Faoro clone

Was Faora mentioned by name in some of the earlier Season 9 episodes? I vaguely remember this, but can't place it... --Kanamekun 13:17, November 18, 2009 (UTC)

  • I'm pretty sure she has never been mentioned on screen. - BatteryB7 15:14, November 22, 2009 (UTC)
  • Faora has not been mentioned on the show yet. Fiona and Ref names neither. It's just a supposition that they are Faora and Basqat.I think this page should be deleted since it is based entirely on a spoiler at least until a formal confirmation. - RoR-El 16:28, November, 2009
  • Kryptonsite said that 2 of Zod's soldiers were Faora and Basqat. Only IMBD has called the 2 soldiers Fiona and Ref. Those names sound like script names just like Maxima was Melissa, Zod was something else. This is common with Smallville but they are Faora and Basqat. Geoff Johns please read my work!!!! 19:43, November 22, 2009 (UTC)
  • But it has not been confirmed yet on the show and what you say is only a speculation that they are Faora and Basqat. Until they are officially precented this page should be deleted. Also in the cast put on Kryptonsite before said that the girl was called Fiona.RoR-El 16:55, November 22, 2009 (UTC)
  • Maybe renemed to "Unnamed Kandorian Soldier" but not deleted. --Swedish-El 21:25, November 22, 2009 (UTC)
  • We're not going to create a page without a name... I'd rather delete the page entirely.
  • That said, IMDB is a notoriously unreliable source. KryptonSite is a much more reliable source, and if they've given clear guidance here... we can use that name for now. --Kanamekun 21:33, November 22, 2009 (UTC)
  • Check the talk page for Faora. Should we list her as appearing in Kandor then? --Swedish-El 21:34, November 22, 2009 (UTC)
Either way is a duplicate information, since the same information exists on the page for Fiona. I think this page by being the newest is the one that should be deletes and the other only renamed. - RoR-El 18:28, November, 2009

The character exists so there must be a page for her. It is more likely that she is Faora, as Kryptonsite said that thius character would appear. I think we need to do what happened to the Ref and Basqat page - change Fiona page into Faora page. It can be readdressed when we find out her name on screen. Clarkloisforever 19:33, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

  • I agree with ClarkLois, it is much more sensible then keeping the Fiona page which should be deleted. How many Kryptonian's are going to be called Fiona, (cough) sounds like a stage name for Faora I will also look through the Kandor flashbacks to see if we can get a clear image of Faora. Geoff Johns please read my work!!!! 20:46, November 24, 2009 (UTC)
  • I have a clar pic of Flashback Faora from 'Kandor', i'll upload it. Saw you already did it. --Swedish-El 21:09, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

Who added the deletion notice at the top??!! Obviously we should have a vote for which page we think should stand: either Faora (clone) or "Fiona"...

  • I believe that in order to decide which page should be deleted we should consider several things. First and foremost, the character's name has not yet been revealed on the show, Fiona can be any other character, like Ursa or even "Mala". In my opinion, since Faora will be the future wife of Zod, the writers can devote an episode to her like they did with Jor-El. Anyway, I do think that Fiona was Faora because the name is very similar. But however, the policies of the Wiki say that we can´t create articles based entirely on spoilers and this page is placing Fiona as Faora and we are not sure about that. If this page is preserved, we should delete that information until we are sure that she is Faora, although I think the most logical thing we could have done would have been just redirect the Fiona page. And concluding, my vote is for deleted this page, as I said above, by being the newest and be a clear copy of the other. - RoR-El 10:55, November 25, 2009 (UTC)
    • RoR-El that makes no sense. There is never going to be called a Kryptonian called Fiona.
    • I never said that the character name was already "Fiona", I´t is only the name of the article because Kryptonsite announced that way. And I think even confirm who actually is, should stay that way. Besides CommanderConnor, what you did is not well because it was a unilateral act. You should have consulted before emptying that page and place it in this. RoR-El 11:45, November 25, 2009 (UTC)


If I were an administrator, I wouldn't delete this page. Seriously. NewYorkCity101 16:14, November 29, 2009 (UTC) Well it looked like Persuasion confirmed that her name is Faora. Clark called her that when he gave her and Alia the papers for a new life. Ironman29758 9:39, Febuary 19, 2010 (UTC)


What conclude about this page? RoR-El 02:45, December 1, 2009 (UTC).

As an aside I just want to note the resemblance of this character with Mala, of Superman: The animated Series. The two uses a ponytail XD. RoR-El 17:45, December 3

Mala in Superman The animated Series

, 2009 (UTC).

Officially called Faora

Clark called her Faora in Persuasion. :-) --Swedish-El 15:27, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

Need more pic's for Faora

Someone needs to get more Faora pics. She's becoming a major character now.

Genetic Detail

For future reference to anyone who tries to edit this article, the fact that Faora's clone could get pregnant when Faora herself couldn't suggests to me that the original Faora's inability to conceive was the result of physical damage she sustained at some point; her DNA was unaffected, so her CLONE could conceive, but whatever happened to the original Faora just damaged something in her reproductive system.

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