Detective, Part 2
Smallville Season 11 Vol 1 6 Textless
Series  Season 11
Number  6
Writer  Bryan Q. Miller
Pencils  Jamal Igle
Cover  Mico Suayan (print)
Cat Staggs (digital)
Inks  Marc Deering
Colors  Carrie Strachan
Lettering  Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editors  Michael McCalister
Editors  Jim Chadwick
Publication Date  October 3, 2012
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Smallville: Season 11 #6 is the sixth issue of the print edition of the DC Comics comic book series.[1] The issue collects the second three chapters of the Detective story arc, originally released digitally.


The Dark Knight comes to Metropolis and runs afoul of...Clark Kent?


At Watchtower, where Chloe gets a disturbing phone call from Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs. Oliver arrives with coffee for Chloe. Chloe tells Oliver that Emil is close to accessing the black box from the late Earth-2 Chloe's space ship. Meanwhile, Oliver has no lead on whoever it was in the cornfields that killed Chloe-2. Plus Oliver's been getting gibberish emails that he'd like Chloe to get to the bottom of, if she's not too distracted by this "Crisis". Next thing you know, Watchtower's Trouble Alert which alerts them to a prison breakout at Stryker's Island. Oliver gets his Green Arrow suit and bow and arrow and immediately heads to Stykers.

Batman SV Super Bat Fight 1

batman vs superman

Superman and Batman are fighting and talking to each other. Batman easily evades Superman's attacks, as he activates a red sun device from his suit, as well as surprises, such as sticking bombs on Superman when he didn't know they were there. Supes knows Batman must be human, while Bats reveals he knows Superman is alien from the "S" (referencing the markings left by Zod's army from S9: Salvation; the Solar Tower also from S9; the caves that debut in S2; and the ruins of Checkmate HQ from S9). Superman "apologizes" for not spending nearly enough energy worrying about Batman as Batman has worrying about him, but he regarded "the Batman" as nothing more than a rumor. Batman hides from Superman and it seems to work, but after saying those references, Superman finds and plummets Batman from the rooftop and down three floors. Superman suggests that the fighting stops, but Batman reveals that the fight is a distraction...
Tumblr macp03ZhDi1qb6jkto3 1280

Green Arrow attacks Nightwing.

Elsewhere in Stryker's, Bruno Manheim is on the run as Nightwing arrives with her electrified weapons and with the Batwing. Next thing she knows, a green arrow from the Green Arrow smoke bombs her. Nightwing attempts to annoy Green Arrow by repeating whatever he say. As Arrow and Nightwing fight, the Batman bids Superman adieu, leading Clark to recall the exact words when Bruce Wayne left the meeting with Lex Luthor at the Ace of Clubs and realize the truth. Clark asks why does Bruce want Mannheim leading Bruce to reveal the connection between Intergang and Joe Chill.Superman starts to sympathize with Batman.
Batman SV Super Bat Fight 2

Batman has an Heart to Heart with Superman

Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Nightwing haven't gotten the memo from their respective bosses that they've reached a détente and it's time to stop fighting. Evenly matched, Arrow and Nightwing have spilled arrows and Batarangs all over the place trying to smack each other down. Superman arrives to break up the fracas when Bruno Manheim pleads for sanctuary from the Man of Steel. Superman then snatches Manheim and takes him up, up, and away for questioning.

Green Arrow races out of Stryker's, confirming Chloe's report that not only did Superman and Batman break Manheim out of prison, but that Batman has a hovercraft that's invisible to radar. Ollie suggests to himself to make further investments.

Nightwing is sorry for losing Mannheim, but Bruce with his mask is off, is giving a creepy smile . Barb also points out hairline fractures all over Bruce's body before mentioning the tracking device Bats planted on Superman. Bruce jokes that Supes must like him, because he didn't throw him into space.

Untitled-7 (1)

Chloe jokes about Oliver being beaten up by a teenaged girl.

In the sky, Superman says he's sorry to be using extreme measures on Manheim. Manheim doesn't know anything, but Superman points out he's lying, and knows his better half will have a talk to him over this. Just then, in front of the Batwing, Manheim falls from above before Superman catches him below. Mannheim spills the beans: Intergang wanted to protect themselves from the invasion, Manheim decided against it but offered Joe Chill to help them. But now, Chill is off the grid, rumored to be in FBI custody. Superman grabs the tracking device and asks Batman if he catched that. The Batwing storms off, Superman takes that as a yes.

