

In the Metropolis of 31st Century, Clark and Booster try to understand what happened to them. While they are talking Skeets suddenly appears revealing that he was waiting for them for one thousand years. Meanwhile a burning spaceship which is on a collusion crash, is heading towards the city of Metropolis. Superman catches the ship and lands it safely to the ground. Afterwards Superman, Lighting Lad and Brainiac 5 are arrested by a squad of guards.

With the aid from Skeets who causes a distracting for the group they move to the Legion safe house #47 where Clark and Booster now are disguised in customary 31's attire.

SMVL 48 300-004 HD.480x480-75

Brainiac 5 talks with Skeets and Booster.

Skeets is in the Legion safe house when Booster asks Brainiac 5 to help him with his broken flight ring but Brainiac 5 seems not to appreciate Booster as a person, being polite only to Skeets and doesn't believe that Booster had ever hard-earned something in his life. While Skeets tries to defend him Booster actually confirms that by revealing that he stole his Legion ring from a museum in the 22nd century, where he was working, and that it was actually Superman's ring he stole. Brainiac 5 also confirms that except Kal-El's Legion ring Booster has also stole his faithful intelligence and his wrist blasters. Booster defends himself by saying that he had to "borrow" those things in order to become the hero he is now and asks Brainiac 5 to check the Legion's historical records so he can prove that he is a superhero too, like Superman. Brainiac 5 searches the records and finds no data on "Booster Gold". Booster tries to find an answer on why there is no record of him but Brainiac-5 says that he might never succeeded to become more than a "fake" hero. An insulted Booster gets out of the safe house but Brainiac 5 follows and apologises to him, saying that he shouldn't had been so harsh on Booster considering his past crimes as Brainiac. Booster then asks him again if he will ever fix his ring and Brainiac 5 gives him a look of disappointment.

Blue Gold Booster Gold Smallville sm s11 1370019658250

Skeets and Booster are captured by EarthGov soldiers.

Back in Metropolis, Booster complains to Skeets about how much he dislikes the 31st century when suddenly he hears a girl, who seems to be a Legionnaire, screaming for help. Booster watches some EarthGov soldiers hunting the girl and Skeets convinces him to follow Brainiac 5's advise and save her. Booster incapacitates one of them, while Skeets tries to free the girl, but another soldier shoots both of them from behind with electricity.

Inside the EarthGov holding facility Minister Niedrigh has captured Booster Gold and tortures him to get more information. Niedrigh then reveales his scientists have separated Skeets into pieces and have found everything they wanted to know about Booster Gold from Skeets's data. Niedrigh then calls him a liar and a thief and states that Booster Gold needed Skeets from the beginning and he is nothing without his robotic partner.

One of the scientists informs Niedrigh that they are ready to activate their plan so Niedrigh leaves the room but before he does he orders his soldiers to re-porpuse the prisoners, leaving Booster Gold promising to Skeets he will find a way out.

LOSH Smallville s11 1371826437414

Booster tries to fix Skeets.

After Niedrigh leaves the room, Booster Gold begins to fight with the guards who had captured him and manages to escape along with Skeets, who informs him that situations are developing in both Metropolis and New Krypton. Booster Gold decides to do something about it.

With the gravity bomb activated on Earth in Metropolis, Booster along with Skeets commandeer a transporter ship and Booster decides that he'll use the ship to rescue the levitated citizens. He is joined by Kara and the entire Legion of Super-Heroes in the rescue efforts.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694232642

Skeets detects traces of alien technology.

Months later back in the 21st century, Otis Berg desperately tries to make his way out of the facility without Booster and Skeets, who are examining the supercollider for signs of sabotage, notice him. Booster, who is talking with his allies in D.E.O.'s facility, informs them that Clark and Lois were sucked in some kind of tear in reality, which Chloe identifies as the Bleed. Skeets says he is able to detect traces of unknown alien technology and they will continue tracking. While Booster tells them he will keep them posted, Otis finds the opportunity to get out. Booster then asks Skeets if there's anything in their historical database about Superman or Lois' disappearance, and the droid says there is not, even pointing out that he is having trouble accessing his archive. Booster can only express his distaste for the situation and continues his surveying.

