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Super dexterity is the ability to be superhumanly precise in actions.

Kryptonian super dexterity

Kryptonian super dexterity manifests almost instantly after exposure to an environment under a yellow sun. Kryptonians are extremely precise in what they know how to do. For example, Clark can throw a basketball or football and score from likely any distance.


Green kryptonite exposure can weaken this ability in Kryptonians.[1]

Blue kryptonite exposure will remove all powers from a Kryptonian, including super dexterity. [citation needed]Magic can also impair this ability. [citation needed]

Characters with this ability

  • Clark Kent - Clark is completely accurate in all of what he knows how to do.
  • Greg Arkin - Greg got bitten by some kryptonite-infected bugs and as a result, he has become extremely agile.
  • Courtney Whitmore - When using the Cosmic Staff, Courtney displayed enhanced dexterity. [citation needed]
  • Diana of Themsyscira - Diana is agile enough to deflect bullets with her bracelets.


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