Victor interfacing

Technopathy, or Technology Interfacing, is the ability to connect with technology using one's mind.

Known Interfacers

  • Brainiac is a machine that is capable of mentally influencing computers, technologies, and even Kryptonian devices and artifacts.
  • Jor-El resides inside the console mainframe of the Fortress of Solitude through which he can control alien devices.
  • Victor Stone was revived after he was in a car crash by bionics that got embedded inside certain body parts. Because of this, Victor can manipulate and hack into computer systems.
  • John Corben was resurrected after he got mauled be a huge truck by Kryptonian scientists who gave him a kryptonite heart.
  • Baern was a wraith from the Phantom Zone who could control any type of energy with his mind; he was even able to absorb the material contained within the Kryptonian black box, turning it to ashes afterwards.
  • Jor-El once stored some of his own memories inside a Kryptonian memory pendant.
  • General Zod
  • Kal-El was the reprogrammed version of Clark Kent by Jor-El, who could influence the movement of Kryptonian objects and he interfaced with the activation wall located in the Kawatche Caves.
  • Frederick Walden was given the ability to release powerful rays of energy from his right palm. Similar to Kal-El, he was able to rearrange the symbols on the Kawatche Caves' activation wall.
  • Chloe Sullivan (During its period of infection by the supercomputer Brainiac, can access this power through the Super Intelligence)

Technology Interfacing

Technology Interfacing is an ability that many characters, mostly machines, possess in the Smallville universe. Brainiac can control and connect with alien devices by mentallly, Victor uses this ability to hack and break into highly secured sercurity software and Jor-El is capable of interfacing with Kryptonian devices and technology through the console which is embedded inside the Fortress of Solitude. General Zod and Kal-El can telekinetically influence the movement of Kryptonian devices.