Haunted, Part 4
Flash Bart Allen SV S11 12 SMallville-Season-11-12
Series  Season 11
Number  12
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Jorge Jimenez
Cover  Scott Kolins (print)
Cat Staggs (digital)
Inks  Jorge Jimenez
Colors  Carrie Strachan,
Gabe Eltaeb
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Sarah Gaydos
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  April 3, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #12 is the twelfth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects final three chapters of the Haunted story arc, originally released digitally.


All-new digital adventures in print for the first time! The shocking conclusion to “Haunted.” Superman and Impulse face off against the Black Flash in Las Vegas! Meanwhile, events move into crisis mode on Earth 2...[1]


Smallville - Season 11 038 (2013) (Digital) (K6 of Ultron-Empire) 06

Clark Luthor murders Oliver in front of everyone.

On Earth 2, in Chloe's memory, Oliver has called a press conference to reveal that Ultraman is really Clark Luthor and to announce that Queen Industries is going to provide every citizen of Metropolis with a personal amount of "meteor rock" with which to defend themselves from the villain. Meanwhile, Chloe-2 is waiting with a sniper rifle and a Kryptonite bullet with which to shoot Ultraman, whose appearance on the scene is fully expected. And appear he does, fully aware that it's a trap, and snapping Oliver's neck when Chloe fails to shoot for apparent fear of hitting Oliver.
Smallville - Season 11 038 (2013) (Digital) (K6 of Ultron-Empire) 07

Chloe dealing with the death of Earth-2 Oliver while keeping a track of Impulse.

On Earth 1, Chloe sheds a tear from the flashback and doesn't want to talk about it with Oliver. She's too busy tracking Bart, who is running faster than he's ever run before, around and around the world, gathering up the speed from every speed force outbreak. At one point, he seems to have three speedster who want to talk with him, but they are not identified.

Smallville - Season 11 038 (2013) (Digital) (K6 of Ultron-Empire) 18

Superman and Black Flash confront each other.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Superman continues to fight the Black Flash. Just as Black Flash seems to be gaining the upper hand just as Bart arrives, prepared at last for the final showdown and his reckoning with the speed force.

Black Flash, finally satisfied that Bart arrive getting to feed on "Pure" speed. Bart then rush to take Clark out of the fight and proceeds to absorb the Speed Force out of Clark's containment suit. Clark tries to talk Bart out of taking on the Black Flash with Impulse revealed that the speedsters he met with told him that he was the only one who can take him down. Bart then confides in Clark that he never been alone, and then rushes to take down Black Flash. Clark then proceeds to try to catch up and help Bart.

Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363977752806

Bart's last moment

Bart rushes to Black Flash with Clark trying to convince him to slow down. They both flashback to back when they first met as teenagers back on the barn. Bart, who thanks Clark for looking out for him. He says he's going to explore the world, and invites Clark to come. Clark asks him to stay, and Bart slyly says he'd consider it... if Clark can catch him. The two superspeed down the roads of Smallville, but Bart easily leaves Clark in the dust. Black Flash then tells Bart it is finally time to feed and Bart agrees and proceeds to give him all of his speed saying a final "Smell you Later" to Black Flash.
Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363977825769

The "Death" and Disappearance of Bart and Black Flash.

There is soon a big Speed Force explosion that took out both Bart and Black Flash out leaving a giant lightning bolt in the desert with Clark mourning and forced to tell Watchtower that Impulse is gone. Meanwhile at Watchtower, Chloe flashes to her earth-2 counterpart's final moments.

Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363977964371

Monitor and Earth 2 Chloe had a little chat.

2 months ago. Chloe and Oliver find Earth 2 Chloe and when both Chloe's touched it send each other flying back. The Monitor then finds Earth-2 Chloe saying she has ran far but her quest has ended and this Earth will die just like Earth-2. The Monitor reveals her body is filled with Bleed- the anti matter that separates all universes- which cause her and the other counterpart to repel each other apart. The Monitor then kills her saying that exist to maintain order and in order to do that they have to end all civilization.Chloe wakes up in Oliver arms with her wondering with what happened with Bart, the lives the other Oliver and Chloe lead, the lives Green Arrow and Watchtower lead, the destruction of Earth 2, How can they bring a baby with a crisis on the Way.

Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363978216763

Emil reveal to Clark that maybe Bart and the exposure to the speed force helped Clark more than he thought.

Sometime later at the JSA Brownstone, Clark and Jay look at the first Impulse Suit in the glass case. Jay Garrick feels somber about what happened saying Bart did what he should have done a long time ago. Clark tells Jay that everything end no matter what and Bart would have never stopped running, as long as you're running towards something. Abigail Hunkel and Emil came in to pay their respects. After Abigail and Jay left to get some tea and leave Clark and Emil to talk. Emil reveals that the speed force Bart exposed Clark to might have had an unforeseen effect.


Lois and Superman discuss preparation way's to honor Bart's sacrifice.

Lois sits at their apartment asking Clark if their going to hold a funeral like they did for Carter. Clark replies he will also build a statue for Bart. He then asks if he found anything about Lex with Lois saying considering how the night has went it's pretty much a win and she'll tell him after his next flyby.


Clark returns to Lois.

Clark replies he doesn't think he will be doing that anymore. Then there is a knock on the door and as Lois opens it, there is Clark in his glasses and suit and tie simply saying "Honey, I'm home". As they embrace Lois wonders how is this possible, with Clark replying thanks to Bart's speed, the radiation is removed. Lois then tells his get back into the suit because they have work to do.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 Smallville Season 11 40 1364565978873

Superman, Lois and Green Arrow confront Lex.

At LexCorp Plaza, Lex heads towards his office only to find that the lights aren't working. As he calls for Otis, Superman appears with Lex realizing that he found a way to remove the radiation off him. The Green Arrow appears revealing they are here to take Tess back. Then Lois appears surrounding Lex. As Green Arrow is about to use a taser arrow, Lois slaps Lex knocking him unconscious. As he wakes up, He is help by Otis. He realizes what the heroes did, he asks where is Tess.
Flash Bart Allen SV S11 Smallville Season 11 40 1364566178666

Tess is "resurrected" by her friends.

At Watchtower, Clark, Lois and Oliver stands patience as Emil downloads a grateful Tess into a computer system making her a hologram. Clark wonders where Chloe,Oliver reveals she's outside waiting to reveal something to him. Chloe tells Clark about the Monitors and then she tells Clark about the baby she is about to Have. As
Flash Bart Allen SV S11 Smallville Season 11 40 1364566410835

Clark understands and accepts Chloe's decision to leave to start a life with Oliver for the sake of their child.

Clark is overjoyed and takes Chloe on a flight, she later reveals that she and Oliver needs to leave so the baby can come safely to term with Clark understanding since that is what both Jor-el and Lara as well as Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent did for him. As Oliver and Lois watch Chloe and Clark in the sky, she wonders out loud, "How cool is it that your kids will have an uncle that can fly?" with Oliver dryly saying don't remind me as the group says their goodbyes for now.


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  1. Information Attack! Smallville Season 11 #12 DC Comics

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