Smallville: Volume 1 was a trade paperback released in April 2004.

It collected content from Smallville: The Comic and Smallville #1-4.[1]


  • Introduction by Jeph Loeb
  • Comics
    • Raptor: Chloe has been going over some of the odd events occuring in Smallville. Meanwhile, a boy named Greg Fox sets an explosive to Lex's digging site only to be caught in the blast. Due to a piece of kryptonite present at the site, he starts to mutate into a raptor.
    • Exile and The Kingdom: Lex is told by Lionel to fire some employees from the most productive spot of the fertilizer factory. After a visit to Dr. Hamilton, Lex goes to discuss the situation with Clark. He then decides to stand by his employees.
    • Paterfamilias: In 1989, a boy named Kenny Cavanaugh lost his father Frank to a meteor shower. In the present time, Clark and Pete are driven to a stream by Jonathan for some fishing. On his way to leave, Jonathan is captured by Kenny, who due to meteor rock is able to turn invisible through means of camouflage and stealth.
    • Beauty: The Mrs. Smallville Beauty Pageant is being held, with contestant Holly Gehrig be threatened into quitting. Two suspects are mother and daughter, Brenda and Rachel. Shortly after, Pete goes missing.
    • What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Chloe is currently working at the Daily Planet during her internship. During which, she has a brief crush on the Planet's new ace reporter, Ron Black. With some help from Lex and Pete, she aids him on a story.
    • Chimera, Part 1: After the recent shooting of Lionel, Lex heads to Metropolis to visit with his prep school friend, Malcolm Barnes. To his shock, he arrives to find Malcolm has been murdered and that some letters were planted to frame him for the murder. When he's held for question by the FBI, Lex discovers that his Swiss bank account is empty. He figures that his father is the only one who could have done it, and visits with him (with the intent to shoot him).
    • Chimera, Part 2: Lex is holding up a gun to Lionel, believing that he emptied his Swiss bank account. He is shortly escorted out after discovering that his account is only now being emptied. After escaping from from the FBI (who posed as Lionel's security), Lex discovers who is behind the murder of Malcolm. He also discovers who set up the entire plan.
    • Vows: Lex is visiting Lana to see if the anniversary of her parents isn't upsetting her. He then relays a story in which Lionel showed a moment of compassion for Lillian.
    • Phelan: Lex is given a deposition as he needs to provide info on Sam Phelan. Clark meanwhile recalls his experience with Phelan, including a moment where he committed a selfless deed.
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