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Super dexterity is the ability to perform or execute accurate, precise and consecutive movements or action.

Powers and Abilities

Super dexterity can make someone extremely agile and mobile, enhancing their reflexes and reaction time. This ability also makes them accurate in athletics and all forms of strenuous movement.

Kryptonian super dexterity seems to manifest early on, if not instantly, after exposure to an environment under a yellow sun. Kryptonians are completely accurate in all of what they know how to do. [citation needed]


Green kryptonite exposure can weaken this ability in Kryptonians.[1]

Blue kryptonite exposure will remove all powers from a Kryptonian, including super dexterity. [citation needed]Magic can also impair this ability. [citation needed]

Characters with Super dexterity

  • Clark Kent - Clark is completely accurate in all of what he does, whether it be reading, playing sports, running, or throwing objects. He rarely directly demonstrates this ability, as it seems to be passive in nature. Clark can use his heat vision ability with pin-point accuracy.
  • Oliver Queen - Oliver honed or learned this ability when he was stranded on a remote island.
  • Greg Arkin - Greg got bitten by some kryptonite-infected bugs and as a result, he has become extremely agile.
  • Courtney Whitmore - When using the Cosmic Staff, Courtney displayed enhanced dexterity. [citation needed]
  • Deadshot - Deadshot is an expert marksman and is very agile and can make precise calculations to determine an object or person's position.
  • Diana of Themsyscira - Diana is agile enough to deflect bullets with her bracelets.


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