Argo, Part 2
Smvls11 cv14
Series  Season 11
Number  14
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Daniel HDR
Cover  Pete Woods (print)
Cat Staggs (digital)
Inks  Daniel HDR
Colors  Rex Lokus
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Sarah Gaydos
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  June 5, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #14 is the fourteenth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects the middle chapters of the Argo story arc, originally released digitally.[1]


Reunited with Supergirl, Clark must find a way to keep the peace between EarthGov, the Legion, and all of…New Krypton?! Plus, Booster Gold and Skeets struggle to find their place in a world that doesn’t want—or need—their help. Superman’s 31st-century adventure continues in “Argo” part 2 of 3.



Clark and Kara discuss how she ended up in the future.

Still in 31st century, above Earth, Superman reunites with his cousin, Kara, whom has just freed from an EarthGov facility where she was held as a prisoner. Kara explains to Clark how she time-traveled into the future with his Legion ring and that she was ordered by Jor-El to do so. Clark comments that he didn't even noticed his ring or his cousin were missing and apologises to her but he also questions Kara how "Supergirl" was involved in ther war between Earth and New Krypton. She tells him that when she arrived in the future she was welcomed by Brainiac-5 and the Legion, which launched a diplomatic mission when they discovered Argo, the lost Kryptonian colony, but was sabotaged by someone from EarthGov and that event was the start of the war. Kara also reveals that she was not a actually a prisoner but a spy for the Kryptonians.

Inside the EarthGov holding facility, Minister Niedrigh informs his superiors about the Kryptonian's attack and they say that he must have been working with the Legion. They also tell him that he must focus on their planned assault on New Krypton and Kirt reassures them that his agents are already in place.

On New Krypton, the Legionnaires Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl disguised among the crowd try to locate Niedrigh's agents and stop them. Rokk succeeds to catch the agents and Imra disables the bomb but suddenly a group of Kryptonians, which protects New Krypton's citizents, leaded by Eradicator Beh-Osk appear and take into custody the two Legionnaires who are charged with terrorism. Rokk tries to explain that they mistake their actions and they were on New Krypton only to ensure peace but the Kryptonians do not believe them. Suddenly Superman and Supergirl appear on the scene defending Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl. When Beh-Osk hears the Legionnaires call Superman as Kal-El, he realises that Superman is the last son of ancient Krypton and gets astonished by that revelation. He then calls all the Kryptonians to kneel before "Argo's salvation". Clark seems not so happy about that action and Kara says to him "Welcome home".

SMVL 48 300-004 HD.480x480-75

Booster asks Brainiac 5 to fix his Legion ring.

In the Legion safe house, Booster Gold asks Brainiac-5 to help him with his broken flight ring but Brainiac-5 seems not to appreciate Booster as a person and doesn't believe that he had ever hard-earned something in his life. Booster actually confirms that by revealing that he stole his Legion ring from a museum in the 22nd century, where he was working, and that it was actually Superman's ring he stole. Brainiac-5 also confirms that except Kal-El's Legion ring Booster Gold has also stole his faithful intelligence, Skeets, and his wrist blasters. Booster Gold defends himself by saying that he had to "borrow" those things in order to become the hero he is now and asks Brainiac-5 to check the Legion's historical records so he can prove that he is a superhero too, like Superman. Brainiac-5 searches the records and finds no data on "Booster Gold", so Booster asks him to try "Goldstar", his previous alias, believing that he might return to it but Brainiac-5 can't find anything again. So Skeets suggests he might went under his civillain identity for posterity so Brainiac-5 searches on "Michael Jon Carter" but the only thing he can find is that he was a player in college football in the 25th century who was ejected from the sport because of gambling. Booster tries to find an answer on why there is no record of him but Brainiac-5 says that he might never succeeded to become more than a "fake" hero. An insulted Booster gets out of the safe house but Brainiac-5 follows and apologizes to him, saying that he shouldn't had been so harsh on Booster considering his past crimes as Brainiac. Then he says to Booster that maybe he shouldn't think he needs to have his blasters or his flight ring to be a hero and he should try to make a difference without superpowers taking for example Clark, who had succeeded to be a great hero even when he had lost his powers. Booster then asks him again if he will ever fix his ring and Brainiac-5 gives him a look of disappointment.

Superman sees a statue of the Kryptonian Goddess.

