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Palak was an ancient "star blade" found in the Kawatche Caves which gave absolute power and corruption to its possessor. It was also to bring to light a prophecy about who is the archenemy of Naman, or Clark Kent.

The legend of Naman tells that the original visitor left Palak in the wall of the Kawatche Caves for the Kawatche people to safeguard.

Physical Appearance

This weapon appears to be a dagger or knife-like artifact. An intense light is seen riding up the shaft of the blade, as if it were somehow connecting with Earth's yellow sun, as seen when Jeremiah touches it. [1]

Powers and Abilities

The Starblade had the power to shine light on the true Sageeth so Naman could identify and destroy his greatest enemy. If Sageeth ever touched it, the blade would disintegrate. [1]

Talismanws 013

Jeremiah receiving the powers.

Because of its importance, a person holding the blade was given abilities similar to those of Kryptonians to protect it until it could be delivered to the true Naman. However, these powers were intoxicating and clouded the judgement of the wielder. The person holding this weapon, except Sageeth, received these powers after an intense light rides up the shaft of the blade, as seen when Jeremiah touched it. Its abilities could only be activated while in the possession of someone and without a wielder, the weapon's sacred abilities are left dormant. [1]

The wielder was given the strength of ten men, the person's speed was enhanced, and the person was given invulnerability, and the person could shoot fire from their eyes. [1]

However the user was immune to the effects of Kryptonite suggesting that the powers given by the blade are derived from an internal power source which doesn't transform the wielder into a real Kryptonian. Given the fact, that many Kryptonian devices can store vast amounts of energy, it is imaginable that the Starblade absorbed yellow sun light for hundreds of years and then converted this energy properly to bestow the wielder temporarily with superhuman powers, as long as he or she was touching the device. [1]


Early History

Palak was brought to Earth by a male Kryptonian and he left it somewhere inside the Kawatche Caves for safe keeping. [1]

Season Three


Lex and Lionel Luthor look upon the Starblade

After Lionel Luthor took over LexCorp, LuthorCorp gained jurisdiction over the caves. Convinced the caves contained the secret for curing his terminal liver disease, Luthor commissioned studies and excavation which unearthed the starblade. [1]

The starblade was then taken by the Kawatche student Jeremiah Holdsclaw who received the power from it and thought himself to be the Naman of the legend. After his attempt to kill Lionel whom he thought to be Sageeth was prevented by Clark, the starblade stuck in a rock that was to be used as an altar for the sacrifice. When it was simultaneously touched by Lex and Lionel, it crumbled to dust, leaving it uncertain who of the two was Sageeth. [1]


  • Though the legend says the wielder would be given the strength of ten men, the super strength actually acquired was far greater than that as seen in the fight between Clark and Jeremiah.
  • Lionel tells Clark that he thinks that the metal that makes up the blade is same type of metal that makes up the octagonal key (to Clark's ship).
  • Since Lionel is dead, it can be assumed that Lex is in fact the true Sageeth and the one who touched the blade first.


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