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Ok, we all know about the tragic love story between Lana and Clark. This page is a complete synopsis of every episode in every season. This will probably take me awhile so please be patient, which I know is hard, but the episodes will only be explained when either Clark or Lana are in it I am no going to harp on Lex or any of the other characters so here we go.

Season 1

Episode 1: The first time you see Clark is in his bedroom above the kitchen. He was searching for other people who may be like him. He finds a runner and a young Chinese child but then his mother summons him to breakfast. When he comes down the stairs you get a good look of his very lean and well-cut physic. He was raised on a small farm in Smallville, Kansas and so he is used to drinking pure milk. As he grabs for the bottle his mother rebukes him and he puts it back in the fridge and makes a small pun that his manners came from being born on a farm. When Clark rushes out of the door his school bus has already left and he stands there depressed. Then a small smile crosses is face and he starts running at hyper speed through the cornfields. When you see him again his friends are amazed to find that he got there before them even though he missed the bus. As Clark tries to approach Lana he is overcome with fatigue from the green kryptonite meter rock that Lana has imbedded in her necklace. He falls down and feels like he made a fool of himself in front of her as her boyfriend (Whitney Fordman)comes to help him with his books. Once Clark's father has explained to him his origins he runs out to the graveyard that is located behind their property. There he sees Lana who has come to talk to her parents. You can tell by his voice that he has been crying and Lana asks what it is but he knows he can't tell her. Lana and Clark begin to talk to Lana's parents and when Lana relives a memory Clark speaks as if her parents have spoken to her and she is touched. As they are walking on the fields near Clark's house Lana says that she will save Clark a dance if he decides to come to homecoming. She kisses him on the cheek and he gives a cute smile and turns toward home.

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