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Lantern, Part 2
Series  Miniseries
Number  2
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  25
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Marcio Takara
Cover  Cat Staggs
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  May 14, 2014
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Smallville: Lantern #2 is the second issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries. The issue collects chapters 4-6 of Smallville: Lantern, originally released digitally.[1]


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From DC Comics: "Clark Kent is just beginning to grasp the potential of the Green Lantern ring, but all of John Stewart’s training hasn’t prepared him for the battle they’re about to face. Will Clark need to use his natural super powers to defeat an enemy John fears?"


7db4e60a8b3cc70d9d7a179be7df8940 m

Lex reconsiders Bruce Wayne's offer.

Lex wonders why hasn't any of his other counterparts in the multiverse communicated with him yet and Otis suggests that there might not be any of them left. Otis also thinks that his own counterparts are probably all dead too. Lex says that he can't regain access to the Monitor's ship in Russia because of the D.E.O. but Otis suggests that they should put a larger battery in the Monitor's transmitter, which gives an idea to Lex. He tells Otis to put a meeting to the books withKord and Holt, as he is starting to rethink Bruce Wayne's offer about the super-collider endeavor. Then, Lex watches Superman on TV and says he recognizes the symbol on his ring, but can't actually remember from where.


Clark decides to ask for advice from an expert.

In the Fortress of Solitude, Clark tries to control the functions of his power ring but he finds it very difficult. John Stewart, not being able to answer his questions, tells him to be patient, trust the Corps, as it is, like the Guardians, older even from Earth, and not question the rules. But Clark gets frustrated on carrying a weapon so powerful, without knowing how to use it, so he decides to visit "the closest thing to an expert" he knows.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 004-013 (1)

Oliver, Chloe and Tess find out the truth behind the mysterious robbery.

Meanwhile at Watchtower, Oliver and Chloe ask Tess to help them investigate a mysterious robbery but Tess questions whether they will keep their promise to abstain from "hero work" until the baby is born. They both insist that this has anything to do with "hero work" and Chloe says that they are just sleuthing but Tess notes that "sleuthing" got her into trouble with Batman weeks ago. Tess decides to help them with their investigation but she warns them that she will keep an eye on them both. She reveals, as Oliver suspected, that the heist was just a faint. At the same time the alarms were tripped at the bank, silent alarms lit up at an unregistered address in the Suicide Slums and even though Tess couldn't find out what was stolen, she found that it led back to the D.E.O.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 004-019

Clark and John suit up to discover what is causing the alarm.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Stewart says he doesn't know a lot about his ring even though he wears it for a decade. Dr. Hamilton explains that the ring enables the user to tap into power from beneath the fabric of reality and that the mind tells the ring how to filter and implement this power. Furthermore, the energy is traceable and acts as a locator. Suddenly, an employee of the lab says to Emil that a signal was detected similar to the one of the ring outside of the facility. John says he hasn't invite anyone from the Corps there, so he and Clark change back to their Lantern costumes and go to check what is going on. Much to their surprise they find an army of Manhunters waiting outside.

906f5882a8c3dcb7349ec9a4084836b0 m

Lois and Oliver talk to Diana and Steve about the theft.

At her office in the Daily Planet, Lois and Oliver hold a video-conference with Steve Trevor and Diana Prince of D.E.O. about the theft on their premises. They suspect that LexCorp had something to do with this as they routinely attempt to break D.E.O.'s firewalls in order to get access to the Russian crash site. Oliver asks what did they keep in the warehouse and Steve responds that there they kept debris that fell through the atmosphere during the contact with Apokolips, probably wanting to use these weapons like Intergang did a while back. They then say that D.E.O.'s mystics were able to conjure an image of the person responsible, an unidentified man wearing a big armor with highly advanced weaponry. Steve says that they dispatched Agent Chase and a field team their way and Oliver along with his "alter-ego" are invited to join the investigation. Suddenly, Lois and Oliver see a bright green light and realize that Clark is fighting something. Oliver asks her if she is worried about him and Lois says why should she be afraid, he is Superman after all.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 005-012

John and Clark fight the Manhunters in Metropolis.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 005-018

John and Clark realize the Manhunters are powered by yellow rings.

