Lantern, Part 3
Series  Miniseries
Number  3
Continuity  Season 11
Continuity No.  26
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Marcio Takara
Cover  Cat Staggs
Assistant Editors 
Publication Date  June 11, 2014
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Smallville: Lantern #3 is the third issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book miniseries. The issue collects chapters 7-9 of Smallville: Lantern, originally released digitally.[1]


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From DC Comics: "A rain of yellow “stars” falls on Gotham City even as Superman and the Green Lantern John Stewart face a threat from Oa’s past that has reappeared on the moon. Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow and the Wonder Woman from the DEO are doing their best, but they need help. When Clark returns to Earth, will John’s luck run out?"



The rings approach Earth.

The yellow rings dispatched by Parallax enter Earth's atmosphere.


The Titans watch as the rings approach their base.

In San Francisco, Jaime is woken up by the Scarab, which informs him about an alien threat but neither the Scarab nor the Titans know what exactly it is. He and the others observe, while the rings approach their base, and even one of the rings identify one of them, Megan, as a potential harvester but she is deemed incompatible by the ring, which then moves on in search of another host. After that, Conner says they need to get Watchtower on the line immediately.


Batman and Nightwing watch as the rings are heading to Arkham.

In Gotham City, Batman and Nightwing are just finishing off some members of the Mutants, when suddenly Nightwing notices the bright light on the sky, thinking that it's just a storm but Batman says it is not, while he is watching them making a beeline for Arkham Asylum. While they are heading to Arkham, Nightwing calls her boyfriend to postpone their plans for tonight and tells him that he should lock his doors.


Clark and John try to stop Parallax.

In space, Parallax has captured Clark and John and says that his yellow rings have arrived on Earth, by now, and his "harvesters" will provide him with the fear of the humans, so he can feast on it. One of the imprisoned Guardians, Ganthet, communicates telepathically with the two Lanterns and informs them that the other Guardians are keeping Parallax distracted, so he can tell them that in order to defeat Parallax, they should find something the beast fears. He has more to say, but he's unfortunately cut off by Parallax, who promptly tears him in two. Clark says that Ganthet bought them some time, by distracting Parallax, and they need to fall back. They both create a cage around the asteroid Parallax resides, preventing him of leaving it. John then says that Clark must return to Earth to stop these yellow rings, because the more fear they generate the stronger Parallax will become but Clark doesn't want to leave him behind. John says that he doesn't have a choice and that he will buy Clark some time in order for him to get back on Earth, so Clark wishes John good luck and leaves but while he is leaving, Parallax manages to break though the cage he has been held in, ready to face John.

Smallville - Lantern 008-004

Chloe and Oliver talk about the attack and what doing next.

Oliver wakes up in Metropolis General Hospital after he got beat up by Prometheus, being left with a few bruises but survived. Chloe is by his side and instead of giving him a stern lecture, she says she is not mad because he is alive. She informs him that Agent Chase is in critical condition and another member of D.E.O.'s team is dead. Oliver then asks Chloe what they will do next and she says they will go after Prometheus.

Smallville - Lantern 008-009

Lex threatens Mrs. Hunkel to tell him what she knows about the Green Lanterns.

Meanwhile at the JSA Brownstone, Lex is making no progress in his search for answers on the Green Lanterns from Mrs. Hunkel. He wants to know about Alan Scott and comes to the point of threatening Mrs. Hunkel, but she tells him nothing, and also warning him that she will call Ted Grant. Suddenly, the power battery on display in the room lights up, relaying Superman's distress signal for all available Lanterns, informing them of the situation with Parallax and the yellow rings.

Smallville - Lantern 008-012

Superman learns about the yellow rings from Dr. Hamilton.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Emil and his fellow scientists receive Clark's message and inform him that the yellow rings have landed in Gotham City, specifically at Arkham Asylum.

Smallville - Lantern 008-021

Superman, Batman and Nightwing are ready to face the Yellow Lanterns.

In Gotham, Batman and Nightwing are doing their best to contain the newly powered inmates of Arkham, who have already been transformed into Yellow Lanterns. Luckily, Superman arrives just in time to offer assistance.

Smallville - Lantern 009-006

John fights Parallax.

In space, John engages in battle with Parallax while the entity continues to provoke him to give in to fear. Parallax taunts John about Hal Jordan's past deeds while under his control, like the deaths of two other human Green Lanterns, and says that he can bring them back. Moments before overtaking him, Parallax tells Stewart he's been deceived by the Guardians, that he should let all of that go and embrace his fear.

Smallville - Lantern 009-013

Oliver and Chloe focus on other threats unrelated with yellow rings while Oliver gets ready to face Prometheus.

On Earth, Oliver, Chloe, and Tess are monitoring the yellow rings and the subsequent mayhem they're causing. They communicate with Superman, who is fighting with the Yellow Lanterns in Gotham and tells them to focus on threats that are unrelated to the rings and let him deal with them because a situation like this is the perfect chance for other minor threats to go unnoticed. Intent on joining the fray, Oliver programs a 3-D printer to create a new armored suit so he can go after Prometheus despite being recently beat up by him.

Smallville - Lantern 009-018

The Yellow Lanterns attack Superman.

In Arkham Asylum, Batman and Nightwing find it difficult to defeat the super-powered inmates. Superman tries to control the situation but his inexperience with his power ring doesn't help at all. Batman then tells him that the ring is not doing either of them any bit of good so Superman manages to break free of his Green Lantern armor and operate in his own suit once more, saying that he is more than just the ring. After this, all the Yellow Lanterns stand still and kneel before him. Superman is impressed and cannot believe that was all he had to do but he soon realizes that isn't the case. Parallax suddenly appears behind him, having John under his control.


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