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Olympus, Part 4
SMVLS11 Cv19
Series  Season 11
Number  19
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Jorge Jimenez
Cover  Cat Staggs
Inks  Jorge Jimenez
Colors  Carrie Strachan
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Jessica Chen
Editors  Kristy Quinn
Publication Date  November 13, 2013
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Smallville: Season 11 #19 is the nineteenth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series. The issue collects the final three chapters of the four-parter Olympus story arc, originally released digitally.


With Washington, D.C., on lockdown, Air Force One under attack and the dead rising from the grave, Superman and a newly armored “Wonder Woman” take the fight to Hades and Felix Faust. Plus, as “Olympus” concludes, Clark’s journey as Superman takes a dramatic turn!


Wonder Woman SV S11 010 1382120149668

Superman reassures the President he is working on a solution.

At Washington D.C., a stone giant, Hades made out of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, causes terror while a group of harpies are heading to the plane in which President Martinez and his family are in. The President reassures his children that everything is going to be okay and one of the his assistants informs him about the situation while another tells him he sees something on the plane's wing. Suddenly a military aircraft fires against the harpy there is on the wing but more of them arrive and attack the aircrafts. Then Superman arrives and defeats the harpies. After that he communicates via Morse code with the pilot of one of the aircrafts, telling him to not engage with the creatures because they are actually humans who cannot control themselves. Then the pilot passes the message to the President. Superman also reassures them he is working on a solution and the President wonders why Superman is doing what the D.E.O. should be doing.

Wonder Woman SV S11 010 1382120217136

Diana saves Chase and prepares for battle.

At the D.E.O.'s headquarters, which is under siege, Cameron Chase tries to load her gun while a man is heading towards her. Diana takes out the man, with her lasso and defeats some more of Faust's other men. Chase then asks her who she is and Diana responds by saying they are going to find out.

Wonder Woman SV S11 010 1382120354046

Superman fights Hades.

Back at Washington soldiers try to defeat the undead and Superman attacks the stone giant. Unfortunately the giant knocks him down and Hades inspects him, saying that he is definitely not from this Earth and not quite one of the New Gods either. Superman answers he is just a man who tries to do the right thing and punches Hades, making him bleed and retorting that he is not an actual Deity either, but just another being from a different dimension, wanting to enslave humanity. Then Superman attacks him again but Hades manages to hit him first saying that he had once conquered the world and he can do it again but Superman says humanity didn't have him before. Hades proceeds to make the giant crush him beneath his foot. After that, Faust informs Hades that danger approaches and Hades says he will deal with Hippolyta like he dealt with the last supposed "Champion" of humanity but Faust tells him that it's not Hippolyta but rather her daughter. Then Hades says they must strive to assure their safety.

Wonder Woman SV S11 010 1382120531593

A harpy attacks General Lane's car.

Inside General Lane's car, a harpy attacks the vehicle and grabs Steve Trevor abducting him and leaving the General and Lois horrified.


Diana confronts Hades.

Hades, having defeated Superman, is heading to the Lincoln Memorial and sits on the destroyed statue of Abraham Lincoln, using it as his throne, while Diana enters the scene to confront him. She is appalled by the use of the dead people in his schemes, but he says he gives them a purpose once again. Diana then retorts that they do not need purpose but peace. Hades then shows her that his harpies have captured Steve and threatens to turn him into one of the dead if she does not surrender to him, but Diana says that if they hurt him, she will drag Hades back into Tartarus, impaled on her sword. Hades is surprised that an Amazon defies one of her Gods for a man but Diana says she is fighting for all mankind. The mighty god mocks her by saying that although Hippolyta's blood runs in her veins, she can not stop him by herself. Suddenly, Superman resurfaces under the foot of the rock giant, throwing him down and saying Diana does not fight alone.


Superman and Diana fight against Hades' undead army.

