Tales of the Weird & Unexplained is one of Chloe Sullivan's favorite books.

Early life

Tales of the Weird & Unexplained was one of Chloe's favorite books growing up; she lost it during her move to Smallville in the eighth grade.

When Chloe and Clark met for the first time during eighth grade in 2000, she told Clark about losing the book, and he used his super speed to check the book out of the Smallville library for her. (Abyss)

Season Eight


Chloe opens her gift from Clark.

For Chloe's birthday in 2009, Clark gave her a vintage copy of Tales of the Weird & Unexplained. She found it both thoughtful and a little disturbing. (Hex)



  • The author of Tales of the Weird & Unexplained, Aleya Naiman, is a nod to the show's prop master.

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