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Lantern, Part 1
SMVL Lantern 1
Series  Miniseries
Number  1
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  24
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Marcio Takara
Cover  Cat Staggs
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  April 16, 2014
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Smallville: Lantern #1 is the first issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries. The issue collects the first three chapters of Smallville: Lantern, originally released digitally.[1]


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From DC Comics: "The Green Lantern ring for space sector 2813 was inactive for years after Krypton’s end, until the creation of the Argo colony recalled it to service. As none of Zod’s followers are suitable candidates, the ring’s search brings it to the nearest Kryptonian it can recruit!"


Smallville Lantern 1395495972778

Zod is transported to New Krypton.

In a flashback, Clark battles Zod at the crow's nest, where Zod stabs him with a knife made of blue kryptonite. In that battle, Clark makes ​​the sacrifice of letting himself get stabbed in order to make Zod leave the knife from his hands, so he can be transported into New Krypton, where he would be imprisoned by his people in the Phantom Zone for the murders and deception he committed. After the Kandorians arrived to their new home a green light soars over the surviving clones.

As it happens, the light is actually a Green Lantern power ring of the space sector 2813, where Krypton belonged to, and because of the formation of the new kryptonian colony it detected Kryptonian life forms returning to its sector. For that reason, the ring begins its search through space for a suitable bearer of its power to protect this new planet. Unfortunately, none of the inhabitants of Argo serve as suitable recruits, because they are artificial lifeforms, being clones of the original Kryptonians, so the ring has to search elsewhere.


Chloe and Oliver talk about their child.

In Metropolis, Oliver and Chloe talk about their upcoming child. Oliver, seeing his equipment says that he misses the action. Chloe responds by saying that even though they don't like the fact that they are away from any action and danger, as they decided to do, they have to stay that way so their son would have an intact set of parents when he is born. Chloe also reminds to Oliver that they both lost their parents, who weren't even directly in the line of daily fire. Oliver agrees but says that at least Chloe had the opportunity to go to Gotham City.

Smvllantern01300-016hdjpg-e31816 960w

Clark and Lois see a green light in the sky coming towards them.


Clark becomes a Green Lantern.

Meanwhile, Clark and Lois step out of the cinema, where they just watched a brand new superhero film. While they talk about the movie and the crisis, that still concerns Clark, a green light suddenly appears the sky. Seeing its trajectory and speed makes Clark worry for a possible attack. Clark can not tell what the object, wrapped in the green glow, is so he throws Lois on an abandoned old sofa in the street, when he realizes that the unknown object goes straight against him. Hit by the light, Clark is surrounded by green light and sees before him the projection of a being, who identifies himself as Tomar-Re. The alien says to Clark that if he is seeing him, it is because he has received his ring and his duty. Together they recite the oath of the Green Lanterns and when the light fades, Clark is revealed, wearing a green and black costume along with a glowing ring on his finger, which welcomes him to the Green Lantern Corps.

Smallville Lantern 1395491077929

John Stewart learns about a new Green Lantern.

In New York, detective John Stewart among a few other police officers is chasing a criminal into an abandoned alley. As the thug begins to fire on John, the Green Lantern ring creates a bubble to protect him, which then allows John to create a Green Lantern fist which he then proceeds to use to knock the perp into the cop car in front of the baffled police officers who wondered what just happened. As John proceeds to walk away, his fellow Lantern teammate Salaak proceeds to contact him to let him that there is a new recruit in need of orientation and adjusting on Earth. John questions the decision of having another human as a member of the Corps which Salaak mysteriously says "who said he was human?"

Smallville Lantern 1395491181420

Clark tries to get rid of the ring.

In Metropolis, Clark tries using his heat vision and arctic breath in attempt to remove the ring while Lois is contacting Emil Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs for help. As Clark attempts to remove the ring, various constructs in the form of a jackhammer, a crowbar and a plunger appears which a confused Lois refers to as ghost props. A relieved Clark finally is able to remove it and throw it into the atmosphere where Emil begins to track it. As he does the ring makes a U-Turn back to Earth to Clark's finger which Clark flies to catch. Oliver sees the bright green glow and tells Chloe he's going out for a jog. Clark then hears a loud siren coming from Metropolis National Bank where he goes to intervene, telling Lois to inform Emil that they should worry about his wardrobe change later.

