Olympus, Part 1
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Series  Season 11
Number  16
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Jorge Jimenez
Cover  Cat Staggs
Inks  Jorge Jimenez
Colors  Carrie Strachan
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Jessica Chen
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  August 14, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #16 is the sixteenth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects the first three chapters of the Olympus story arc, originally released digitally.


Twenty years ago, a young boy washed up on a mysterious island and met a princess. Now, that princess has come to look for the mother who disappeared when she took the boy back. But if Smallville is prepared for strange beings, Washington, DC, certainly is not!



Young Diana and Steve meet for the first time.

Twenty years ago, a boy named Steve Trevor has just washed up on the coast of an island after surviving an accident. When he wakes up he sees a young girl around his age who receives him with hostility at first, telling him that men are not allowed on this island. But she decides to hide him when she hears the older sisters approaching. Then the girl introduces herself as Diana of Themyscira and tells Steve to be her "secret friend".


Martha goes on a meeting with the Director of D.E.O.

At present time, in Washington DC, Senator Martha Kent gets into the car of a man who is nicknamed "Bones" and is the director of the secret organization, called D.E.O. Bones, impressed by Martha's achievements on the Vigilante Registration Act, asks her to work for D.E.O. when her term as a Senator ends, but Martha seems not to be interested in collaborating, having already been aware of the organization's actions when she was still acting as "Red Queen" against Checkmate.

Bones and Martha get attacked.

Suddenly, they are attacked by a team of men that appear out of nowhere. Martha is rescued by a mysterious woman who defeats some of them, while stopping their bullets with a pair of bracelets on her wrists, and forces their leader to use a magic spell that allows them to flee.

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Martha calls Clark to tell him about the attack.


The mysterious savior of Martha flees from the scene.

Soon after, Martha calls her son Clark, who was sleeping with Lois, and informs him about the attack on her. Clark seems to be very concerned about his mother's health and asks her questions but the only thing Martha can say is that someone saved her.

Clois Olympus1

Lois and Clark arrive in Washington airport.

Clark and Lois land at Dulles Airport in Washington, to cover the news of the attack against Clark's mother. At the airport, Clark says he could simply fly them to Washington instead of taking a plane to get there but Lois says that if someone spots Superman in Washington and finds out that there is no evidence of how Clark Kent, who surprisingly is also there, flew into town, it could possibly blow his cover off, in which Clark agrees. Then he notices a girl who is crying because she has left her teddy bear at home, and without being seen by anyone, flies to the girl's house and brings the bear making it look as it had been left on the plane.

Clois kents1olympus

Clark and Lois are greeted warmly by Martha and Shelby

In Martha's house, they enjoy a good feast and then talk about how Conner is, Martha reveals that he is at San Fransisco attending a school that Jay Garrick made. They also talk about the attack, how worried Clark was and the mysterious woman in white who saved Martha. Lois says that the attack had something to do with D.E.O., mentioning they appear to be more than a little shady when they took Corben into custody last month, they also discussing on how to act now. Clark says he will investigate the D.E.O and Lois will investigate Martha's mysterious savior.


Clark meets Steve Trevor.

At the headquarters of D.E.O., Mr. Bones protests the level of ineptitude of his men against the attack suffered by the Senator. He is also angry because his men recently lost the trail of the White Martian that appeared in Gotham City months ago. Then one of his men reports to Bones that Clark Kent is outside their headquartes. And indeed, Clark is in the location where it should be the basis of the D.E.O., but finds nothing in sight. Suddenly, the whole structure emerges from the ground and a young man comes out to get Clark Kent, introducing himself as Steve Trevor.


Queen Hippolyta finds Diana and Steve playing.

Fifteen years ago at Themyscira, young Steve Trevor still lives on the island and has also buried his parents, who died on the accident, there. Diana takes care of him, and the two seem to be very close. While playing football, with a ball that Diana has made from a pig's skin, they end up falling into a lake and suddenly Hippolyta, Diana's mother, appears followed by a group of her Amazons. The presence of men is not permitted on the island, as a young Amazon says, and she states that they have to kill Steve. Diana starts a fight with the young Amazon defending her friend. Then the Queen, after commanding her fellow Amazons to take the boy, cuts the discussion saying she knows what to do.


Diana and Lois talk about why she is in Washington.

On the roof of a building in Washington, Lois Lane has tracked down the vigilante dressed in white and has an encounter with her. Both women talk about the new vigilante's purpose in Washington. Lois mentions that the U.S. is a very proud nation and the vigilante says she comes from a very proud nation too. It seems that both women are starting to get along well, when they are suddenly interrupted by the appearance of some dreadful-looking winged creatures, which, as the vigilante says, come from a place of legend and magic.


Steve tours with Clark to the D.E.O. headquarters.

Inside the D.E.O. headquarters, Steve Trevor tours Clark Kent in the facilities. Steve does not tell much except from the fact that the agency was formed to prevent something like the organization Checkmate would recur. Suddenly an emergency alarm rings so Steve leaves and when Clark is left alone, he prepares for action.

Diana and Lois

Diana and Lois fight against the winged creatures.

Diana and Lois fight side by side against the winged creatures that manage to hurt the princess given their magical nature. Lois jokes about the fact that she and her fiance have much to talk about, and Diana is surprised of what kind of man could be worthy to be a mate for a woman as strong and independent as Lois. The answer to that question comes in the door, as Superman arrives and defeats the monsters. Within minutes a group of D.E.O., captained by Steve Trevor, also arrives. Diana flees away before Steve can recognize her, but when Lois sees Trevor she reveals to Superman that he was her ex-boyfriend.

Elsewhere, the winged creatures, now transformed back into men, deliver Diana's blood to their master, Felix Faust. He proceeds to pour it into a boiling cauldron and states that he comes closer to fulfilling a promise he made to his master and that "the world of men will be plunged into a darkness it truly deserves".


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