This is the 3rd issue of the bimonthly comic. It was released in July 21, 2003, though cover dated Septemper 2003.
Issue -3




  • Chimera, Part 1: After the recent shooting of Lionel, Lex heads to Metropolis to visit with his prep school friend, Malcolm Barnes. To his shock, he arrives to find Malcolm has been murdered and that some letters were planted to frame him for the murder. When he's held for questioning by the FBI, Lex discovers that his Swiss bank account is empty. He figures that his father is the only one who could have done it, and goes to see him (with the intent to shoot him).
  • Vows: Lex is visiting Lana to see if the anniversary of her parents isn't upsetting her. He then relays a story in which Lionel showed a moment of compassion for Lillian.

Other Feature

  • An excerpt of the Smallville Novel Whodunnit

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