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Smallville: Visions is an online comic adventure on the CW's official website. It is also included in the Season 7 DVD.

The comic begins during the OneRepublic concert in Hero, and continues from there. It revolves around Jordan Cross and his friend Zach. In this comic, Jordan chews kryptonite-laced Stride gum and regains his precognition powers.

Chapter One

Jordan Cross and his friend Zach are hanging out at the OneRepublic concert checking out girls. Jordan chews a kryptonite-laced piece of Stride gum and gains back his powers.

Jordan and Zach see Pete Ross holding Kara Kent after saving her. They walk over to him and Pete talks to Jordan and is glad to see him again. He touches him, and sees him and Pete getting killed by Lex.

He says it was good to see him, but has to leave. Zach apologizes and goes after Jordan. He asks him what is wrong and explains that the visions are back and that he needs to find Clark Kent or Chloe Sullivan.

Chapter Two

The next day, Zach and Jordan visit Clark and Lana at the Kent Farm. Jordan wishes they could meet again under better circumstances, but the visions were back. He explains that he and Pete die at the hands of Lex, but he's never met Lex Luthor.

Clark, Zach, and Jordan go to the Daily Planet and visit Chloe. She says that this may have something to do with Pete's new ability. Zach chews on some kryptonite-laced gum and exhibits some sort of ability; Chloe's cup of coffee falls, and Zach catches it, accidentally knocking it against a desk.

Clark goes to the Stride gum factory, telling Zach and Jordan to find Pete and let Chloe know where he is. Lex and Chloe share a glance.

Chapter Three

Lex goes back to his office, where a person over the intercom says that Mr. King and Mr. Bonilla are there. He tells the person that there is a file on Jordan Cross in security for them. Lex is interested in meeting Jordan.

Meanwhile, Clark is scoping the gum factory. He checks people for kryptonite gum and goes to the back. Clark is about to rid the gum with his heat vision, but Zach pushes him out of the way and then tells him to get up, as if getting ready to attack Clark.

Chapter Four

Mr. King and Mr. Bonilla are about to take Jordan to Lex, only for him to fight his way free. They set out to look for him through, only to argue about how to draw him from hiding. While they argue, Jordan sends a cellphone message of his location (Warehouse 37) to Zach only to be rendered unconscious by Lex.

Meanwhile, Clark works at calming down super speed powered Zach, After doing so, Zach reveals his cellphone message to Clark.

Jordan wakes up in a lab strapped down. Lex tells him that he will use his powers to constantly cheat death (aware of how changing the future will lead to a different death. Afterwards, he begins to make contact with Jordan.

Chapter Five

Clark uses his heat vision to destroy the kryptonite-laced gum, while Zach is recovering from his loss of speed. Clark tell him to inform Chloe of the activity occurring at the gum factory and at Warehouse 37. He tells Zach that he will take care of Jordan (claiming that he got his powers from the gum).

Meanwhile, Jordan is unable to determine Lex's death as his many near death encounters should have killed him and is rendered unconscious due to the events he witnessed. Lex then receives a call concerning his meeting with Pete (who is supposed to bring him Kara's bracelet as seen in Hero), and leaves his scientist with the job of informing him when Jordan regains consciousness.

Clark arrives and takes Jordan out of the lab at super speed. Later at the Metropolis Medical Center, Jordan informs Clark that his powers should be gone. He requests contact with him to blockout the dark images he saw within Lex, to which Clark responds by extending his hand.


  • Stephan Nilson - Script
  • Andie Tong - Pencils
  • Kris Justice - Inks
  • James Offredi - Colors
  • Robert Clark Jr. - Letters
  • Jessica Numsuwankijkul - Assistant Editor
  • Michael Wright - Editor


  • Visions are the faculty of sight; eyesight: poor vision; Something that is or has been seen; Unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight: a leader of vision; The manner in which one sees or conceives of something; A mental image produced by the imagination; The mystical experience of seeing as if with the eyes the supernatural or a supernatural being; A person or thing of extraordinary beauty.
  • In this story, Jordan's ability to see the visions of someone's death is briefly restored.



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