Argo, Part 3
Smvls11 cv15 02
Series  Season 11
Number  15
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Daniel HDR,
Rodney Buchemi (finishes)
Cover  Pete Woods (print)
Cat Staggs (digital)
Inks  Daniel HDR
Colors  Rex Lokus
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Jessica Chen
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  July 3, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #15 is the fifteenth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects the final three chapters of the Argo story arc, originally released digitally.[1]


Krypton’s past, present and future collide in the skies over New Krypton as the clock ticks down to oblivion. Superman, Supergirl, Booster and the Legion battle the unthinkable! “Argo” comes to its explosive conclusion in part 3 of 3.


Inside the EarthGov holding facility, Minister Niedrigh has captured Booster Gold and tortures him to get more imformation. Kirt is wondering why the Legion would accept a human like him in their ranks. He also wonders why he can't find any imformation about him in their history files, but Booster says that he can't answer to that either. Niedrigh then reveals his scientists have separated Skeets into pieces and have found everything they wanted to know about Booster Gold from Skeets's data. Niedrigh then calls him a liar and a thief and states that Booster Gold needed Skeets from the begimning, and he is nothing without his robotic partner. One of the scientists imforms Niedrigh that they are ready to activate their plan, so Niedrigh leaves the room, but before he does he orders his soldiers to re-purpose the prisoners, leaving Booster Gold promising to Skeets he will find a way out.

Back at New Krypton, some Kryptonian scientists imform Cancellor Pa-Vel that energy is spinning across the worldship. Suddenly the citizens hear a loud noise. Then the Cancellor states that "it has began."

Meanwhile Cosmic Boy has gathered all the members of the Legion so they can stop the upcoming war.

In the Amazon forest, outside Faora's tomb, Clark and Kara are discussing about the war. Clark says that maybe the humans are not ready for a relationship with New Krypton and it might take a long time to do so. Kara defending the Kryptonians says that humans are not able to change and like many of her kind she does not think very highly of them. This conversation leads in a big fight between the two cousins but Clark manages to explain to Kara that the humans are not all like Kirt Niedrigh, giving examples of his adopted parents and Lois. They both manage to calm eachother when suddenly Kara gets a call from New Krypton and at the same time Clark gets a call from the Legion. They both imform them that New Krypton is under attack, Earthgov managed to send Doomsday at the planet via a boom tube, and the kryptonians are launching their assault on Earth. In outer space, Superman and Supergirl meet Brainiac 5 and the rest of the Legion. Brainiac 5 informs the cousins that the Kryptonians have launched an incoming gravity bomb at Earth in response to the attack by Doomsday on New Krypton. Clark seems suprised and Kara asks about Doomsday so Cosmic Boy explains to her that it was a monster that Clark defeated some years ago. Brainiac 5 says that it is possible Earthgov did not authorize the attack on New Krypton, or, if they did, maybe Kirt Niedrigh wasn't actually clear to his superiors about what he found beneath old Metropolis. Kara then asks from Clark to go to New Krypton because he has the experience to defeat the beast, due to his last encounter with Doomsday. Kara calls all the Legion members to follow her to Earth, except from Saturn Girl, who follows Clark on New Krypton.

Meanwhile, in the Earthgov facility, Booster Gold fights with the guards who had captured him and manages to escape along with Skeets, who informs him that situations are developing in both Metropolis and New Krypton. Booster Gold decides to do something about it.

On New Krypton, Superman and Saturn Girl find Doomsday, the hulking brute having almost killed off the Eradicators and caused mass panic in the city. Clark asks Imra to make a link with the minds of all the Kryptonians. Clark then informs them about who he is and Doomsday's origin. He also encourages them to help him defeat the beast. Unfortunately, Clark and the other Kryptonians' efforts are not enough to stop Doomsday so Clark decides to take the monster and throw it to the sun. Cancellor Pa-Vel says to Clark that he isn't powerful enough to escape the sun's gravity, and Clark responds that he is aware of that.

