Cover of Issue 28 of Smallville Magazine

Smallville Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine published by Titan Publishing. The 34th and final issue was released in November 2009.

The magazine contains cast interviews, short stories, quizzes, and spoilers. The contents of the magazine are considered canon.

Short Stories

Issue 17 "Toy: Part 1" Lana and Lex are running a carnival to help raise money for people after the events of Dark Thursday. Lana runs into a man who says that he used to make toys for the Luthors. Soon enough he kidnaps her so Lex reluctantly goes to Clark for help. Chloe is nearby and says she will help too.

  • Takes place between Zod and Sneeze.
  • Introduces the Toyman a few seasons before he appeared in the show. Mentions that he had a daughter who died at a young age which is never mentioned in the show. Also, other things don't line up such as Toyman stating that he makes toys for the Luthors and stuff like that.


  • Smallville Magazine was originally a monthly magazine.
  • Many issues had alternate covers.

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