Black Canary using her incredibly strong and destructive sonic scream ability.

Sonic screams are the sound/sonic-based ability to generate incredibly strong hypersonic sound blasts of a different and higher, lounder amplitude or frequency than that of a normal human.

Characters with Sonic Scream abilitiesEdit

Sonic ScreamsEdit

In both known cases the metahumans who possessed this ability were able to produce damaging levels of sound with their unaided voice. The origin of the abilities differ from person to person. Some like Dinah Lance, were born with it. Others were affected by kryptonite and gained the ability. The origin of Siobhan McDougal's abilities was never explored. When a character is seen using this ability, the sound waves can visually seen. Clark has been affected by sonic screams just as much as humans. Perhaps due to Clark's super hearing he was affected more prominently then others.


  • Although it has never been stated, it can be inferred that those who have the ability of sonic scream are invulnerable to it since they don't seem to use protective equipment.
  • It seems that sonic screams have never caused anyone long-term ear issues.
  • Unlike most portrayals, Black Canary's sonic scream is not a high-pitched wail but more like a low, booming roar.