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Family Unknown
Occupation Police Officer
Played By Ty Olsson
Status Alive

Talbert was a corrupt police officer for the Metropolis Police Department.

Season Eight

Recently, Talbert and his partner Joe Simmons were involved in illegal police activities. When John Jones started looking in to it, Talbert shot Jones and had Dan Turpin cover up his tracks. He also had Turpin frame Clark Kent for Jones' shooting.

Next, Talbert, along with Simmons, planned to use Turpin to kill Green Arrow. Dan was about to shoot Green Arrow until Green Arrow talked him out of it. Without hesitation, Talbert then began shooting at Turpin and Green Arrow and shot Turpin in the arm. Green Arrow and Turpin hid from Talbert behind a construction machine. Just as Talbert was about to shoot Green Arrow, Clark stepped in and disarmed Talbert. Talbert tried to shoot Clark with another gun he had, but Clark's virtually invulnerable body deflected the bullet back at Talbert, shooting him in the hand. Clark pretended that a bulletproof vest had protected him from Talbert's bullet.

Afterward, Talbert and Simmons were arrested.

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