Agelessws 236
Tanner Sutherland
Family Evan Gallagher Sutherland (son, deceased)
Occupation Mechanic
Played By Matt Ellis
Status Deceased (Ageless)

Tanner Sutherland was the father of Evan, a child suffering from accelerated aging.


Tanner appeared to not regard the feelings of others, mostly; however, at first, he did seem to care about Karen a little bit. He denied having a son, labeling him in an encounter "freak", a "monster".

Early life

Tanner was a mechanic who met Karen Gallagher at a party. Karen claimed that Tanner had gotten her pregnant. Her pregnancy lasted one week

Season Four

On the night she gave birth, Tanner was in the process of driving her to the hospital. However, he grew terrified of her unusual pregnancy and fled in fear, abandoning Karen. When an infant Evan was discovered by Clark Kent and Lana Lang, they tracked Tanner down. Clark confronted Tanner and demanded that he take responsibility, but, considering the conception was a mere week earlier, Tanner understandably denied being Evan's father.

Evan confronted Tanner and when Tanner rejected him again, Evan accidentally pushed him down. He fell onto a mechanic's tool and died.