Continuity, Part 4
Series  Miniseries
Number  4
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  35
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  IG Guara
Marcelo di Chiara
Julio Ferreira
Ruy Jose
Cover  Cat Staggs
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  March 11, 2015
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Smallville: Continuity #4 is the fourth and final issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries. The issue collects chapters 10-12 of Smallville: Continuity, originally released digitally.[1]


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From DC Comics: "Superman has defeated the Monitors, but what can he possibly do to keep the Universe safe from them in the future? The people of Earth pick up their lives as best they can, and our heroes make some hard decisions about their own futures. As Season Eleven ends, new lives begin."


Smallville - Continuity 010 (2014) (Digital-Empire)004

The Justice League decides on the Monitor's fate.


The Monitor is sent to the Phantom Zone.

The League stands in the Fortress standing judgment over the female Monitor. The universe is now back to normal though all that died is still dead. The female Monitor asks to die but J'onn points out that Clark would never kill anyone. The League then decides to send the Monitor to the Phantom Zone. Arrow asks Clark what they do now the threat is over, Clark smiles and tells him that we should, endure, survive and live our lives and with that though on their minds they all race off.

Smallville - Continuity 010 (2014) (Digital-Empire)012

Bruce and Barbara say goodbye.

Batman then says goodbye to Barbara who leaves to learn more about her abilities but not before leaving Batman a new sidekick to take on her mantle.

Smallville - Continuity 010 (2014) (Digital-Empire)022

The Justice League members are finally recognized as heroes.

Three weeks later LexCorp holds a major press confrence and Lex introduces the public to a new monument built on the former Watchtower site. In a massive turnout Lex publicly admits that if it weren't for the heroes of earth the universe would be lost. Then Superman makes a speech that is broadcast all over the world. Perry confronts a tearful Martha worried that something has upset her but has she listens to the speech and staring a photo of Jonathan and Clark she feels tremendous pride. Martha in the White House isn't the only one watching the Teen Titans are in a new base and even the Legion watch from the future as their existence is solidified. As the tarp falls away it reveals a stunning bronze statue of the Justice League.

Smallville - Continuity 011 (2014) (Digital-Empire)010

Tess launches the new Watchtower.

A few weeks later, at a restaurant in Metropolis, Emil and Tess are eating dinner and he wonders if the new synthetic skin Tess has over her robotic body hurts. She answers it doesn't not hurt if that makes sense with Emil replying he'll have the team work on another sensation patch for her second skin's firmware. Then when they finally eat the food, they both agree the food is terrible thus leaving the restaurant. Emil tell Tess that Clark put him in touch with a man from Russia named Alexi who agreed to help Emil to get certified in space travel so that he would be able to visit her, but Tess tells him to take his time because he doesn't get as lonely as she used to be knowing that she isn't. She then kisses Emil before changing into her Red Tornado form and heading to S.T.A.R. Labs and proceeds to remotely upload and download herself as she transports to the Watchtower Outpost on the moon and tells the members of the "Justice League" that Watchtower is officially back online.

Sv 4-03

Oliver trains his new group of "Outsiders".

Outside of Washington D.C., under the ocean in the D.E.O. Headquarters, Oliver, Chloe, Steve and Diana discusses the events of what has occurred recently, with Steve staying that D.E.O. will ring a bell "if anyone starts throwing shade this reality's way". Diana asks Oliver and Chloe if they considered their offer to become members, with Oliver saying they would have accepted sooner but the world 75% ended. Steve hands them their badges as he asks if he wants to meet their ragtag group of misfits, with Chloe replying hurry back if her water breaks. Diana shows Ollie his five new students, which are composed of dropouts from Quantico, West Point and a few convicts. Diana tells him they are all his, with Oliver tells his new group of "Outsiders" their first lesson would be with a bow and arrow.

Lex is looking outside the Limo with his new assistant attempting to gain his attention. Kitty tells Lex he has a conference call with research and development regarding the new ultra-thin smart phone testing, a meeting with Michael Holt and Ted Kord regarding settlement and damages, an exclusive interview with Jack Ryder, approvals on the cloud-seeding project in Bolivia, real estate inquiries regarding "Nanda Parbat" and he is finally at his 10:00 appointment with the President at the White House. Kitty inquires if everything is alright, which Lex replies on paper yes and she is practically perfect in every way. She thanks him for the opportunity to become his assistant and she would learn a lot from him. However when she calls him Lex, He coldly and swiftly tells her to refer to him as Mr. Luthor only and that she slumps her shoulders asking if that should better, Lex replies no and he isn't sure if it ever will be.

Sv 4-04

Lex has his eyes on the White House.

The president was tending his garden, he calls Lex the "people's hero". The president says although Lex doesn't wear a costume, his actions allowed the other heroes enough time to turn the tide so the entire world owes him a debt of gratitude. Lex replies it's all in a day's work which the President note is a humble thing to say but doubts Lex has ever been a humble man. Then the president says he would want to keep Lex around to liaise with the Justice League in case they face another crisis and asks him if he considered a career in politics at some point, which Lex with a smile on his face, replying he always felt that he was meant for greatness.

As Lois helps Clark move out of the Bullpen into his new office the two receive simultaneous text messages and race out arm in arm at super speed. And so we arrive at hospital just after the birth of Chloe and Ollie's baby. Ollie of course gifting the young boy with a baby sized bow.

Sv 4-05

The Justice League welcomes a new family member.

Chloe worries about the dangers in the world and the rise in heroes. Oliver reminds her they all fight for justice and will ensure their new baby will have a safe and healthy upbringing. Chloe laments that family should be here for their big occasion and Ollie smiles as he wheels her into the waiting room to be greeted by their 'family' composed of the Heroes that they met over time. Lois and Clark are shocked to be named God Parents and coo over the new addition. Clark remembering the losses they have suffered over the years is truly touched to meet a new life brought into the fold and even more so when they reveal the baby's name to be Jonathan.

Sv 4-06

Clark and Lois share a kiss.

Smallville - Continuity 012 (2014) (Digital-Empire)019

This is a job for Superman.

Later Lois and Clark sharing a bath look back at their recent achievements and look forward to a little downtime. Lois jumps out of the bath straight into a jumpsuit strapping on a parachute as Clark suits up in his costume. The two fly out into the night directly in front of a full moon embracing, soaring through the sky.

Tess radios in to 'Boy Scout' about a tsunami in India so Lois dashes landward with her parachute leaving Clark to do his thing. Tess tells Clark that he has only three minutes to stop the disaster but he has one request - no more 'Boy Scout' as a codename, saying that this looks like a job for Superman.


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  1. [1]

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