Superman and Wonder Woman begin to fight against Hades' harpies, and during the fight, Diana explains to Clark that the only way to defeat Hades is to send him back to Tartarus, a hellish dimension where he was imprisoned by Hippolyta years ago, in order to keep the Olympian realms in balance. She also says that her mother in order to imprison Hades in the first place she had to kill the witch who served him, meaning that now they have to kill Faust. Superman says that is not going to happen and there is always another way, taking Hades and flying him into outer space.


Superman makes Hades surrender.

Before they go into space, Superman warns Hades that even if he is immortal he can throw him into deep space whenever he wants, to spend eternity wandering in the black cold endless void. Intimidated by Superman, Hades thinks about it and decides to finally surrender. Then Superman throws him back to Earth, inside a portal leading to Tartarus imprison him once again. Before the portal is closed, Diana catches Faust with her lasso and says to him that he will share the fate of his master, throwing him inside the portal as well. After the portal is closed, the stone giant collapses.


Clark, Diana and Steve wonder what will happen next.

Later Diana asks Clark what power did he use to subdue Hades and Clark responds by saying he used only words. Then Diana hugs Steve, feeling happy he is safe and the city is no longer in danger. But Steve wonders what will happen now with the heroes and how will the government and the army react.


The President talks about the new heroes.

President Martinez leads the world with a message of reconciliation. He says that after the events of the "Contact" and Hades' attack hours ago, the world must accept now the unnatural disasters that have occurred, but also embrace a new generation of heroes like Metropolis' Man of Steel and the capital's very own Wonder Woman. The president also informs the public that thanks to Queen Industries, a recovery and repair fund is being established to help cities like Washington recover.


Clark asks Diana if she will stay or return to her home island.

Meanwhile Clark and Diana talk about the future. Clark says he is not prepared to be regarded almost as a god, something that is more accustomed to Diana, who is descended from trans-dimensional Greek god-beings. Clark tells her that in the coming weeks one of his associates will be setting up a hub for his team's Watchtower network in DC and it can be made available to her if she decides to stay. Diana says that after much discussion with her mother she decided to stay not only as an ambassador for Themyscira but also to show the world that her people should not be feared but embraced and prove that it is possible make a difference, when fighting for truth and justice. Clark asks her if she will see Steve again and Diana responds by saying she believes she shall see more of this "boy".


Diana says goodbye to her mother and reveals that she joined D.E.O.

Later at Andrews A.F.B., General Lane accompanies Queen Hippolyta to the plane, that will transport her back to Paradise Island. Hippolyta asks agent Chase, who will be the pilot of the plane, to assure her that no one will follow them and Cameron tells her that they will not be followed or tracked because the plane is actually invisible so they will barely even seen. Then General Lane assures her that she is in good hands because Chase is a very good pilot. Before she leaves Hippolyta says goodbye to her daughter, who is now an agent of D.E.O. After Hippolyta's departure, the new director of D.E.O. Steve Trevor, calls all his agents, including Diana, saying they have a world to protect. Steve then asks her if she is ready and she responds "are you?".


Clark and Martha talk about Clark making a choice.

Meanwhile Clark and Martha walk through Washington talking about the first time that Clark visited the city as a child. Jonathan wanted him to understand that power comes with responsibility, and Clark seems to understand it very well now. In fact, he confesses to his mother that he will take a big step in trying to mediate the rejection of the unknown that is brewing in the country but he is not sure what he must do to turn the tide. Martha tells him that he is already doing very well into inspiring hope. Clark says it's time to inspire change too. Martha then says if he feels in his heart that it is the right thing to do, then he already has his answer.


Clark and Lois savor their final moments before Clark's big revelation.

Later, Superman repairs the Washington Monument in front of thousands of people who admire him, and after changing to his civilian persona he goes to find Lois, who is very proud of him, in the crowd. They both know that tomorrow the world will be a different place, so they savor these moments by kissing.


Superman reveals to the President that he is an alien.

The same night, Superman visits the White House to meet with President Martinez. He apologizes for waking him up but he says that they need to talk. The President thanks him for saving his life and then properly introduces himself saying that he can call him "Thomas" to which Superman replies that he can call him "Kal-El", of Krypton and he's an alien.


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