At Watchtower, Chloe jokes with Ollie over getting beat up by a 19-20 year old girl, mentioning that the Wonder Twins are a call away. The talk leads to encrypted e-mails Ollie's been getting, and while there is a pattern, Chloe says he won't like where it leads.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Superman helps Lois find him in the sky by sparking his heat vision. After the talk over what he did to Mannheim, Lois confirms Chill is in FBI custody. As for Toyman being a suspect, the answer is no, but Lois learns that an Oswald Loomis did try to visit Toyman dozens of times before turning away. Superman wants to talk with Batman again, and has a way into contacting him.

Bat and wing

Bruce and Barbara inside the Leviathan boat.

At a supply ship called Leviathan docked in Metropolis is an HQ for Batman and Nightwing, where inside they are getting medical treatment. Bruce mentions his woman at Interpol liasing with the FBI, and has found Chill's location: Suicide Slums. Barb jokes about how Superman figured out who Batman was, and Bruce jokes about maybe she could be Superman's Supergirl. Barb points out how she'll hate it like she hated the name "Batgirl", as well as the fact that Superman has or had a Supergirl. The cameras pick up something and Bruce decides to head out alone, while Barb is in the Hub, when he looks outside to see what it is: the Bat-Signal.

Batman and Superman agrees to team up.

Batman arrives on the rooftop source of the signal to find Superman waiting for him. Superman knows enough about the Batman that this is the specific way to call a meeting with him. Superman also knows Batman and Nightwing located Joe Chill's safe house in Suicide Slum.Superman doesn't want Batman tearing through Suicide Slum hell bent on revenge for Joe Chill so he proposes "a joint investigation mutually beneficial to both of us." They make sure Joe Chill is safe from Intergang and then find out who's manufacturing the weapons he's peddling and Batman agrees.

Meanwhile, at LexCorp, Lex Luthor is enjoying video of the showdown between Superman and Batman. Lex keeps pausing and rewinding Batman, powered by red sun energy, beating up Superman. Lex also thinks he has a television that allow him enhance and move around corners inside the frame. He's bummed when Otis reminds him his TV can't do that. Maybe Lex should invent one? Otis liked the other match between Nightwing and Green Arrow better . Oliver Queen then bursts into Lex's office to accuse Lex of harassing him with those coded emails. When Oliver leaves, Lex notices the time stamps are all from the dead of night.


Batman and Superman examining the building.

At Suicide Slum, Superman and Batman are on a stakeout. Batman is irritated by Superman's penchant for conversation but Superman seems to really be enjoying having a partner in crime fighting. Superman revealed that, he didn't want to draw attention to it and compromise Batman's security because he knows Lex Luthor is watching all his movements. Superman and Batman then scans the building and Batman's night vision goggles spot some extra snipers Superman missed when he bathed the building with X-rays. Batman then easily and stealthily penetrates the safe house and finds Joe Chill's room, though Superman beats him there with Super speed.

Back at LexCorp, Otis sees Tess take control of Lex and rises from his peaceful slumber and sleepwalks to his office, speaking gibberish and caressing Otis' face. Then she starts sending out the emails.


The Prankster and Mr.Freeze team up.

At the safe house, Chill, a lifelong criminal, isn't exactly repentant about killing Batman's parents, whoever they were. Batman can't be specific and Chill has killed a lot of people for lots of reasons. This isn't good enough for Batman, who loses it, until Superman literally slaps him down. Superman calmly explains to Joe Chill that they're really here to find out where they can find a man named Loomis, who they believe is manufacturing the weapons Chill fenced for Intergang. But hey, they don't have to look very far because Loomis is already there! Batman and Superman spring into action with Heat Vision and Batarangs, but a burst of cold takes out both. Loomis isn't alone. He has help from Mr. Freeze.


  • Detective refers to Batman, as he is often referred to as the World's Greatest Detective and the Dark Knight Detective.


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  1. information attack! smallville season 11 #6

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