The Stiletto suit was an outfit made and worn by Lois Lane, during her short-lived career as the "Stiletto".


Lois made the suit entirely out of black leather. Due to having created the persona around her black stiletto boots, Lois had to include stiletto boots in the outfit, which she admitted made movement difficult. The rest of the outfit consisted of a black domino mask, black leather pants and a black leather top. It also included long, black leather gloves and a black cape. Originally, Lois was going to stitch an "S" on the chest, but chose not to.


  • It's unknown what happened to the suit, after Lois gave up being the Stiletto. Presumably, it was destroyed, when the Talon was blown up.
  • The Stiletto suit heavily resembles the suit that Lois Lane (Superwoman) of Earth-3 wears in the comics.

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