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Olympus, Part 3
Series  Season 11
Number  18
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Jorge Jimenez
Cover  Cat Staggs
Inks  Jorge Jimenez
Colors  Carrie Strachan
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Jessica Chen
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  October 9, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #18 is the eighteenth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects the third three chapters of the four-parter Olympus story arc, originally released digitally.


Diana’s mysterious past may hold the key to helping Superman stop Faust in the present—but the warlock isn’t working alone! Enter Hades, Lord of the Underworld! “Olympus” continues in part 3 of 4.


Tumblr mt0785wJn81qfgee3o1 1280

Diana arrives in New York.

Ten years ago, Diana is in a boat traveling from Themyscira to New York. Two sailors are talking about her wondering if she ever sleeps and how she managed to move a bunch of things in the hold of the boat with the forklift broken. While arriving at New York's port, Diana is fascinated by the Statue of Liberty and impressed by the view of it she states that there is hope for this "New World" yet.


Bones tortures Diana.

In the present day, Diana is being tortured by Director Bones in D.E.O.'s headquarters. Bones reveals to her the truth about him and Faust and the real mastermind behind all this, Hades. He says that many years ago, when they were fighting in World War II, Bones and Faust made ​​a deal with Hades to give them extraordinary longevity. Bones says he was unable to fulfill his part of the deal and so he paid the prize, implying that Hades is responsible for his skin's condition. After his revelation, Bones continues to torture Diana explaining that he wants to prevent her from hindering Faust's plan and also he wants to find what are her limits. Diana then hears with her super hearing, Clark's voice, who tells her to endure while he searches for her mother.


Clark asks agent Chase about the D.E.O. arresting Diana.


Agent Chase explains that the "monks" are there to prevent evil forces from entering or leaving the facility.

Somewhere else inside D.E.O's facility, Clark, in his civilian disguise, is welcomed by another special agent of the organization, Cameron Chase. She presumes that he is here to continue the tour he began and Clark says that he was expecting Commander Trevor. Chase says that Trevor is on administrative leave at the moment. She also says that Director Bones strives for a greater level of transparency with the American public than their predecessor had. Clark asks her why they arrested an innocent super. Chase says this information is classified and asks him how does he know about it with Clark responding that his fiance's father was at the scene. While they are talking, Clark scans with his X-ray vision all the floors of the facility. They meet a group of men, looking like monks, whom Chase simply calls employees. They chant a song which, according to her, keeps evil forces out, but Clark adds that it must also help keep them in.

Smallville - Season 11 064-021

Faust and a giant monster attack the D.E.O.

Later Clark discovers a place called the Black Room, which is full of relics and magical objects. To his surprise he also finds some kind of big urn, inside of which Queen Hippolyta is being held in suspended animation. Clark then tells Diana that he found her mother. Suddenly, Faust along with a huge monster appear and the beast hits Clark with one of its tentacles.


Lois and Steve argue with General Lane about Diana's arrest.

In a parking lot, Lois argues with Steve Trevor and her father, General Lane, about Diana's arrest by D.E.O. Lois says they had no right to take her into custody but General replies that Diana is neither a citizen of the United States nor of anywhere else and they were only trying to prevent the things of getting out of control. Steve says that he actually does not know what has happened to Diana during all these years and Lois then says that she is a "Wonder Woman". The General ditches the conversation by saying that the world is changing too fast and that these super-powered beings have no one to represent them.


Bones learns about Faust's invasion in D.E.O.'s headquarters.

Meanwhile, in the headquarters of D.E.O., Bones is informed by Cameron Chase that they are under attack by a hostile force, who aim the monks, who are supposed to protect the facility. Bones realizes that Faust leads the attack and that he actually played him. Diana mocks him by saying that he should had never made any deals with the "devil" and Bones replies, before loading his gun and leaving the room, that they will resume their conversation shortly.

Smallville - Season 11 065-008

Faust explains the reason behind his attack.

