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Alien, Part 3
SMV Alien3
Series  Miniseries
Number  3
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  22
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Edgar Salazar, DYM
Cover  Cat Staggs
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  Feb 12 2014
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Smallville: Alien #3 is the third issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries.[1] The issue collects chapters 7-9 of Smallville: Alien, originally released digitally.[2]


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Lex Luthor is determined to bring the Monitor to his knees, but the fight isn’t going his way—even Superman is having trouble with the alien interloper. Meanwhile, back in the USA, Chloe and Lois take a trip to Gotham City to check on a death so mysterious, Batman is having trouble figuring it out.



Superman flies away from the scene to heal himself.

Ray-Lan has just escaped from the facility in Moscow he was held captive in thanks to the chaos he created and Superman, who is still sore, realizes he is bleeding because of the cut on his eyebrow. Ignoring Luthor, who shouts at him to follow the Monitor, Superman flies above the clouds and the solar energy, which recharges him, heals him immediately. Then he communicates with Tess at Watchtower and tells her that now they have two priorities: to find out where the Monitor is hiding and how was Ray-Lan able to hurt him.


Lex and Clark decide to follow the Monitor.

Switching back to his civillain disguise, Clark returns to the scene of conflict and reunites with Lex Luthor. Lex decides to go and find the Monitor on his own, whom he can trace through a device. Clark goes with him and when Lex thinks Clark can not hear him, he tells Otis that he took Clark with him because he wouldn't mind if something happened to him.


Bruce and Chloe talk on how to handle the situation.

Meanwhile in the Batcave, Batman meditates with Chloe trying to solve the murder of the man dressed as Superman, and they talk about the crisis that is about to happen. Bruce questions Chloe on how does she know about the crisis and what will happen and Chloe tells him that she has seen it with her own eyes, through the memories of her doppelganger.


Lex and Clark find the Monitor's ship.

Back in Russia, Clark and Lex have tracked the Ray-Lan to the abandoned and radioactive city of Chernobyl. While searching the place they find there a hole in the ground that leads them to an underground level where a huge spaceship is hidden.


Lois and Nightwing in Gotham.

JK-Smallville - Alien 008-005

Lois and Nightwing get into a fight.

Lois and Barbara walk through the streets of the rainy Gotham City, backtracking the final footsteps of the deceased "Clark Kent", whom the decided to call "Dave", and they talk about about Barbara's struggle to manage her personal life and the crime fighting on the same time. Barbara then asks Lois how she is so calm since the shocking revelation about the identity of the murder victim, back at the Batcave. Lois says that the victim's DNA was proven to be human so he can't be Clark and besides that she knows that her fiance is safe in Russia. Suddenly they are attacked by a gang of thieves but they both succeed to defeat the thieves and after that they discover an underground tunnel with footsteps coming out of it.

Otis and Alexi talk about Otis' life before working for Luthor.

Back in Russia, Otis is trying to reach Lex by cell phone, but it's not working. While talking with Alexi of the Rocket Red Brigade, Alexi offers Otis a drink but he says that he never drinks while on duty so when Alexi asks him how often he is on the duty Otis says always. He then indicates there's some hidden shame in his past that relates to his unwavering loyalty to Lex.


Lex and Clark confront Ray-Lan.

Meanwhile, Lex and Clark explore Ray-Lan's spacecraft. Lex tells to Clark that the meteor shower that caused the accident of Karolyev ("Guardian") were the remains of a destroyed parallel Earth, and that suggests the existence of others. In fact, deep inside the spaceship, the two discover a glass tube-like structure that somehow contains several parallel earths that have already been decimated. But before they could react to the incredible view, the Ray-Lan appears, commenting that in every dimension, humans are far more troublesome than they should be and tells them that their world has already far exceeded its useful life, and the two of them will not live to see its end.

PAGE 005.480x480-75 (1)

Batman finds out the killer of "Clark".

In the morgue, Batman and Commissioner Gordon examine the body of the deceased "Clark". Batman scans the body with a device, finding DNA samples from the killer, which reveal something he says he'd rather not share. He immediately contacts Nightwing, who is with Lois and Chloe at the Batcave, telling them he's "going dark." Without a word, Barbara races out of the cave on a motorcycle and meets Batman at an abandoned park called Amusement Mile, the one that the Joker often used as his refuge. After a brief argument, Batman says he's not the hunter right now, he's the hunted and so is Barbara. Suddenly, someone throws Batman and Nightwing explosive balls, incapacitating Batman momentarily, and stepping out of the smoke. When Nightwing turns to face her opponent the man reveals himself as the other Clark's killer. Surprisingly the man appears to be a version of Bruce Wayne, dressed in a mockery of the Batsuit with his face painted with makeup similar to Joker's.


Ray-Lan stalks Clark and Lex.

Meanwhile, beneath Chernobyl, Clark and Lex try to escape from the Monitor, who is stalking them through his ship while revealing bits and pieces of his plan. Ray-Lan explains that he has been destroying alternate earths one by one, and in a specific order and that order wasn't followed to the letter by one of his fellow Monitors, which is why he ended up on this earth, along with possibly a few other alternate earth inhabitants. Ray-Lan also says that his fellow Monitors should be trying to prevent the inhabitants of the Earths they destroy from learning the truth about the fate of their world and Clark realizes that is why another Monitor killed Chloe Sullivan of Earth-2, when she set foot on this Earth. Ray-Lan says that this is the reason why he is planning the destruction of this earth ahead on the agenda, even though his superiors do not approve of that.


Monitor's spaceship takes off.

Eventually Lex and Clark manage to escape the ship, which fires its thrusts in preparation to take off. Clark takes advantage and flies himself and Lex out, timing his movements to make it look like they were thrown out by the blast. They land on a bridge, and the Monitor surprises them and shoots Clark in the chest, sending him flying through the air and into a frozen lake. Lex dives in after him and approaches the sinking body of an unconscious Clark, whose shirt has been ripped off by the hit of the Monitor, revealing his Superman costume.


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