At the same time on Earth, Supergirl and the Legionnaires are ready to stop the bomb that is heading to Metropolis, but it suddenly explodes before they can do anything. Brainiac 5 informs everyone they have lost Metropolis.

LOSH Smallville s11 162-adri280891

Booster helps with rescue efforts.

With the gravity bomb activated on earth in Metropolis, Booster Gold along with Skeets commandeer a transporter ship and Booster decides that he'll use the ship to rescue the levitated citizens, He is joined by Kara and the entire Legion of Super-Heroes in the rescue efforts. As Kara beings to instruct the team on their assignments, Lighting Lad notices the approaching battalion of Earth Gov. ships, A voice from the intercom coming from the ship declares their presence is not their to fight but to aid the Legion, Both Lighting Lad and Brainiac 5 are uncertain in trusting Earth Gov. But Kara says that their been enough destruction to last a few lifetimes and decides to work alongside Earth Gov.
LOSH Smallville s11 165-adri280891

The Legion decides to work together with EarthGov to save everyone.

As Kara begins her rescue efforts she receives a communication from the Chancellor of New Krypton who request her assistance immediately, Kara realizes what is happening and asked what is happening with her cousin.
LOSH Smallville s11 167-adri280891

Superman pushing Doomsday into the heart of the sun.

Meanwhile deep in space Superman engages Doomsday flying him directly into the Sun while telepathically communicating with Saturn Girl, whom he tells her certain instructions as he doesn't believe he'll make it out alive. He tells her to tell Lois, make sure that both Booster and Kara find a place in the 31st century.
LOSH Smallville s11 169-adri280891

Superman blast Doomsday into the sun.

Saturn Girl tells Superman it doesn't have to be this way, Using the full blast of his Heat vision Superman launches Doomsday into the gravitational pull of the sun with himself caught in it as well as they both plummet into the fiery tomb, Superman asked that the Legion would ensure that no one unearth this monster again.
LOSH Smallville s11 171-adri280891

The Legionnaires save Superman.

Another Legionnaire interjects his opinion in telepathic communicating declaring that A lot of responsibility to rest upon one Legionnaire the voice is revealed to be Cosmic Boy who has come to Superman's rescue but not alone but with the rest of the Legionnaires creating a buddy system link chain to pull Superman out of the sun pull. As they declared that they wouldn't allow Superman to self-sacrifice his Destiny without a fight.
LOSH Smallville s11 172-adri280891

"Long Live The Legion"

Together the Legion and the last two solo survivors of House of El fly as one unit of of the sun proclaiming "Long Live The Legion" & "Long Live The House Of El".
LOSH Smallville s11 174-adri280891 (1)

Clark encounters a young Bart.

Later in a now reformatted Metropolis, citizens wear jet packs to adjust to their new environmental gravity atmosphere. Superman encounters a mother trying to apprehend her son who has an obsession with speed and running the mother mention his name as "Bartholomew Allen" which causes Superman to shed a tear.
LOSH Smallville s11 176-adri280891

Brainiac 5 hands Clark back his Legion ring.

Brainiac 5 arrives to inform Superman of the peace progress development being made between Earth and New Krypton as both side are working together in bringing about unity. Brainiac 5 hands Superman his original Legion ring back declaring that it must remain in his possession a while longer in order for Booster to recover it in 25th century museum as history unfold. Superman watches as a New Beginning dawns for Metropolis.
LOSH Smallville s11 177-adri280891

Clark offers Kara a choice to return to the 21st century.

Returning to space, Clark finds Kara floating high above looking outward in space. Clark attempts to make small chat between himself and her as he states "He always felt torn between two worlds" Kara acknowledges the this situation demonstrated that in a ridiculous matter so to speak. Clark offers Kara the choice to come back with him to present day 21st century with Booster and Skeets, also mentioning that Chloe would love to see her present at her upcoming baby shower in a few months, Kara says she wouldn't miss it but for now she's not quite ready to leave 31st century just yet as for the first time in her life she feels at peace because she doesn't have a mission assigned to her now her life is her own and she couldn't be happier.


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