Superman and John Stewart try to contain the Manhunters' attack without putting in danger any civilian in Metropolis. Since they can not beat them, as their rings can't make a dent in them, Clark quickly decides to take the fight to a non populated area to avoid causing any casualties, so they fly to the Moon, where Justice League's new Watchtower base is still being built by S.T.A.R. Labs' drones. While fighting with them the two heroes hear the Manhunters saying that the Green Lanterns have violated a treaty, but Stewart says he has no idea what they're talking about. To aid Superman and Green Lantern in their battle, Tess takes under her control the drones and commands them to attack the Manhunters. During the battle, John realizes that the Manhunters are powered by yellow rings and that is why their rings can not work on them so he tells to Clark to fall back. Superman tells to Tess to stand down and then ends the battle with a powerful blast of heat vision destroying the remaining Manhunters. Clark asks John if this is the last of them and he says there's always more.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Lex visits Abigail Hunkel, the housekeeper of the former headquarters of the Justice Society, containing Alan Scott's former power battery, to ask more about the history of the Green Lanterns.

Smallville - Lantern 006-002

The Lanterns discuss their battle with the Manhunters and the yellow rings.

On the Moon, a group of Green Lanterns explain to Clark and John and that there is no treaty between the Guardians and the Manhunters, and one of them suggests that these Manhunters were rogue units that have gone mad without a purpose. Superman asks who created the yellow rings that powered the robots and the Lanterns explain that in order to battle the Manhunters, the Guardians took extreme measures, as the rings powered by the emerald energy of will were not enough, so they created the yellow rings, that are powered by fear. Every time the Manhunters seized a planet and started to exterminate its population, the new Yellow Lantern Corps arrived and powered by the fear of the population, became much stronger. Unfortunately, the yellow light also drew something from the darkness, the ancient fear entity Parallax. After this revelation, the Lanterns decide to return to their sectors and report to their post. Before leaving, Salaak, says something to John, requesting not to reveal it to the other Lanterns.

Smallville - Lantern 006-013

Green Arrow and agent Chase, along with the soldiers of D.E.O. fight Prometheus.

Smallville - Lantern 006-014

Prometheus takes out the D.E.O. unit.

On Earth, Tess tells Lois and Chloe about the fight on the Moon. Lois says that Oliver might have been right to tell her to be a little more concerned about Clark and then Chloe asks where is he with Lois being surprised that he didn't tell Chloe. Meanwhile, Oliver joins D.E.O.'s team, led by agent Chase in their search for the man who stole from its facilities. Chase asks what could Green Arrow bring to the table and Oliver says that he was the one who disabled all the traps they already walked through. When they find Prometheus, the mercenary attacks them with all kinds of weapons making them temporarily lose their hearing and sight. As he goes through D.E.O.'s soldiers he leaves Oliver for the end and after he takes him out, he says "Game on" and passes through a boom tube.

Smallville - Lantern 006-021

Parallax sends his yellow rings to find new hosts on Earth.

Traveling to an unknown part of the galaxy, John still cannot believe what Salaak has told him, but suddenly he and Superman come face to face with Parallax. The entity says that he could feel John's fear from miles away. The two Lanterns see that Parallax has imprisoned the presumed dead Guardians and feeds from them. Parallax says that they offered themselves to him as part of a trade, a treaty, their fear as eternal fuel for his hunger for the power they siphoned from his domain with the promise of never hunting him again. Clark tells Parallax that the terms of the treaty haven't been violated but Parallax says the Lanterns are gathering to destroy it, with Clark being the newest member of the Corps as proof of it. Threatening Clark, Parallax says that the Guardians have lost their luster and the Manhunters have failed so he seeks to feed from the population of Earth. He starts vomiting yellow rings and sends them across the galaxy to find recruits for his own Corps.


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