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Ted Grant
Occupation Heavyweight champion, owner of Grant's Gym, Super-hero (Justice Society of America)
Powers and
Resurrection (9 times)
Played By Roger Haskett
Status Alive

Theodore "Ted" Grant is a retired superhero known as 'Wildcat and part of the Justice Society of America.

Powers and Abilities

Ted Grant is an expert in boxing.

Early Life


'Wildcat' in the JSA Portrait


Grant is arrested.

Very little is known, about Ted Grant early life. In his youth, he became a professional boxer, eventually at some point earning the title of "Heavy Weight Champion". Using his fighting talents, he later became the costumed mystery man, known as "Wildcat" and a member of the Justice Society of America. Despite his duties as a member of the JSA he continued his career as a boxer, even opening his own gym.

Ted's heroic career ended when he along with his fellow JSA members were all framed by a government agency and arrested. However, he was never convicted due to a lack of evidence and was eventually released, together with the rest of his teammates. Unfortunately, their arrests led to the JSA dismantling and each of them going into retirement.

Season Nine


Parts of Wildcat's costume on display.

Black and white footage of Ted was found, along with his criminal record by Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan, in 2010. Chloe recognized Ted as a heavyweight champion (suggesting, Ted Grant continued his boxing career, after having retired as Wildcat). Later, Ted's boxing gloves were shown in a display case, in the JSA Brownstone. Following the defeat of Icicle, Carter Hall mentioned that he's tracked down Ted, and also that many of old JSA now have children and proteges of their own, implying that Ted may in fact have a child


In the Comics


Wildcat in the comics

In the comics Ted Grant was known as Wildcat. Ted was a super hero and a heavy weight boxing champion. He was a founding member of the Justice Society of America and has trained many heroes including Batman, Catwoman and the second Black Canary. He has a metahuman son named Tom Bronson who also uses the name Wildcat and is able to turn into an actual cat-like creature.

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