On New Krypton, Chancellor Pa-Vel escorts Superman in the Hall of Scion in which there are multiples statues of Kryptonians who had contributed to Argo's evolution for over a thousand years. Cancellor also mentions that Clark liberated their ancestors from the tyranny of General Zod and that is why every Kryptonian on New Krypton calls him "Liberator". Chancellor also explains to Superman a bit about their religion, how proud enlightened people they are and that their war is more about that despite the violence. He also reveals that the main cause of the war is to recover the body of their God. A confused Clark questions him about his revelation knowing that the God they worship is Rao, Krypton's red sun but Chancellor says that Rao was worshiped only by their ancestors and they now worship a new one, showing him the statue of their Goddess and also revealing to him that Clark actually knew her.


Imra tells Brainiac 5 to activate Legion Protocol Six.

High above Earth, Saturn Girl, who holds Niedrigh's agents captive, contacts Brainiac 5 and informs him that Superman arranged their release but she is worried about the war procedures escalating. She also states that if they are not able to maintain peace, they might have to call every Legionnaire from all corners of space to hold the solar system together. Imra asks Brainiac 5 to activate "Legion Protocol Six".


Superman reveals the Kryptonians' real reason behind the war.

On New Krypton, Supergirl asks Cosmic Boy why he is not with his friend Lighting Lad, with whom he used to be very close and he responds to her that he and Imra kind of avoiding him suggesting he is in a relationship with Saturn Girl. Rokk then asks Kara to tell him what she has learned while she was a spy for the Kryptonians and help the Legion stop the war. Superman arrives on the scene and says to Kara that she doesn't have to say anything, betraying the Kryptonians' trust because he already knows everything. He reveals to Supergirl and Cosmic Boy that the war is not about politics but actually for another, more religious reason. The Kryptonians actually want to recover Faora's body, whom they worship as their Goddess because of her tale that was told by Argo's settlers and eventually became myth. They believe that her body holds the key of unlocking their future as a people and that is why they sent Kara as a spy to locate the coordinates of Faora's tomb, but without her actually know what she is looking for.

Blue Gold Booster Gold Smallville sm s11 1370019487806

Booster Gold to the rescue.

In Metropolis, Booster Gold is whinning to Skeets about how much he doesn't like the future when suddenly he hears a girl, who seems to be a Legion member, asking for help. Booster Gold watches some EarthGov soldiers hunting the girl and so he decides to save her. He fights with one of them, traumatizing him, but the other one behind Booster Gold shoots at him and Skeets with electricity leaving him unconscious.
Supergirl Smallville s11 1370019695063

Clark and Kara discuss her status as a soldier.

Over the Amazon forest, Clark and Kara are discussing Kara's decision to become a spy for the Kryptonians and how she doesn't like it anymore feeling she had been taken advantage of. Suddenly two of EarthGov's spaceships appear with the one shooting at Kara. Clark is ready to battle them but an enraged Kara uses her heat vision destroying one of the ships. Then they both easily take care of the rest of the soldiers with Clark using his breath to freeze them.

Supergirl Smallville s11 1370019998459

Clark and Kara find Faora's tomb.

After that they find a huge gate with a Kryptonian symbol on it, which leads to Faora's tomb. When they enter the room they see a huge structure, resembling a palace which was built by Zod, and Kara wonders why Zod buried Faora there. Clark tells her that the original Zod and Faora couldn't have children so when his clone found out that Faora's clone, who had already killed, was actually pregnant with his child, he immediately regretted his action and fell into depression and that is why he built this palce, to honnor her. Clark also says that he made a throne for himself, to seat after he had conquered the world, in the center of the structure facing a pit where he had kept Faora's dead body frozen inside a crystalline cube. Then Kara asks again why he put the throne facing the pit and Clark assumes that that he did it because of guilt. After that Clark and Kara fly down the pit and visit Faora's body where Clark explains that the Kryptonians believe that her child was a sacred thing, because as they believe that it may have been the answer on why the Kryptonians had powers under yellow sun and not red. Kara then states that the Kryptonians won't be the first to know the answer.

Superman RS Doomsday SV S11 1370020276989

Niedrigh gloats about his secret weapon that would destroy New Krypton: Doomsday.

On EarthGov's lab Minister Niedrigh asks his scientists to report to him about their project, Subject Zero. They respond that the sample of Faora's unborn child's genetic material they have taken from her tomb has integrated with the monster Doomsday, which they have found beneath old Metropolis. The EarthGov scientists also say they had infused the creature with solar radiation resulting in the re-constitution of its cellular structure. Then Minister Niedrigh admires their work and says that he intends to destroy the Kryptonians with a weapon of their own design, meaning the now resurrected Doomsday.


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