Argo, Part 1
Smallvilleprint13 CMYK 42k8q5m31z
Series  Season 11
Number  13
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Daniel HDR
Cover  Pete Woods (print)
Cat Staggs (digital)
Inks  Daniel HDR
Colors  Rex Lokus
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Sarah Gaydos
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  May 8, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #13 is the thirteenth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects the first three chapters of the Argo story arc, originally released digitally.


Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes try to stop war between Earth and a shocking enemy! Plus, a glitch in Booster Gold’s Legion flight ring propels the “Gold Standard,” his trusty robot Skeets and The Man of Steel into the 31st century.[1]


Blue Gold Booster Gold Smallville sm s11 7-adri280891

Blue Beetle saves Booster Gold after his Legion ring stops working.

In Antarctica, employees of WayneTech, Kord Industries, and Michael Holt's company working on the Super Collider are running from something, when Skeets, in a new form, arrives to announce Booster Gold, leading to the employees to admit they would rather have Kord's kid with the bug on his back. As they bicker, a huge monster is about to attack them. Booster proceeds to attack it but his Legion ring fails to work because it detects no authorized user. As the monster is about to kill him, Blue Beetle arrives and proceeds to scare it off. Beetle then checks to see if everyone is all right, leading Booster to shrug him off. As Beetle and Skeets have a conversation of their own, Booster wonders what happened with the ring. Skeets then mention their would be one person who would know what has happened.
Superman SV Blur s11 04 01 Superman 13-adri280891

Clark kisses Lois goodbye before she leaves for Cameroon.

Back at the apartment, Lois and Clark are in the shower with Clark washing her hair. Clark wonders if Lois would be alright in Africa and if he should go with her to check on the vigilante known as the Angel of the Plateau. Lois reminds him that Franklin Stern is watching him closely now that he returned from his extended leave. She asks if Clark would be alright after what just happened with Bart, and Clark says he will but he wonders how many more people do they have to lose. Clark then proceeds to take care of an apartment building on Russell and Glosson, while Lois heads for the airport with a Ferris airline ticket to Africa.

Superman SV Blur s11 04 01 Superman 20-adri280891

Clark and Booster Gold wake up in 31st century's destroyed Metropolis.

After Clark takes care of the fire, he goes to the Daily Planet bullpen, where he is confronted by Cat Grant who wonders why he hasn't answered any of her calls. Clark meekly replies he forgot to charge his cell phone. Cat reveals that he has a visitor, with Booster jokingly greeting him. Clark pushes him to the rooftop, and confronts him about arriving at his workplace. Booster reveals that since he is from the future, he knows about Clark's "hiatus" and Clark wonders whether Booster knew about what was going to happen to Bart. Skeets says their knowledge of the future is constantly changing. Booster shows Clark his Legion ring and asks about the "Legion Protocol Six", but Clark is not aware of it. The moment Clark touches the ring, it suddenly activates, causing Clark and Booster to suddenly disappear in a flash of light, leaving a very confused Skeets alone. They wake up in the 31st century in front of a destroyed Superman statue in the middle of a torn Metropolis.


Skeets requests Tess' aid in his plan.

In Metropolis of the present day, after the disappearance of Clark Kent and Booster Gold, Skeets appears all alone looking all over the city for help. At Watchtower, while performing monitor duty over her allies in her newly digitized form, Tess gets an unexpected visit from Skeets who tells her Superman and Booster Gold were accidently transported to the future. Tess doesn't see how she can help Skeets giving her artificial state. Skeets offers to help her discover the joys of being an A.I. after this crisis is dealt with, but right now he needs money. Tess mentions that Booster is connected very well to Ted Kord. But Skeets insist that he needs someone who has more money so he can purchase land with a thousand year lease as a means to place himself in a time capsule. So he can wait until a thousand years to be their when they arrive.

Clark and Booster are watching the burning spacecraft ready to crush over them.

In the Metropolis of 31st Century, Clark and Booster try to understand what happened to them and investigate Superman's fallen statue. Clark questions Booster Gold how he could a get a Legion ring from the 31st century while himself was living in the 25th when suddenly Skeets appears revealing that he was waiting for them for one thousand years. While they are talking a burning spaceship which is on a collusion crash, is heading towards the city of Metropolis. 


Superman and the two Legionnaires are arrested by a squad of guards.

Inside the spaceship Garth Ranzz who was caught and taken prisoner aboard the spacecraft, is rescued by fellow legionaire Brainiac 5 who frees him from his restraint cuffs allowing him to access his electrical abilities and engaging his captors while also verbally bantering with Brainiac 5 as personal amusement. Brainiac 5 tries but fails to control the spacecraft and the crush seems inevitable. All of a sudden he notices a familiar emblem. Garth sees Clark now as Superman catch the ship and landing it safely to the ground. Afterwards he greets his old friend who asked them how he arrived there unfortunately their reunion is interrupted by the squad of guards demanding their surrender.

The Legion Safe House #47.

With the aid from Skeets who causes a distracting for the group they move to the Legion safe house #47 where Clark now disguised in customary 31's attire explains that he was transported by the flight ring, which leaves Brainiac 5 and Garth puzzled as they have no knowledge to Protocol 6 and it wasn't enacted by any Legionaire. Futhermore Garth persuades Brainiac 5 to reveal to Clark that his cousin, Kara, is held as a prisoner by EarthGov.


Brainiac 5 explains to Clark about the existance of New Krypton.

Clark gets mad and attacks some men working for Kirt Niedrigh. In the 31st century Kirt Niedrigh is the Minister of EarthGov and is leading Earth to a war against New Krypton. At EarthGov holding facility he informs his superiors about wanting to transfer his prisoner off-world to a more secure location. He also tries to convince them that the Legion is a problem to their war because of the many non-Earth members of the team. They respond that allowing their eclectic assortment of "xenos" to reside on Earth keeps United Planets funding coming in and that also the Legion tries to stop the war with New Krypton not to fuel it. He then informs them about a Legionnaire with the Mark of El on his chest who attacked his men earlier stating that the Legion is collaborating with new Krypton and that it is only a matter of time before he comes to free the other Kryptonian he is holding hostage.

Suddenly Superman arrives at the facility and requests from Kirt to give him back Kara. Minister Niedrigh orders his men to attack Superman with red sunlight stylised weapons that causes him to lose his powers for a few seconds but that doesn't stop him from defeating them. When his powers come back he grabs Niedrigh and angrily asks him where is she. Then Kirt, obviously scared, tells him where he has put Kara. Clark finds Kara in a weakened state.


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