Faust has invaded the facility and orders his men to attack the monks, with the clear intention of canceling its containment of magic. Clark then comes face to face with Faust, who explains that he is after the jewel on Hippolyta's tiara, which is supposed to be the "eye" of Hades. Faust says that the god Zeus, Hades' brother, and Hippolyta imprisoned Hades, with the gem being the only thing that can free him and that Hippolyta's reward, for her accomplishment, was Paradise Island. Faust is now trying to release him, so he can fulfill his part of the deal he, along with the rest of the Shadowpact members, made years ago, in exchange of gaining eternal youth.


Bones fires against Faust.

Suddenly, Bones shoots Faust, saying that he will not let him destroy the world, by unleashing Hades. Faust mocks him and tells him that Hades' challenge first cost him his skin, muscles, and now he is going to take away everything else. Clark also gets hit and then Faust takes the gem from the tiara and throws it into the water. Suddenly an earthquake starts and a portal opens from which the God of death, Hades, emerges and says that he is glad to see the light of the stars again.

Tumblr mtfs2kpMBt1sa2z61o2 250

Clark asks for Diana's help to fight Hades.

Diana then appears and gives Faust a powerful punch, warning him to stay away from her mother. The punch seemingly breaks his neck but he immediately heals and vanishes before Clark can him with a heat vision blast. Clark and Diana collect the body of Hippolyta and Diana tries to awaken her but Clark asks her to help him in the fight. Diana seems not to be sure if she can help him at the time, but Clark tells her to find out soon and then changes into Superman in order to face Hades.


A S.W.A.T. team attacks Hades and Felix Faust at the Lincoln Memorial.

Hades along with Faust are walking towards Lincoln Memorial and Hades, seeing the Washington Monument, states is fascinating that through the ages have passed, man still aims to achieve godhood. Faust replies that advancements came with population growth and that humans continue to be legion. Suddenly a S.W.A.T. team arrives at the scene and orders them to surrender but Faust easily defeats them. Then Hades says he brought a legion of his own.

In Arlington National Cemetery, a guard notices a grave, that has being opened and suddenly an army of living corpses start to come out of their graves.


General Lane, Lois and Steve try to call for help, but communications fail.

Meanwhile General Lane along with Lois and Steve are inside his car and while he is driving, they are trying to communicate with someone else but Lois says that the phones are out and neither Steve or the General can communicate with D.E.O., the General's Unit or the President's office. Suddenly they see undead people having been unleashed all over the city with horrified citizens running away from them. General Lane tries to avoid the undead and comments on the communication problem by saying that an E.M.P. wasn't what caused all of this because the power is still on. Steve then, watching the zombies, blames Bones and his Black Room for the situation. Lois tries to communicate with Clark by whispering in chance of him listening to her with his super-hearing. Superman watching from above, freezes, with his artic breath, all the zombies that have surrounded the vehicle Lois is in, proving to her that he can hear her. He then tries to communicate with Watchtower, asking for back-up, but he fails.


Hades makes his move against Superman.

Back at Lincoln Memorial, a helicopter fires against Hades but he doesn't get hurt and asks Faust to deal with it. Faust transforms some of the S.W.A.T. team members into harpies and orders them to fly towards the helicopter, destroying it. Hades watches Superman, who is coming to fight him and recognizes him as the new champion of humankind but he also comments that this being isn't of this world or any other he knows and seeks to undo his work. Faust reveals to Hades that they call him "Superman" and he finds it very obvious. Hades says it's time to show to this champion what it really means to be a god and wishes to find out what he is made of. So he creates an enormous storm surrounding the Washington Monument and transforming it into a giant hand made of rock, which Martha Kent can even watch from her neighborhood, while she is taking her dog for a walk. Seeing that, a horrified Superman calls for back-up again.


Diana suits up for the fight.

Inside the Black Room, doctors try to examine Hippolyta but she refuses, saying sarcastically that they already have done quite enough for her. She then tells to Diana to leave together and return to Paradise island but Diana says as happy as she is to see her again, she cannot leave because her work here is not done. Hippolyta says she shouldn't concern herself about the affairs of this land but Diana replies that Hades has been unleashed and sooner or later his seeking of vengeance for the other gods will lead him to Paradise island, too. Hippolyta asks her what would she do to prevent this from happening and Diana says she will do what Hippolyta herself did once, she will fight.


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