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Telekinesis is the ability to move and manipulate objects or people using the mind.

Kryptonians have some sort of bond with Kryptonian objects, allowing them to move them with their mind. (Crusade)

Characters with Telekinesis


Known Metahumans


  • Isis - The goddess Isis, while in possession of Lois Lane's body, displayed telekinesis. (Isis)
  • Desaad - As a resident of Apokolips, he can use the power of his mind to move people and objects. He also used this power to make people's brains hemorrhage, causing them to bleed from the orifices on their face. (Masquerade)
  • Darkseid - While in possession of Lionel Luthor's body, Darkseid telekintically choked Clark and called him to his hand.


  • In the Superman: The Movie film series, Kryptonians had the power of telekinesis, a power which they didn't possess before. In Superman II, General Zod demonstrated telekinetic abilities in Husdon, Idaho. In Superman IV, Superman used a telekinetic beam from his eyes to repair the great tower of China; also in the movie, the villain Nuclearman demonstrated telekinesis on Lenny Luthor as well as a S.W.A.T. van.


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