Smallville Beanery


Smallville Beanery
Location Smallville, Kansas
Status Unknown

The Smallville Beanery was a coffee shop on Main Street in Smallville.

It was very popular before the Talon opened.

Physical Appearance

It has an upright piano and was known to close at 9:00 PM.

Season One

Lana went to work for the Beanery as a waitress after she had given up on being a cheerleader (Hothead).

Zoe Garfield was also a waitress there (Hourglass).

The Talon came into fierce competition with the Beanery, the latter of which was taking a majority of the Talon's customers. The owner even went so far as to visit Lana and tell her that he would make it his personal mission to run the Talon to the ground. After hearing a rumor about the Beanery, Lana then informed Chloe who had a friend look into and subsequently discover several health violations being hidden by the Beanery. (Drone).


  • The Beanery has a poster for the 1987 movie, The Lost Boys. Ironically, in the movie, there's a Comic Book store, that's full of Superman comics.