Smallville Lantern 1395491698724

John meets the newest recruit of the Green Lantern Corps.

At Metropolis National, Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer as well as other members of the Metropolis police department are pinned behind the car wondering where Superman is at, to which they see him fly in his new Green Lantern uniform. Superman begins to use his heat vision warning the criminals to stand down. As he does the ring proceeds to create missile constructs of its own as a shocked Clark warn the criminals to watch out. As the criminals duck in shock, they proceed to fire their missiles. Clark and the police look on in shock as Superman attempts to get all the missiles, when all of a sudden the ring creates a giant Superman construct thus destroying the remain weaponry, causing the terrified bank crooks to flee surrendering to the police. Superman begins to apologize as he flies off in order to figure out how to properly control his ring. As he does he flies into John Stewart who tells Clark they need to talk.

Smallville Lantern 1396123105736

Oliver tries to get information from the police.

Oliver confronts Officer Turpin and Sawyer at the crime scene that Superman intervened in. He questions the officers trying to figure out what were the criminals trying to steal in the first place. Both officers refuse saying that they can't because then they have to tell their superiors they told capes sensitive information. Which leads Ollie to bluff, saying that his tech team is sifting through their crime data as they speak. Turpin revealed they don't know much, and Maggie says the amount of cash didn't warrant the giant robot, leading Oliver to wonder the motives of the mastermind. Meanwhile Chloe realizes that Ollie's "jogging" excuse was just a sham.

Smallville Lantern 1396123205882

Prometheus reveals that he was behind the bank robbery.

Meanwhile at an undisclosed location, Prometheus is discussing the events that has happened at the bank while using a few men as target practice. Prometheus's henchmen say the MPD bought the bait even though it caused more attention to their intended distraction. Prometheus tell his men that they will receive their fees, which have been transferred into various offshore accounts. As the men leave, one of them tells Prometheus that they confiscated the mech, leading a confident Prometheus saying that he thinks he can manage.

Smallville Lantern 1396123339875

Tomar-Re reveals the origin of the Corps to Clark.

At Watchtower, Clark is discussing his new powers and the history of the Green Lantern Corp with a projection of Tomar-Re while Lois, Tess, and John Stewart watch. Tomar reveals he died in attempt to defend Krypton from destruction and now his ring, sector and duty is handed down to Clark which is mainly due to the return of the Kryptonian species the Argo colony. He also reveals that the now severely damaged planet Oa, is the base of the Green Lantern Corps, which is an elite force, patrolling and protecting the cosmos, created by the now-deceased Guardians. In their first attempt to enforce their will and guard against all menaces, about 3.5 billion years ago the Guardians created a legion of robotic sentinels called the Manhunters. However one of the Guardians was possessed by a cosmic entity known as Parallax and then re-purposed the Manhunters as weapons of fear. So as a response the Corps was created to combat the threat. However, Earth's first Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, was possessed by Parallax and turned against the Corps. As a result, the ensuing Parallax War nearly decimated the Corps leading the thousands of Lanterns who protected the universe, to just a dozen of Lanterns, including Clark. Clark tries to explain to Tomar that Earth is the home he has sworn to protect but Tomar tells him that his assigned sector is 2813. Clark then tells him that he knows for a fact that he doesn't suppose to interact with the citizens of New Krypton. He asks why not choose someone worthy from the Kandorian army?

Smallville Lantern 1396123609541

John tells Clark that he is a soldier now and has the duty to protect his sector.

John tells Clark that this isn't how it works, the rings are powered by the willpower of their wearers which is why they chose people like himself, Kyle Rayner and Hal as Corps members. Lois and Tess disbelieve that John Stewart has a stronger will than them or any of the 6 billion people on Earth, with Tess wondering how did someone like Alan Scott get hold of one of their rings, with John admitting he doesn't know what loophole Alan used to get a ring of his own. Clark then questions what gives a Guardian or whoever is left the right to force other sentient beings into service. John retorts that orders are orders and Superman is a soldier now.

Smallville Lantern 1396123751677

The Manhunters are reactivated.

Meanwhile in another place in the galaxy, something detects the multiple Green Lanterns on sector 2814 and thus the terms of the agreement have been violated. A mysterious voice says that it was only a matter of time and then sends the Manhunters on Earth as a way to quell the resurgence and let them know the meaning of fear.


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