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Chaos, Part 1
Series  Miniseries
Number  1
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  28
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Agustin Padilla,
Daniel HDR
Cover  Cat Staggs
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  August 13, 2014
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Smallville: Chaos #1 is the first issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries. The issue collects the first three chapters of Smallville: Chaos, originally released digitally.[1]


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From DC Comics: "When Lex Luthor attempts to invest in Ted Kord’s new experiments, the scientists working on the supercollider are skeptical. But Lois Lane is at the Antarctic compound to cover scientific achievement, not corporate espionage, so it’s not until things go massively awry that her fiancé gets sucked into the action!"


Smallville Chaos 01 1402187597648

Superman fights the possessed professor.

In Metropolis, Superman tries to contain Professor Bryce Gordon, who's been possessed by an evil spirit after he found a strange black diamond in Africa a few days ago, that has turned him into a violent monster. Tess informs him about the Professor and Superman tries not hurt him but he has to use force to battle him.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402187755527

Lois meets Michael Holt and Ted Kord's new partner.

Meanwhile in Antarctica, Lois is touring a Higgs Boson supercollider facility created by the combined efforts of Michael Holt and Ted Kord, with the financial assistance of Bruce Wayne. As proud as they are of their accomplishments, they tell Lois that none of it would've been possible without the last minute contribution of Lex Luthor. Lois accuses Lex that because of him her fiance almost died back in Russia. She also warns them that no one should trust Lex and she hints that Lex stole alien technology from D.E.O.'s secured area in Chernobyl. However, Luthor calmly tells his partners that he is only there to give.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402187926677

Otis sabotages the experiment.

At the same time, Otis secretly places a device in a darkened corridor in Section 31 of the facility moments before the experiment begins.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402188041247

A portal to the Bleed opens.

Sadly, things don't go as planned for Kord and Holt, because when the scientists start the experiment, a violent gateway opens pulling everyone and everything into the Bleed, the rift between parallel universes, with Lois clinging to a railing. The only one who seems happy about the incident is Lex who obviously has planned everything.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402188240434

Lex's plan succeeds and Superman and Lois disappear.

Back in Metropolis, Superman decides to end the fight by smashing the black diamond, shattering it to pieces. After that, the Professor gets back to normal but suddenly Superman hears Lois call for help and flies to Antarctica at super speed. He arrives in time to catch her just before the vortex pulls her in, but they're both caught in the rift just before it closes thanks to Holt. Moments after their disappearance, Ted wonders where did Superman and Lois went and Lex remarks he's just killed two birds with one stone.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694159512

Chloe, Oliver, Diana and Steve find out about Clark and Lois' disappearance.

In D.E.O.'s headquarters, Diana is helping Chloe through the base, and admires the pregnant Chloe saying that it is a thing of wonder and indicating that she hadn't seen any pregnant woman up close, before her arrival in the men's world. When Chloe asks how is that possible and how the Amazons were created, Diana simply remarks that Themysciran affairs are complicated at best but she is sure that she will raise her young "warrior" well as he is in good hands. A surprised Chloe asks her how does she know her baby's gender and Diana says it is just women's intuition. Meanwhile in the same facility, Director Steve Trevor is talking to Oliver about his victory over Prometheus and asks him to help in the training of a new elite branch of D.E.O. field agents, as it was suggested by the President of the United States, strictly until the baby is born and Green Arrow is able to suit back up. Before Ollie can give an answer, they meet with Diana and Chloe, who was revealed that she was already aware of the proposal and then suddenly the entire group receives a call from Watchtower, alerting them of Superman and Lois' disappearance.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694232642

Booster Gold and Skeets search for clues while Otis sneaks out.

Back in the Antarctic facility, Otis desperately tries to make his way out of the facility without Booster Gold and Skeets, who are examining the supercollider for signs of sabotage, notice him. Booster, who is talking with his allies in D.E.O.'s facility, informs them that Clark and Lois were sucked in some kind of tear in reality, which Chloe identifies as the Bleed. Skeets says he is able to detect traces of unknown alien technology and they will continue tracking. While Booster tells them he will keep them posted, Otis finds the opportunity to get out. Booster then asks Skeets if there's anything in their historical database about Superman or Lois' disappearance, and the droid says there is not, even pointing out that he is having trouble accessing his archive. Booster can only express his distaste for the situation and continues his surveying.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694343584

Emil and his fellow scientists learn more about the gem.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Emil Hamilton's team have completed their analysis of the shattered black diamond. It seems the gem gives off a unique pattern of Alpha brainwaves that influence the mind of the one in contact with the gem. Moreover, every shard of the gem is emitting its own series of signals, which are talking to each other. Disturbingly, not every shard of the diamond is accounted for. Emil then tells them to call the C.D.C. and scramble a team back to the crime scene so they can prevent anyone else from getting infected.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694429172

Lombard is influenced by one of the shards of the gem.

