Olympus, Part 2
Smallville wondy2
Series  Season 11
Number  17
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Jorge Jimenez
Cover  Cat Staggs
Inks  Jorge Jimenez
Colors  Carrie Strachan
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Jessica Chen
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  September 11, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #17 is the seventeenth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects the second three chapters of the Olympus story arc, originally released digitally.


Superman and new ally Diana race to stop magical terrorist Felix Faust from launching an attack on the nation’s capital. Meanwhile, Lois launches an attack of her own by digging into the shadowy connection between Faust and the new Department of Extra-Normal Operations.


Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376669819982

General Lane and Director Bones discuss the D.E.O.'s activities.

The next morning, the D.E.O. has the place quarantined while they are investigating the insides of the building. General Sam Lane and Mr. Bones discuss the events of what has happened. Sam Lane want assurance that the events shouldn't happen again or else the President will rethink the D.E.O.'s independence. Mr. Bones argues that the D.E.O. are moving in directions the Government can't and won't with General Lane said shades of Waller are poking through his makeup. Bones wonder how Superman wound up in all of this. General Lane replies wherever his daughter goes, trouble and the Man of Steel are sure to follow, but not necessarily in that order. Bones ask what happened to keeping a passive eye on him, with Lane saying that the recon was being generated by an Outside Vendor who has experienced some "technical difficulties" . But he hears Superman had it all under control before Team 7 arrived and started shooting up the place while Bones was wondering where the team's leader is. Then Sam Lane says he has a pretty good guess.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376670233419

Lois and Steve catch-up.

Meanwhile in the capital the President of the United States is doing a quick jog with his secret service before he starts to hide when he sees Lois who he remembers from the events of "Contact". Steve comments how the girl who use to drag him under tables is now able to make the president run and hide with Lois simply replying "Lemons out of Lemonade". Lois then comments on Steve's new positions where Trevor admits he trusts Bones as far as he can throw him but the cause is just and needed and also Bones helped put Steve back into shape after he was kicked out of the base. But he still thinks about the woman that brought him back which Lois starts to playfully tease him about. Steve asks about Lois's love life thinking Wes Keenan finally popped the question but she says that is a stone best left unturned before saying the lucky man is Clark leaving Steve to look in disbelief. He says that he knows Lois brought him out for more than just catching up over coffee which she then says the "Wonder Woman" with whom she was fighting monsters and saved Senator Kent's life knew about her connection with the military. So Lois starts to wonder why "the woman in white" was looking into the military and Steve suggests she may has been stalking Director Bones too but Lois still needs more answers.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376670544317

Diana confronts Artemis before she leaves the island.

Ten years ago, on Themyscira, Diana is forging an aircraft with which she will try to leave from the island, when Artemis comes to confront her about leaving. Diana says she is tired of waiting for the Queen, her mother, to return home so she decides to go and find her herself. Artemis says that if she leaves too, there will be no heir to succeed her mother as the Queen but Diana has already taken her decision. Artemis then reveals that the Oracles of Themyscira had sent her to stop Diana from leaving the island because they had already predicted that she would do so. Artemis fights with Diana, questioning her about her reasons for leaving. Diana succeeds to defeat Artemis and then leaves the island with the craft.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376671014427s

Clark reveals his true identity to Diana.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376671067365

Clark and Diana talk about her experiences in "men's world".

In the present day, at the Marston Home for Wayward girls, two children are fighting over a toy before two older girls break them up before they start arguing and fighting each other. Diana comes and says this is neither the time or place for violence. The two girls then insult her calling her a "stray dog" before Diana tells the girls to look away for a moment and picks them up telling them to calm down. Clark then comes in and asks Diana for some of her time. At first she doesn't want to talk to him, but then he takes off his glasses, and she realizes he is Superman and leaves with him. Diana admits since her arrival she has been helping others who can't help themselves. Clark comments on that saying it seems she spends most of her "helping" time putting men in the hospital. She says during her time in "men's world" she has realized that men are rarely victimized by the opposite sex like these women have been. Then Clark asks her about her connection with Steve Trevor and she replies by saying it is complicated. Suddenly Watchtower communicates with Clark and tells him that she had tracked down the hostiles that he, Lois and Diana encountered at the cathedral and then sends him the coordinates.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 60 1376671306487

Diana realizes that her mother is still alive.

Some time later, Superman and Diana arrive at the place, where Tess sent them and Diana says she feels that dark magicks were deprecated there. Superman sees some footprints, indicating that the harpies they fought were actually human and Diana sees some tablets with the stories of her people. Then Superman uses his x-ray vision and realizes that someone has covered the original stonework with new ones and Diana says not just anyone could have done that. She states that these are actually messages and that her mother is still alive.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 1377312793179

Bones learns one of his private alerts went off.

In his office, Director Bones gets his weekly makeup application in order to hide his true look, a black skeleton. He then learned that one of his private alarms and a specific fingerprint match was made through IAFSIS.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 1377312869552

Clark, Martha and Lois learn about Felix Faust's connection to Bones.

