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Clark using Telescopic vision

Telescopic vision is the ability to see things from extremely far away. Kryptonians can develop this ability.

Characters who have displayed telescopic vision

  • Clark Kent - It's unknown when this ability first manifested, but he first used the ability in Ryan. Although, even before this episode, he would often look at the stars in space by combining his already enhanced eyesight with the aid of his telescope when he was younger. Clark can, according to himself, see at least 50 feet in all directions and angles. (Upgrade)
  • Kara Kent - Kara used this ability to see earthly objects from outer-space. (Veritas)
  • Isis - Isis, while occupying a host, has the ability to see objects and people from afar. (Isis)


  • Telescopic vision can be combined with X-ray vision. (Eternal)
  • When Clark was younger, he wasn't able to see things at the intensity that he can now, so he used a telescope to aid him combine with his already heightened vision.
  • Clark admittedly demonstrated the ability to see objects from very far away, but nowhere near 'telescopic vision' in the actual sense. The full extent of his visual powers, including the perception of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, would not be revealed before the advent of Season 11.



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