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Main title card of the parody.

Smallville: Turn Off the Clark is a parody of Smallville on the cartoon series Mad. It takes place after Season Ten and is a parody of this series and Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. It parodies real life controversy, such as the numerous accidents that occurred during dress rehearsels of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark [citation needed], and the disappointment among the majority of Smallville fans by the finale, because Tom Welling never wore the suit. [citation needed]



Clark, Chloe and Lois in the Fortress.

Clark, Lois, and Chloe are at the Fortress of Solitude where Clark decides to embrace his destiny as Superman and goes inside what looks like a crystalline outhouse to change into the suit and comes out, complaining that the suit is itchy. Immediately, the director says that the show is over, much to Clark's surprise and then blames Brainiac for what just happened.


Spider-Man with Julie Taymor.

Suddenly, he is approached by Julie Taymor, whom he confuses for Martha, and says that she is going to make Clark a star again in her new musical like she and Bono did with Spider-Man (who seems beaten up and miserable). She proclaims that the new title will be called "Smallville: Turn Off the Clark", in which Clark proclaims that the title doesn't even make sense. However, during production, Clark keeps getting hit by things that end up hurting him, despite the fact that he is invulnerable on the show.


An injured Oliver.

He is thrown to the ceiling during a stunt (where the stunt manager is confronted by Doctor Fate for his prediction that Clark would get hurt), getting hit by a fake meteor, being knocked over by Darkseid's giant head, and getting crushed by a fake Daily Planet globe made out of papier mache and heavy letters. Green Arrow, who is also getting as injured as Clark, asks to have the power to delay the opening of the play, but Julie confirms that it is too late.


Hawkman ask Clark and Lois for his mace.

On opening night, Chloe learns that Lana has returned to see the play and that Jonathan has also returned from the dead just to watch Clark humiliate himself. Among other cast members of the play are Lionel and Hawkman, where Clark and Lois get confused as why they are doing a musical when they should be starting a new series on the adventures of Superman.


Lex reveals himself.

At the back of the stage, Julie reveals herself to be Lex, having done this just to humiliate Clark, and calls Bono "Zod", but Bono reveals he is actually himself, much to Lex's surprise. They both continue to watch the rest of the musical as it goes on.




  • Antagonists: Warner Bros. Crew and Lex Luthor (under the guise of Julie Taymor)

Brainiac complaining about Clark's sarcasm.

  • Brainiac appears in his comic incarnation rather than the appearance he takes on the show.
  • Dr. Fate appears in his comic armor rather than the suit he wears on the show.
  • Jason Teague is seen next to Lana as she is walking into the theater.

Clark is unimpressed by Darkseid's costume.

  • In this parody, Darkseid is portrayed as a human with a giant head resembling his comic counterpart.
  • This is a parody of Smallville and Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.
  • Martha and Zod are both mentioned in this episode.
  • Though not being a DC character, Spider-Man makes a cameo in this parody.
  • Despite many known Smallville characters appear in this episode, some of those featured are already dead, like Jonathan, Lionel, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate, however, only Jonathan's death was acknowledged.
  • Lana Lang is the only Smallville character to appear without a speaking role.

Lionel in the middle of his big number.

  • It is unclear which Lionel appears in this episode, the good Lionel or the evil one from the alternate universe.
  • None of the characters are referred by their actors' names in this episode.


Julie Taymor: Bono and I turned Spider-Man into a Broadway musical.
Spider Man: Make it stop.
Clark: That was you? Nice going, brainiac.
Brainiac: Hey, don't blame that mess on me.
Julie Taymor: Forget him. We'll call it "Smallville: Turn Off the Clark".
Clark: Wow. That title doesn't even make sense.

Clark: Darkseid? What happened to you?
Darkseid: I was told my head wasn't big enough to be seen in the background. (Darkseid's head comes off and lands on Clark)

Stunt Manager: I saw that coming.
Doctor Fate: You can see into the future, too?
Stunt Manager: No, but I worked with Julie Taymor before.

Julie Taymor: That's the great thing about working with superheroes. They're invulnerable.
Green Arrow: (crashes into wall) Uh, I'm Green Arrow. I don't actually have any real powers.
Julie Taymor: What kind of power do you want?
Green Arrow: How about the power to delay opening night?
Julie Taymor: Too late!

Chloe: Lana Lang? You came back just to see this?
Jonathan: Heck, I came back from the dead to see this train wreck.

Lex: We finally made a fool of Superman, huh, Zod?
Bono: Actually, I really am Bono.

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