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Alien, Part 1
Smallville Alien cover
Series  Miniseries
Number  1
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  20
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Edgar Salazar, DYM
Cover  Cat Staggs
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  December 11, 2013
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Smallville: Alien #1 is the first issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries.[1] The issue collects the first three chapters of Smallville: Alien, originally released digitally.[2]


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From DC Comics: "Superman has barely adjusted to his new status quo when he finds himself racing against time (and Lex Luthor!) to uncover the secret behind a Russian meteor strike. Something has fallen from space—and it looks an awful lot like a Monitor!"


Smallville - Alien 001-005

Jonathan gives some advice to young Clark.

In a flashback Superman recalls an advice his father, Jonathan, gave him, when he had to read an essay at school in front of the entire class, parents and teachers. Clark was very scared but Jonathan convinced him to believe in himself and in what he had written, and gave three key phrases to get it right : "Find your centre, stand your ground and speak your piece."

Smallville - Alien 001-008

Superman tries to concentrate.

Smallville - Alien 001-014

Superman tries to stop the train.

Flying in space above Earth, Superman remembers his father's advice while listening to the world talk about his recent confession of being an alien. There is mistrust and fear of him, but Superman knew the risk he was taking. While trying to remember the three phrases his father told him, Lois sends him the third phrase in a text message, showing him she is there for him. Suddenly Clark hears a bullet train in Japan that cannot be stopped so he goes back to work. Inside the train there is a small boy, named Hiro Okamura, who is playing with his robots and toys when suddenly the train runs at full speed to a fatal accident. Tess, who observes the situation and supports Superman from the Watchtower, informs "Boy Scout" of a fluctuation in Earth's magnetic pole that has destabilized the train's track system but still she does not know what caused it.

Smallville - Alien 001-017

Superman is surrounded by nervous people questioning him about his status as an alien.

Fortunately Superman succeeds in saving the train, slowing it down and no one gets hurt, but then nervous people start to question him about his origin and if there are more aliens like him, that they should be afraid of. Hiro seems to run away from the train, as if he is afraid of Superman, who just tries to explain that he needed the world to know that not everything out there is a threat.

Smallville - Alien 001-020

A trucker finds a fallen Monitor.

Meanwhile in Russia, a trucker, while driving his truck, watches something falling from the sky. He observes what at first he believes to be a meteorite but as he approaches, he sees in the middle of a smoking crater a man dressed in a strange attire and an apparatus on one of his eyes.

Smallville Alien ch 2 pg 3

Superman visits the White House once again.

The U.S. president summons Superman to a meeting at the Oval Office, where he shows to him some photos of someone who fell in Russia in recent meteor shower. Superman recognizes the person as a "Monitor" and when the President asks him what is a "Monitor", Superman responds to him by saying that he will know as soon as he does. Superman then promises he will investigate the matter, and that is something that everyone should be concerned.

Smallville Alien ch 2 pg 11

Lex finds out the truth about the crash in Russia.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is informed about the crash in Russia by the newscast and then his assistant, Otis, who enters his boss' office, comments on the recent revelation of Superman being an alien. Lex seems not to care too much about it, feeling that somehow he already knew. Otis also informs Lex that the recent crash in Russia has yielded similar readings came from the ship that crashed in Smallville months ago and it is now kept in S.T.A.R. Labs. Lex realises that the "thing" that fell in Russia may be from alternate reality too so he orders Otis to prepare the jet so they can travel to Russia.

Smallville Alien ch 2 pg 12

Chloe, Tess, Clark and Lois discuss the Monitors and Earth-2.

At Watchtower, Chloe, Tess, Clark and Lois discuss Earth-2, which was presumably annihilated by the Monitors, and Clark wonders what crime could that Earth have committed to deserve to merit annihilation. Chloe says everything she knows about the alternate Earth and the Monitors but also informs them that the memories, that were transported to her from her doppelgänger never actually took root and she only gets fleeting glimpses. Tess informs them that Lex is preparing his jet to visit Moscow and Lois thinks of a way to sneak in as a press attaché and go to Russia with Lex so she can keep an eye on him. Clark then says he has a better idea and the proceeds to communicate with another member of the team, asking for a favour.

Smallville Alien ch 2 pg 19

Clark joins Lex and Otis in their travel to Moscow.

Boarding the plane, Otis tells his boss that he has invited the press to chronicle his "greatness", much to Lex's annoyance. They then watch as Superman fly over them with Lex seeing it as a challenge but Clark, who is inside the plane as a representative of the Daily Planet, says that it might be more of a reminder. Lex is obviously disappointed having Clark Kent accompanying him in his travel, saying that Lois Lane would be better company.

Smallville Alien ch 2 pg 20

Supergirl helps Clark in his plan.

Meanwhile, Supergirl, who has seemingly returned from the 31st century, communicates with the Watchtower and says that Luthor bought it, revealing that she was part of Clark's plan to make it look like she was Superman while he was actually on Lex's plane in his civilian attire.


Chloe accompanies Lois at the Daily Planet.

Chloe accompanies Lois at the Daily Planet and Lois says she shouldn't walk her here in her condition but Chloe says that she is not that pregnant. Lois asks about Oliver and Chloe says he is in San Francisco, where he just closed a deal for Queen Industries to provide financial assistance in rebuilding Pier 39. Chloe says the more they help cities get back on their feet after super-related disasters, like they did with Washington and San Francisco, the less crime will have the chance to take advantage of the situation. Then Lois asks her why she is in Metropolis with her than being out there and Chloe responds that she is just very bored. Just then, Lois receives a message from Clark, who is inside Lex's plane, with a photo of him and Lex.

Smv alien-09

Clark Interviews Lex

Meanwhile inside Lex's jet, Clark interviews Lex about what he believes crashed in Russia and asks him why he is so interested on that and if it has something to do with his alleged attack at S.T.A.R. Labs. He then asks him about his rivalry with Superman but Lex responds by saying he doesn't trust Superman and in fact nobody should trust him, he also says he is glad the world is finally starting to sober up. Clark then says that  Lex's amnesia is not a secret so he asks him if it has something to do with that and Lex says he is not sure but maybe his hatred for the superhero has something to do with his old life.


Lex's plane heads into a storm.

After that Lex starts to ask Clark about his relationship with Lois and why they haven't get married yet but Clark says they just haven't find the right moment yet. So Lex advises him not to wait too long, mentioning the amount of coverage Lois gives to Superman, indicating with that he might lose her to another man. Suddenly the jet gets into a big storm and because of a lightning they lose an engine so Clark tries to find a way on how to save the crew without being seen but surprisingly someone else catches the jet from its fall. At first, Lex thinks that Superman might have saved them, something that makes him clearly irritated but it is revealed they were saved by a Russian team of superheroes, called the Rocket Red Brigade, who stabilizes the machine and welcomes them to Moscow.

Smallville - Alien 003-021

The Monitor is imprisoned by the Russian Prime Minister.

Meanwhile in an unknown facility in Moscow, the Russian Prime Minister is informed that the President wants to talk to him about an important matter but he says that it has to wait because he wants to meet with Lex Luthor and find out what he has to offer for his prisoner, revealing that he has already imprisoned the fallen Monitor.


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