On the crime scene in Metropolis, a reporter named Lombard tries to get a scoop, saying he just can't sit down and watch Clark Kent stumble onto headline after headline. Suddenly one of the shards finds its way into the skin of Lombard, immediately influencing him and saying "I am the wrath of God".

Back at D.E.O., Zatanna is attempting a locator spell to discover where Clark and Lois have gone as the others look on. When the ritual is complete, she announces that Lois and Clark are in Metropolis. When the others tell her otherwise, the sorceress smirks and points out she never said the pair were in this Metropolis.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694587825

Superman and Lois wake up in a parallel Earth.

On a parallel Earth, Superman and Lois emerge from the wormhole to find themselves in a destroyed Metropolis under siege by the Monitors. Superman takes Lois and they fly to a higher ground. Lois asks if they time-traveled but Clark says the rift they fell through was just like the one Chloe from Earth-2 crashed through. Clark then asks Lois why is she whispering and she says that this exactly the kind of place where you whisper, while also showing to him a man in a red and white costume, bound to the top of a building, similar to that of Daily Planet. Clark realizes they are lost in the Multiverse and Lois asks how are they going to return back but Clark says he doesn't know if they will, starring at the sky, which is full of the Monitors' ships.

Smallville Chaos 03 1403299248955

Lex wants to take over the super collider.

In Antarctica, Lex is ready to leave, saying to Kord and Holt that "he's out" as the facility is unstable, given the fact that Superman and Lois Lane disappeared. Otis informs him that the Monitor's device has already started to lose charge and Lex says that he was hoping not to reveal his new security force so early but now he doesn't have a choice. Holt says that he doesn't need any security force as their own private security, Booster Gold, can escort his plane back to domestic airspace but Lex reveals that he lied to them and that he intends to buy Holt and Kord out. Kord says they are not selling but suddenly Lex's private security, which is revealed to be powered by rings of the Yellow Lanterns, fires at them and Lex then says they should consider it more of a hostile takeover.

Smallville Chaos 03 1403299407368

The possessed civilians attack the Metropolis P.D.

At Metropolis P.D., Dan Turpin asks Maggie Sawyer if Bryce Gordon, who is still in custody, has said anything but she says they are waiting for his lawyer and Dan suggests they should call for a priest instead, as the spell should have been lifted from Gordon when Superman smashed the gem. Suddenly, a possessed Lombard enters the police station saying "No spell can leave his wrath from this mortal coil" and then a group of also possessed civilians attack the surprised police officers. Sawyer and Turpin are ready to fight the intruders but they also get attacked by Gordon, who shouts along with the others "We are Eclipso".

Smallville Chaos 03 1403299625410

Lois and Clark try to escape the Manhunters.

On the parallel Earth, Superman and Lois are fighting some Manhunters, who are chasing them so they can kill them. After destroying some of them, Superman takes Lois and fly away escaping. Lois puzzles over why the Manhunters were hunting them given the fact that the Green Lanterns are their usual opponents but Clark says these robots were running on Bleed instead of Lantern energy, suggesting that the Monitors probably use them to deal with the "supers" and "metas" of each Earth while they move their ships into firing position. Lois then wonders where all the people of this Earth have gone and Clark after hearing some of them with his super-hearing heads to a church nearby.

Smallville - Chaos 003-017

Lois meets her doppelganger.

Smallville - Chaos 003-020

The Monitors start to destroy the parallel Earth.

They enter the church and they find a group of people hiding in there and one of them, whom Clark identifies as the Jimmy Olsen of this Earth but in fact he is called Hank, tells them to immediately leave as according to him the "capes" are the reason most of the civilians are dead. Suddenly, the Lois Lane of this Earth appears among the people and tells Hank that they should let them stay because there is nowhere else they can go. A shocked Lois looks at her doppelganger while Superman asks her what happened. The alternate Lois says that she watched the Manhunters murder Mister Majestic, the superhero who was alternate Lois' lover and whose body was bound to the top of a building, along with every other hero. Superman then asks how did it started and alternate Lois explains that the Monitors put one ship on each side of the planet and they did something to Earth's core and it's only a matter of time until they destroy this Earth once and for all. Suddenly, the ships above Metropolis begin to fire and a worried Lois tells to Clark they need to get out of there immediately, to which he agrees.


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