Lex Luthor orders his henchmen to find Booster Gold and eliminate him.

Smallville - Chaos 006-009

Skeets watches as Luthor's men arrest Booster.

Booster and Skeets listen in on the conversation, and Skeets tells Booster the fate of all reality now rests in his hands.

Booster tries to escape from two of Lex's security force members, who are firing at him, and then he succeeds to overcome them and escapes to the outside. Unfortunately, he's ambushed by two others waiting for him, while a shocked Skeets observes them taking his master to Luthor.

Smallville - Chaos 009 (Digital-Empire)012

Skeets watches the Yellow Lanterns.

The Yellow Lanterns are eager to start offing prisoners, ditch their boss, and relish their newfound power. One of them insists to follow Luthor's orders but another one kills him saying, that Lex knows what kind of men he hired. Skeets watches their interactions and flees into the shadows, saying it's all up to him now.

Smallville - Chaos 011 (2014) (Digital-Empire)010

Skeets attacks the Yellow Lanterns.

The Yellow Lanterns prepare to execute Ted Kord, Michael Holt, and Booster Gold, saying to them that it's not personal. Luckily, Skeets arrives just in time and attacks them with a set of cables that spring from its "body", distracting the Lanterns. Kord and Holt use the opportunity to incapacitate the men and then Skeets takes their rings. Holt and Kord help the beaten Booster Gold to stand up and comment that they might have been paying the wrong guy for the job, in which Booster Gold agrees.

Smallville - Continuity 004 (2014) (Digital-Empire022

The Justice League attacks.

Superman delivers a rousing speech to the heroes. The other Earths might have been erased or rebooted but they are determined for their Earth to survive and their continuity to continue. With that Superman, Luthor and all of Earth's heroes attack the incoming Manhunters.

The plan goes into overdrive and the attack is immediately full on. They may be on a zero fatality mission but the Manhunters are not and Superman makes it clear if they are hit, they die. All the heroes are fighting valiantly and at the end they win the battle.


In the comics


Skeets as he appears in the comics.

Skeets was the security robot at the Metropolis Space Museum where Booster Gold worked as a janitor. After Booster Gold decided to steal the artifacts to make himself into a superhero, he traveled to the past where Skeets joined him. Skeets often provides a sense of forewarning as he has excellent files on past events (which are present events for everyone else.) Note that although genderless Skeets is generally given a male gender representation.

Skeets served as the constant sidekick to Booster Gold though generally not when Booster served with the Justice League. Thus his stories have generally been restricted to series focusing solely on Booster.

The most important story involving Skeets unfolded during the 52 story arc. At the beginning of the story Skeets begins to malfunction and is acting differently than usual in his ability to predict events. Despite being examined by Doctor Magnus everything is seemingly operational with him, but he begins to exhibit weird behavior. He seems very interested in gaining access to Rip Hunter time lab, and especially so after Booster’s apparent death. Unknown to Skeets though, Booster faked his death because he had been able to ascertain from Rip’s blackboard as to what was happening. Skeets begins a hunt for Rip Hunter and eventually when he finds him he discovers that Booster is alive and working with Rip in the city of Kandor. Skeets attacks them, but Booster unleashes the Phantom Zone on him which has the unforeseen effect of being consumed by Skeets. The two heroes escape but soon have a showdown with Skeets as it is revealed that Mister Mind has had control of him since the beginning of the story. Mister Mind seeks to use the knowledge of Rip to control the new 52 worlds which resulted from the events of Infinite Crisis. Skeets eventually is able to capture Mister Mind and journeys through the time stream to destroy him. This act of sacrifice is short lived as it is revealed that his memory was backed up one year previously and only a new body must be created for him.

In the following time a new group of time travelers is assembled including himself, Booster, Rip and Booster’s sister Michelle. They now battle a group of villains known as the Time Stealers.


  • His first appearance in the comics was in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986).

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