Steve Lombard
Occupation Reporter (Daily Star)
Status Alive

Steve Lombard is a journalist.

Early life

At some point in his life, Steve Lombard became a reporter for the Daily Planet before quitting to join the stuff of Daily Star.

Season Eleven

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Steve is influenced by Eclipso.

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Lombard enters the police station.

On the crime scene in Metropolis, a reporter named Lombard tries to get a scoop, saying he just can't sit down and watch Clark Kent stumble onto headline after headline. Suddenly one of the shards of the Eclipso gem finds its way into the skin of Lombard, immediately influencing him and saying "I am the wrath of God".

A possessed Lombard enters the Metropolis P.D. saying "No spell can leave his wrath from this mortal coil" and then a group of also possessed civilians attack the surprised police officers.

In the Comics

Steve Lombard (New Earth) 01

Steve Lombard as he appears in the comics.

Steve "The Slinger" Lombard is a former quarterback for the fictional NFL team the Metropolis Meteors. Steve injures his knee while saving a baby falling from a building. An experimental radiation treatment cures his knee injury, but also produces an energy being that resembles Lombard. The energy being responds to Lombard's thoughts, and begins scoring touchdowns in his place. At first taking credit for the energy being's performance, Lombard is forced to confess the truth after the energy being goes on a rampage and has to be stopped by Superman.

He is subsequently hired by Morgan Edge to become a sportscaster for Galaxy Broadcasting, working alongside anchor Clark Kent on the Six O'Clock News. Steve is portrayed as brash and overly self-confident, and often plays pranks on Clark Kent, which he is usually able to counter with the subtle usage of his powers (referring to him by the unflattering nickname "Clarkie"). However, Steve also considers Clark one of his few real friends, since he takes Steve's attitude in stride and never bears him a grudge. When Steve is tracked to Clark's apartment by a super-powered enemy, a former college roommate who did not shrug off Steve's pranks nearly as well as Clark does, Steve forces Clark to safety before confronting his opponent, although Clark, naturally, returns as Superman to rescue Steve.

Post-Crisis, his first appearance was as a news anchor on WGBS-TV in The Adventures of Superman #467.

As of the 2008 storyline, Lombard works for the Daily Planet, as the editor of the Sports section. Perry White states Steve Lombard has recently returned to the paper, so it can be assumed that Steve used to work there before leaving to work for WGBS. In Action Comics Annual #11, it is stated that Steve played football in high school, college, and briefly for the pros and he is a walking encyclopedia of sports trivia and put-downs. Moreover Lombard often butts heads with Ron Troupe on nearly everything and he cannot figure out why Lois Lane does not throw herself at him. His personality is more explored in the storyline Brainiac, where he makes a crude sexual advance to Lois Lane right in front of Clark Kent, he insults Ron Troupe's choice of subject matter, thinking articles critical of sports means Ron 'hates' them and he takes great joy in assaulting colleagues with a football, laughing at their torment. However, once actual danger arises he is quick to take charge and work with others in order to make sure everyone is safe as he and Ron save Cat Grant's life.

The miniseries Superman: Secret Origin established that Lombard, was already on the staff of the Daily Planet when Clark Kent began working at the newspaper.

In the New 52, Lombard appears once again to be included in Daily Planet's staff, working in the Sports section.


  • Though not appearing in the TV show, The Batman, Steve Lombard makes a cameo appearance in issue #44 of the spin-off comic The Batman Strikes! in the Daily Planet.


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