Meanwhile Lois arrives back to Martha's house after walking Shelby through DC. Martha and Lois asks about what progress Clark is making.He found that the prints belong to Felix and that the prints were entered into the system from records collected in the forties. Clark tries contacting Tess but it is revealed for some reason she's offline but Martha was able to hack into the computer because " when the Red Queen takes down a shadowy organization, no one thinks to change their password". They find out Faust was part of shadowy Anti-Occult unit called "ShadowPact" that was formed in War World 2 along with Director Bones, who looks exactly as he does now, as well as Zatanna Zatara's father, John Zatara, who left the unit after the first mission, then they start to wonder if Diana was truly after Faust or if she was after Mister Bones. Clark then changes into Superman in order to get information with Lois following in her car.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 1377313126640

Faust tells Bones to arrest Diana.

Meanwhile at Congress hall, Felix is admiring before Director Bones comes in and interrupts. He comments on how Felix looks like he hasn't aged a day, where Felix admits he found away to iron out the kinks and not have his skins and muscles painted visible like Director Bones does. Felix then tells Bones that he is trying to finish what Shadowpact started and in order to do that he needs Diana arrested, but Bones denies that request claiming after thee VRA, the can't touch the heroes because public support is too strong. Then Felix reveals she is not of this earth, causing Bones to wonder if she is an alien,before Felix threatens to send something way worse than Harpies if Bones doesn't comply with his demands. Bones is not unnerved and says Team 7 can handle anything Felix dishes out. Felix then quickly loses patience and nearly takes down Bones removing his makeup with magic simply stating "Hades taketh away and Faust returneth". Bones then begs for mercy with Felix simply tells Bones to bring Diana into custody before he gets Team 7 to lock Bones away into the Black Room along with the rest of the oddities.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 1377313440066

Steve reunites with Diana.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 98-adri280891

Diana asks Steve about her mother's disappearance.

Wonder Woman SV smallville 61 1377313586266

Bones demands Diana's arrest.

Later at Steve's apartment in Alexandria, Virginia, while Steve is taking his shower, Diana enters the rooms and looks around, finding the football they made when they were younger. Right then Steve enters the room, recognizing the mystery woman in his apartment as the burglar from earlier. Diana was able to quickly subdue Steve simply because he pulled a gun on her before Steve lost his towel standing before Diana in his birthday suit.Diana quickly turns around in embarrassment, unable to believe how much Steve has grown. After a quick conversation, Steve realizes the mystery woman was actually Diana. He asked when did she get superpowers and she calmly tells him that her powers developed over time and why she came to Man's World. But before she explains she sees a picture of her mother with a young Steve. Now enraged she demands answers and asks if Steve is the reason she never returned with Steve he swears he hasn't seen her in years. Suddenly the D.E.O. surrounds Steve's apartment with Steve trying to explain that he has no idea but Diana quickly shushes Steve before preparing to go to battle. Meanwhile Mr. Bones is outside calling for Diana's arrest.

Tumblr msb27g7dli1qfgee3o1 1280

Superman locates Diana.

Superman flies in the sky, while Lois is driving her car following Clark. He spots a fire, while talking to Lois by an intercom and says he has located Diana, with his telescopic vision, outside of Steve Trevor's apartment. He also tells Lois that Diana is taking care of a tank.


Diana faces off against a tank.

And indeed, Diana admires the craftsmanship of the tank before breaking it down effortlessly. Mr. Bones orders the soldiers to shoot at her again and when they do hit Diana, she appears yet again unharmed. Diana then proceeds to destroy the tank and as she flips it over, one of the soldiers inside accidentally press the fire button which causes the tank to explode but fortunately Superman saves the soldiers just in time. Steve then comes out of his apartment and tries to reason with Bones and General Lane but Lane orders to fire at them again. Diana succeeds to deflect the bullets and save Steve but more soldiers fire at her. Suddenly, as Diana is busy on fighting the soldiers of D.E.O., a sniper aims at the head of Trevor and shoots at him but thanks to the quick intervention of Superman, who catches the bullet with his hands, he doesn't get killed.

Smallville - Season 11 062-018

The D.E.O. arrests Diana and Superman argues about it with General Lane.

General Lane explains to Superman that the attack Bones ordered against Diana has been approved by the U.S. president himself. Superman defends Diana by saying she hasn't done anything wrong and she is only looking for her mother. Bones then responds by saying to Diana that he can take her to her mother. Diana accepts the offer and to even being handcuffed with magical shackles, saying that if they keep their word she will not struggle. D.E.O. then takes Diana into their custody and moves her from the scene. Lane prevents Superman from interfering, saying to him to choose his battles and find another way to handle this. Then Clark says to Steve to run away from the scene and meet Lois in an alley before he get to trouble too.

Smallville - Season 11 062-021

Faust reveals the reason he wants Diana.

Somewhere else, Faust watches as his spell, that he made with a drop of his blood, has led D.E.O. to catch Diana. With Diana's presence inside D.E.O.'s facility he feels confident as he needs her to release his master from the prison he was locked in years ago by Hippolyta, who is also revealed to be a prisoner of the D.E.O.


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