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Alien, Part 2
Series  Miniseries
Number  2
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  21
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Edgar Salazar, DYM
Cover  Cat Staggs
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  January 8, 2014
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Smallville: Alien #2 is the second issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries.[1] The issue collects chapters 4-6 of Smallville: Alien, originally released digitally.[2]


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From DC Comics: "When Superman revealed himself to the world, he knew some repercussions would be out of his control. He never expected this, though! Meanwhile, Lex Luthor’s trip to Russia brings him face to face with a Monitor—and his own mortality."



Barbara leaves her date.


Batman fights with Bane.

Barbara Gordon hurries out of a diner into the rain to meet Batman, who drops into a building where three men are playing cards and talking about a criminal called "Hatter", who is looking for a crew. They all are shocked by Batman's sudden appearance. They claim to have done nothing wrong until Bane kicks in the door, saying that Batman is after him. After a brief fight Bane gains the upper hand and is about to break Batman until the cape crusader calls in the Batmobile for backup and kooks Bane down. Just then Nightwing appears and they finish off Bane together. Batman then questions Nightwing's tardiness who simply explains she was on a date with an acrobat. Batman then notices the bat signal in the sky and leaves.


A young man in a Superman outfit is found dead in Gotham City.

Jim Gordon lights a cigarette while waiting for the arrival of the dynamic duo and starts to countdown. On their arrival, he questions the whereabouts of Bane and Batman tells him that he can be found in a warehouse, depowered. Gordon then shows to him a corpse of a young man in a Superman T-shirt, who was beaten to death, and he tells Batman that this sort of hate crime is right up his alley.

Back in Metropolis, Chloe blankly stares at the skyline until Lois comes in and tells her they have a story to chase down in Gotham together.


Lex meets with the Russian Prime Minister.

In Moscow, Lex Luthor meets with the Russian Prime Minister and they talk about the alien. The Soviet leader has granted him the privilege of seeing him first out of gratitude because in the past, Lex helped his nephew Mikhail with his metahuman condition. Lex tells to him everything he knows about the being who fell from the sky, that it is not of this world and is responsible for the destruction of an entire parallel Earth. The conversation is settled with Lex Luthor taking a look on the captive Monitor, and offering a lot of money to the Prime Minister to take him back to the U.S.


Clark Kent meets the Rocket Reds.

Meanwhile, Clark thanks the Rocket Red Brigade for saving them earlier and recognizes one of the team members as being one of the astronauts who was in the Guardian rocket months ago, Alexi. Alexi tells Clark that the government offered him the opportunity to form a team to fight against internal and external threats to Russia, all inspired by Superman, and in fact they already have prevented many meteorites from hitting the country. Alexi also reveals that the thing that fell the other day from the sky was not a meteorite but a man, which makes Clark ask if he thinks it seems right to keep the man captive. Alexi replies that his opinion is that if someone does not want to say why he is here, he does not hide anything good.
Smallville - Alien 005-016

Lex questions Ray-Lan.

Lex questions the Monitor, who reveals that his name is Ray-Lan. Luthor attempts to negotiate with him but Ray-Lan shows his contempt for this world, so when Lex, seemingly disappointed with him, decides to leave, Ray-Lan says that he knows what is happening on this world and what actually happened to his mind, offering to fill his memory gaps. Luthor then asks Ray-Lan what does he want in exchange.

Smallville - Alien 005-021

The Monitor is freed.

Later, Clark arrives at the door of the premises where the Monitor is in, which is also the base of the Rocket Reds and he says goodbye to Alexi, who asks him to thank Superman from his behalf for saving his life. Suddenly the alarms of the facility are activated and Clark, removing his glasses, uses his X-ray vision to see what happens. The warning is fully justified as Ray-Lan has somehow been freed from his chains and makes a hole in the wall, killing a member of the Rocket Reds. Alexi says he does not want to hurt him, but Ray-Lan says he will have to.

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Batman and Nightwing interrogate Zsasz.

Chloe and Lois arrive in Gotham City and they find Batman and Nightwing, who have been interrogating a criminal known as Zsasz, on a rooftop. Bruce seems to be a little surprised that the two women were able to trace him and then he invites them to the Batcave.

Smallville - Alien 006-011

Lois, Chloe, Bruce and Barbara find out the identity of the dead man.

There, the two cousins get impressed by the amazing underground complex that Bruce has assembled. Bruce is investigating the murder of a man dressed as Superman, which clearly looks like a hate crime connotations against the aliens and the recent revelation of Superman about his origin. Batman is using his billion dollar computer to make a face reconstruction of the corpse based on photos from the crime scene, so they can identify the dead man but the results the computer shows leave everyone speechless, the face of the murdered man is none other than Clark Kent or someone who looks like him.

Smallville - Alien 006-021

Superman is shocked that the Monitor was able to hurt him.

Meanwhile in Russia, the freed Monitor is killing soldiers on his way out of the facility. Lex asks him why he does that, and Ray-Lan responds that if he does not understand his purpose, he doesn't deserve to live so he proceeds to kill Lex too. Fortunately, Superman's timely intervention saves Luthor, and the fight between Superman and Ray-Lan begins. While fighting the Monitor mocks Superman's weakness and then Superman asks him what is the "Crisis", to which Ray-Lan is surprised that Superman doesn't know. Superman gives him a headbutt in the face and both contenders are separated by the blow. Ray-Lan, who lands on a building, succeeds to escape, while Lex wonders where he has gone, but Superman, seeing his own blood on his hands wonders how the Monitor could hurt him.


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